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  1. Finally gotta PS4 but its gonna be like a week before i get playstation plus

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    2. tofu_waffle


      @RogueRebel Thanks for the follow hahaha. But yeah, if they fix all the problems from the previous game, it could very well be game of the year material. I was a huge fan of their walking dead games, and the batman series is quite okay I guess. Is the demo on steam? I would like to try it too!

    3. RogueRebel


      your welcome, part 2 looks like a lot of fun

      im not sure let me check and ill get back to ya

      i play on the xbox one

      i've only played minecraft story and guardians currently

      sadly on steam its 25 dollars no demo or 1st episode and season pass separately

      25 for everything in a bundle only

    4. Heaven


      xAlezzio, Bueno :D