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  1. New video in a brand new channel. Guys please watch it and subscribe to my channel and those who have subscribed my old channel do unsubscribe it. 

    New trailer Breakdown

  2. Nike got a new brand ambassador. Let the Dark side flow through your legs. :P:empireFB_IMG_1505039489906.jpg.b315fc29ce3af8e4b02ae625dfe9bf81.jpg

    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      That picture is my new favorite meme!!!

  3. Hello there. I am back.:D

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    2. RogueRebel
    3. Darth Pranav

      Darth Pranav

      But I'm waiting for the Last Jedi. Yeee. 2 more month's.:D:D

    4. RogueRebel


      its gonna be lit

  4. Can anyone tell how to live stream video games on pc and ps4. I want to livestream it on my channel .

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    2. Skyguy501


      Speaking of screen recorders, do you know of any good ones, @Mysterious Gamer Dude

    3. Darthmichael18


      OBS. Old version. 

    4. Mikayahu


      I use Nvidia Geforce Shadowplay capture SkyGuy

  5. FB_IMG_1504533881212.thumb.jpg.a89ad63800506739195b9c86771d4d7a.jpgsee how much he loves Ben

    1. multiumbreon
    2. Abekrie


      That love will cost the lives of countless more.

      Let's see how many more people die at the command and hand of Ben in the next two movies.

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      He's too dangerous to be kept alive. Kill him. Kill him now. DEW IT.

  6. This version  is just amazingIMG_20170824_190430_691.thumb.jpg.c384bda09fb4f664928a765ce365af09.jpg

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    2. Captain_Krone
    3. Peirce
    4. Captain_Krone


      Sure. It's not very active right now.


      Username: TheCapKrone

  7. Please suggest me some interesting star Wars Theories ?? I want some Theories for my  new youtube video . And yes   please subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ggjjnZy0ES0vpuUqrnmbg

    like and comment and many star wars videos coming working on many projects . And you will get many more great videos too .

    1. Darthmichael18


      Darth Jar Jar and Plagueis is Snoke. 2 completely new and totally original theories. :D 

  8. That's why he changed his partyFB_IMG_1503164867276.thumb.jpg.eeec4f32f838c1dfaed5137b0d737502.jpgFB_IMG_1503164862343.jpg.326c124a89cbfc0da2b3e6e94de2702f.jpg

    1. Skyguy501


      Oh my! xD Lol!

  9. From last few day's me and my team were working on a project and in few days we will be starting our new youtube channel_20170813_131210.jpg.b6cde4a6c0ebdce9d95380699f3b14c1.jpgso I need some help and some tips from you guys to how to run it successfully because my last channel was a super flop . So please help me and I will to do my best . @ComposerRyan you are updating is with all the news of battlefront 2 and the last jedi so can I take some idea's from your videos ? Because you update us first about star wars battlefront 2 and episode VIII the last jedi . 

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    2. Darth Pranav

      Darth Pranav

      Thank-you bro . If my channel hits 1k subscribers then I will do a giveaway . 

    3. Skyguy501


      Cool, cool... Got a link?

    4. Darth Pranav
  10. @ComposerRyan did you ever noticed something in the trailer of the last Jedi ?? It is see in deaghoba yoda says to Luke that it's energy , it surrounds us the same thing you will listen when the book with the symbol of the Jedi order will be shown and that too Yoda's voice . Trust me . You will hear it. 

    1. Darthmichael18


      Leia also says "help me obi-wan," and ben says "seduced by the dark side." 

  11. Marvel mashup with STAR WARS . But cap FB_IMG_1502123918631.jpg.b31da0a741a4feed31193a86ff0d7ab1.jpg

    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I need this in my life!!!!

    2. Darthmichael18


      "You under estimate my serum!" 

  12. Well mustafar is not the right place and Obi-Wan regrets. IMG_20170807_103748.jpg.b07f929d03444483d97f1c7c37467482.jpg

  13. Pepsi is for Light side Coke is for Dark side . I am Neither a sith or a Jedi so I will go with chocolate milk because I am the balance and yes some cookies with it.  FB_IMG_1501258931760.thumb.jpg.5480084c06bfa7ffc29a2dcc80bf180f.jpg