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  1. Now that clone wars , rebels and rouges one has filled out the periods between ep2 and 3 and ep4 which period would you like to see brought to life in a similar way. And how would you do it . Example of periods available

    • ep 1 to ep 2 (like starfighter,Jedi starfighter and bounty hunter) 
    • ep 4 to ep5 (like force unleashed 2 ) 
    • ep 5 to ep 6 (like the missing force unleashed 3 was supposed to be) 

    and battlefront 2 has done ep 6 to ep 7 of course? 

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      I'd do the Clone Wars era but this time have it completely mature and adult-oriented. Present it as a serious war. None of the overly simplistic black and white stuff. Present some real moral quandaries that both people in the Republic and Confederacy would have to face.

      How do the Separatists reconcile having the Zygerrian Empire as part of their organization when their stated goals are promoting liberty and freedom, yet the Zygerrians practice slavery? Or how the Jedi and Republic justify aligned with the Hutts, notorious gangsters and slavers. What does such an alliance entail besides Republic ships using Hutt space lanes?

      Have a young Jedi who was took the trails too early because the Jedi were short-staffed and need more bodies for the war. But then she has to face the ugly reality that after the armies of droids, she finds herself pitting against normal people who are just fighting for their homes against Republic invaders. Do they not have the right to life and self-determination? Is she a protector of the peace if she comes in threatening death by lightsaber if they do not yield to her?

      No Chosen Ones. We have plenty of content detailing the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Have it focus on obscure and/or new characters. Show how their experiences change them as people, or possibly they don't change regardless of what happens around them.

      How do the clones feel about their status as property of the Republic? How do the droids feel about their status as property of the Confederacy?

      How do either of these groups interact with non-clone, birth-born soldiers. Volunteers or conscripts? The morality of such issues.

      Show how the war tears the galaxy apart and why so many people were originally applauding the order Palpatine promised when he first instituted the Galactic Empire.

      I think that would be pretty interesting, engaging and fun to watch.

    2. ZakoBattledroid


      Either that or the KOTOR era.