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  1. I really want DICE to remove the vehicle power-ups and give us spawns instead. In the hopes of not being called a "Battlefield clone", they changed too many things. Should they add vehicle spawns, the 20 per team player count worries me as I hope they don't make the maps too small. 

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      The vehicle tokens were completely stupid and took you out of the experience. Plus it doesn't allow for vehicles to be manned by multiple players at the same time. Hopefully they correct this as well as other issues in the sequel.

    2. Abekrie


      I'd rather have the clueless call it a Battlefield clone than it becoming something that isn't a Battlefront game.

      Map size shouldn't be too much of a concern if they're designed for the player count. Then that'll work out well. Quite a few of the maps in the old Battlefront games were quite varied in size, but we were also capable of editing all game settings offline and online. Never was too much of an issue.

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