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  1. I really want DICE to remove the vehicle power-ups and give us spawns instead. In the hopes of not being called a "Battlefield clone", they changed too many things. Should they add vehicle spawns, the 20 per team player count worries me as I hope they don't make the maps too small. 

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    2. tofu_waffle


      @Abekrie tbh, if we removed the Star Wars paint and polish from EA's Battlefront, and it was just a shooter using the same engine and mechanics, it would be criticised much more harshly by reviewers and consumers. Gameplay mechanic wise, the battlefield games ironically had more in common with the original battlefront than EA's battlefront.

    3. Abekrie


      @tofu_waffle How much DICE even knew how the originals played out is something that can be questioned, but it's quite obvious that the zeal made into differentiating it from their Battlefield games did everything wrong.

      "Conquest mode? We'll assume it played out exactly like our Battlefield games so we refuse to add it to our new Battlefront game so people can have a more unique experience when playing it."

      Doing some research on the game franchise it's being named directly after would have helped a lot, but it appeared that neither DICE or EA cared in that respect.

    4. tofu_waffle


      @Abekrie I would assume at least a few on the team had played the original games. There really was no need to name the game "Battlefront" as if it were a spiritual successor, only to then say "we want to make this something different". I hope that they understand that unique and different doesn't always mean better, not that the mechanics in the game were that unique to begin with.