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  1. to play battlefront, if we pick PC are we able to hook up a controller to it and play it that way or is it only mouse and keyboard ??

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    2. ROMANS1


      what?  but isn't ps4 free internet like the ps3 ?

    3. Mysterious Gamer Dude
    4. ROMANS1


      oh wow!!! did not know that, I just assumed it was like the rest,,how stupid

  2. what you guys think about  m new poster   :vader:empire:deathstar:storm:tiepilot     :P:lol:



    Star Wars Poster.jpg

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    2. ComposerRyan


      High quality too and rather large...are you planning on framing it?  I also like how the poster has this rough look to it...very cool!

    3. IfLifeWasStarWars


      Love it! Where did you buy it? I'd love to get me one of those!

    4. ROMANS1


      sorry guys i've been without internet atm...  not sure what im going to do with it yet :)


  3. so far for battlefront there is the normal edition and there is the delux edition, now any idea about there being a collectors edition ??

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    2. ROMANS1


      that sucks...:( oh well , thanks for the info :)



    3. ETH4N1705


      EAStarWars tweeted out that there wouldn't be a collectors edition, just deluxe and standard.

    4. ROMANS1
    1. ROMANS1
    2. Nukeyourmomma


      Dang it, im leaving for vacation in 5 minutes and I cant watch it....... Looks like ill have to wait....

  4. Well I seem to like the new set up :)
  5. hhhmmm... . . . I'm not sure ?
  6. *Ooohh dear...*
  7. well, you got to start somewere...
  8. oh how I wish I could play star wars battlefront II :S (completely empty but here(try this
  9. hahaha! hunt and kill jar jar mode... now that would be funny but really, I think being able to play him would only work in the campaign...
  10. hopefully they do add the clone wars, If they do, I hope they would add the classic battle droid aswell and not just the "super battle droid"... dont know how to post pictures here yet so here is a link: (second picture down*)
  11. oh thats why ,haha
  12. COOOOOME OOOOON ....Kyle give us atleast 1! :lol: :silly:
  13. Also dont remember "Tower Heist" ?