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  1. SO TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Steam Account got hacked into and I think my email too!! Don't know what to do i got a lot of money invested into the account. Does anyone know if there is a way to transfer my money and games to another account??? I dont want to re-buy EVERYTHING I have. I got some emails from steam before saying someone tried to get in to my account, i looked up this number thing and it is from a computer in minnesota?!? I dont even live in or know anyone from there!!! Now it got hacked

    1. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      Oh man, bummer! Sorry, I don't know what to do. :(

    2. Skyguy501


      Man, that stinks! Why do people do this? I mean, I understand to a degree, but why? Is there nothing better for that person to do with his/her life?

    3. Mikayahu


      @Skyguy501I dont think it has anything to do with boredom.  More like the idea of being able to get money easily without having to work for it or spend it.

  2. WOW! I have not keeping up with Star Wars Rebels at all......Last episode iwatched was like episdoe 10 or something.

    1. multiumbreon
    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I know how you guys feel even though I'm updated on the latest episode, I used to not have TV when I was younger and missed a lot of TCW episodes. 

    3. Skyguy501


      I was lucky to even get to watch TCW Season 5 finale at my grandparents place when it aired... Talk about a heartache after watching the episode that day! I cried when I got home, more than I did than in "The Lawless" episode! :(  

  3. ANNOUNCEMENT: Is anybody up for some Republic Commando multiplayer??

    1. Peirce
    2. Remnant


      Let me know when u want to

    3. multiumbreon


      I'd  probably be fine with that when I get the change...

  4. HA lol!

    1. DarthBueno


      ........ Is there a meme...... Seriosly i cant see anything























      ............. Sigh* and i dont even have glasses;s

  5. Question? What type of foods r in Star Wars Similar to earths! Like humans are a species in Star Wars. Why not Bacon!!!

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    2. Skyguy501


      What I'm wondering is if there is a space waffle house somewhere in the galaxy, would the food there be better cooked than Earth's Waffle House? :huh:

    3. multiumbreon


      Well they do have better tech... so maybe?

    4. Abekrie



      Tech doesn't always make food better. Just gives more ways to make them.

      I still consider cast iron cooking to be delicious since we don't need lasers and high tech ovens to cook up a decent upside-down cake with a campfire. Same goes with outdoor grilling. 


      They may be cooked differently, but all Waffle Houses are sure to be standardized towards making delicious waffles. Better waffles? That's all subjective stuff right there. Better question would be "Would I like their waffles more?". No one can know for you. Go to a galactic waffle house and find out for yourself.

      When you do find and go to a galactic waffle house, make sure to let me know that there's even one out there... and maybe give me a ride there as well. I don't have a spaceship to do so right now.

  6. Thats weird!! it says i joined the hq july19 2016 but i was sure i joined 2015. although i did come on website way before i had account because it wouldnt process account also my rank is still newbie

    1. Abekrie


      You only have a content count of 7.

      Most likely the biggest reason why you're considered a "Newbie".

      The reputation system is still something one shouldn't look towards how much one has contributed since the removal of the like cap also removes the actual value behind them.

      I've joined near the start of 2014, but it says July on my part since that's when we had a website update that has the place thinking I was new again. It's most likely confused towards your account if it's displaying a different date than when you actually first registered onto the website.

  7. no prob
  8. *fractured arm*   :empire:empire:empire How u guys doing?

































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    2. RaccoonPlays


      My first time using a microwave I put some left over pizza in there for a minute while it was in a plastic bag. I took it out and the cheese melted through the bag onto my finger. I have a scar there now from the burn. (I was an idiot) 

    3. Skyguy501


      As a guy, I think I can safely say all guys can be (or do) pretty stupid things. xD But, hey! Everything's a learning experience... learning to pick those pesky Lego bricks off your floor, which you (or a parent) told yourself to do earlier is a good start! :D:P 

    4. multiumbreon




      And that must be a pretty great scar story whenever people ask about that ay @RaccoonPlays

  9. yeah sure
  10. Play survival swbf with @Peirce we did hard and master and he did great. on master i got like 36 kill he got over a hundred!!!

    1. Peirce


      If it weren't for this man though, i would have never completed master. He did great as well. he can play survival with me anytime. 

    2. Remnant
    3. Fossel13
  11. right here but life is busy!! cant keep up with star wars community as much
  12. l really think they need a star wars game like CSGO. By the way heres a vid from my youtube channel


    1. Mikayahu


      Toxic community and all?