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  1. Hey guys!  sorry I haven't been on in a while! 

    anyway what did any of you think of the crate and progression system in SWBF2 BETA?

    I think it is the absolute worst thing about BF2



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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      I had more issues with the Beta than just the loot crate system-though it certainly stands out as being especially damaging to the game. 

      The loot crate system is a terrible pay-to-win system. They should get rid of it entirely. Actually, I think they should dispose of the Star Card progression system altogether as it is inherently unfair in PvP games. It either rewards people with money to buy an endless supply of loot crates or people that play video games all day. I think everyone should be on an even playing field when a match starts regardless of whether they've been playing a game for three months or just started that day.

      Galactic Assault is just as boring as Walker Assault was. At least for me. It's too linear and I find myself doing the same things over and over with little to no variation. Playing this game type really did nothing for me but make me want to go play the old Conquest mode from the Pandemic games. "We've captured a command post." :droid

      It is fun to be able to play as battle droids again. The CIS was my favorite faction to play as but now they have these annoying cartoon TCW voices that irritate me. But that's just personal preference.:battledroid

      I miss the health and ammo droids and vehicles that you can enter/exit because they facilitated enhanced variety of gameplay and enabled the engineer class which has been cut from this game.

      The game looks great and sounds great (minus the squeaky pre-teen battle droids). The weapon cool-down meter right in your face was a huge negative. What's the point of great graphics when there's so many icons and things on the screen? Especially the cool down meter, could they not have placed that off to the side? I can understand that cooling weapons remove the health and ammo droid clutter that would be placed around the map otherwise, but I felt these droids added in gameplay variety. Do you hang around and heal up, risking enemy snipers camping out the medical droid spot? Or do you press on with what little health you have left? Or do you destroy them so the enemy can't use them? If they did you could fix them up with the fusion cutter. All these minor options and decisions are now gone.

      Ultimately the game was okay. Better than the 2015 game for sure but it quickly got repetitive and was not all that fun. Really, all it did was make me want to go play the old Pandemic games from a decade ago, which I did.

    3. Ninjamonkeys


      Keep in mind that this is a beta, it is an early build of a very small portion of the game, there are many things that they can change before the full launch and even after that.

    4. Abekrie


      Initial launch is what a game's most important time of reckoning occurs in.

      While it is always good to note that things are due to change in a beta, trying to withhold judgement and criticism from a game launch because of potential changes later on is a really bad mindset to have.

      Then there's knowing how DICE has done "betas" for their many previous games that have all ended up quite similar. I'm not having hope for any good changes to be done.