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  1. Here is a list of some non-canon Star Wars ships , vehicles, factions, location and weapons I believe should make a come back in a new canon show, or even battlefront comment, like dislikes if you see if :

    Star Wars starfigher 

    Rhys's dallows N-1 starfighter with cluster torpedoes 

    vana sage's mercenarie fighter with nava missiles 

    NYMs havoc bomber ( why the hell not ? ) 

    reti's scavengers ship the zoomer

    scrab starfigher (cis) 

    missle frigit (cis)

    hydra droid bomber (Cis) 

    Eos - droid factory

    nyms pirate army base lok 

    jedi star fight 

    saboath  squadron (cis) 

    mere resistance 

    mere hex test site 

    nod kartha hex factory 

    hex weapons 

    clone wars ps2 

    cyrdon prax (cis) mercenaries and his battle tank 

    ulic Qel-droma's force spirit 

    Tx-130 fighter tank

    AT-XT assault walker 

    protodekas (cis)

    rhen van Jedi resting place 

    raxus prime junk planet resting place of the harvester 

    alaris prime Wookiee moon havester test site 

    Thule resting place of the dark reaper 

    dark reaper + harvester 

    and everything from the force unleashed series post top pics of your own please 






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    2. Ninjamonkeys


      I just thought that with its mass appearances it was in the background like the Juggernaut, though there is a post canon split lego set of it so that has to mean something.  Isn't in atleast one episode of the clone wars I have a feeling, hmmm.

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      DSCN0006.thumb.JPG.f70827e26b05ef2078f0cdfd0913041d.JPG@Ninjamonkeys It hasn't made that many appearances actually. It was popularized in the Clone Wars game by Pandemic and then made quick reappearances in Pandemic's Battlefronts I and II. It also appeared in a novel and was in a comic but it never made an appearance in any episode of TCW.

    4. ZakoBattledroid



      The Scarab starfighter would be a great addition to the Separatist forces.


      Durable armor, strong shields, hyperdrive equipped and piloted by an operator rather than having an integrated droid brain. This would be a good craft to offset the more common Vulture droids and droid tri-figters.

      I love these fighter in Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter. They have a cool design and a very distinct sound to their laser cannons.