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    Looking for lost Jedi Archives, hunting Jawas, killing nerf-herders.

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  1. heres an imageScreenshot 2017-04-26 at 9.42.16 AM - Edited.png

    1. RogueRebel


      you can also look at users who were online in the last 72 hours

  2. It is said that Luke Skywalker went into hiding after Return of the Jedi when he hid his Tatooine Tuskan porn magazines in the Falcon. Leia accidentally found them, and scolded Han for making her marry a "disgusting scruffy-looking smuggler who needs three bacta tanks to clean his dirty mind".

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Wow that's a good one I have to use that one at work.

  3. Don't understand why people want Darth Vader doing all those fancy prequels lightsaber dancing. Can't imagine him doing backflips, jumping off walls and spinning like some gymnastics veteran - Vader is a slow, unstoppable tank that can take a hit, and dish it back out with twice the damage. What I like with the sequels is that the lightsaber fights feel realistic, gritty and it feels like they're actually trying to cut each other down, instead of doing a choreographed ballet dance in the prequels which were all about being flashy. But since the fight we saw was between Rey and Kylo, an amateur force user and an apprentice who got shot in the stomach, I expect to see Luke's saber fights ( if there are any) to still look realistic, but with clear style and more grace.

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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I know what you mean, while I personally enjoy these duels I'm not blind to their problems. Also, Ataru is form IV, form V is Shien which is for heavy attacks I believe. 

    3. tofu_waffle


      Yeah. I think the best portrayed lightsaber fight in the prequel style would be the cinematics from The Old Republic

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      Yeah those fights are amazingly good, especially the one in the "Sacrifice" trailer. 

  4. thanks for following me too @tofu_waffle

    1. tofu_waffle


      It's a pleasure. Looking forward to talking Star Wars shit with you

    2. RogueRebel


      me too and video games in general stuff

      you looking forward to GOTG VOL 2, it looks amazing

  5. Is there a Discord server for people on this website? If there isn't, I think one should be made, as I really would love to chat with people and just discuss Star Wars all day.

    1. Abekrie


      One has yet to be made and organized.

      Something I'd love to do, but I'm tight on time as of right now.

  6. I really want DICE to remove the vehicle power-ups and give us spawns instead. In the hopes of not being called a "Battlefield clone", they changed too many things. Should they add vehicle spawns, the 20 per team player count worries me as I hope they don't make the maps too small. 

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    2. tofu_waffle


      @Abekrie tbh, if we removed the Star Wars paint and polish from EA's Battlefront, and it was just a shooter using the same engine and mechanics, it would be criticised much more harshly by reviewers and consumers. Gameplay mechanic wise, the battlefield games ironically had more in common with the original battlefront than EA's battlefront.

    3. Abekrie


      @tofu_waffle How much DICE even knew how the originals played out is something that can be questioned, but it's quite obvious that the zeal made into differentiating it from their Battlefield games did everything wrong.

      "Conquest mode? We'll assume it played out exactly like our Battlefield games so we refuse to add it to our new Battlefront game so people can have a more unique experience when playing it."

      Doing some research on the game franchise it's being named directly after would have helped a lot, but it appeared that neither DICE or EA cared in that respect.

    4. tofu_waffle


      @Abekrie I would assume at least a few on the team had played the original games. There really was no need to name the game "Battlefront" as if it were a spiritual successor, only to then say "we want to make this something different". I hope that they understand that unique and different doesn't always mean better, not that the mechanics in the game were that unique to begin with.

  7. Well, it's been a year since I sold my Battlefront EA game to another unfortunate soul after being disappointed by a shallow, yet beautiful looking game that was hiding half of its content behind a paywall. Fast forward to a few days ago, I learned that Battlefront II (why can't they come up with a new name?) was not going to have a season pass. I was ecstatic! While everyone else was celebrating the return of the clone wars, I was so proud of the developers for listening to the fans and actually not bow down to EA's iron fist of corporate greed. I was still somewhat skeptical, as EA would not want to miss the opportunity to get the sweet, sweet DLC money, and it just seemed too good to be true.

    This morning I checked the news and read in an article...


    "EA reached out to ask us to withhold the confirmation that there won't be a Season Pass for Battlefront 2."


    If this is true, EA are being huge assholes (as always). DICE clearly doesn't want a split community and they have listened to us complaining about the clear lack of content in the vanilla Battlefront. Now EA could be forcing them to revert back, and charge us ludicrous prices for a complete game again. We need to reward DICE for listening to player feedback and they clearly want us to enjoy the game to the fullest. Of course, having DLC in video games today is inevitable. But when it comes to online multiplayer, charging us for map packs and game modes is clearly the wrong way to go, unless you want to split the community and have empty maps and servers. I won’t mind a loot box system to get cosmetics, and DLC for campaign mode would be really fun!

    1. Ninjamonkeys


      DICE was able to withhold through this same thing with BattleField 1 so hopefully they can hold onto thus as hard.

    2. DarthBueno


      Thank Heavens


    3. tofu_waffle


      @Ninjamonkeys Battlefield 1 had no Season Pass? Wow I'm shocked. I thought Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 was the only game with the balls to stand up and said no to season passes.

  8. Totalbiscuit's take on the whole Empire in Turmoil thing at 9:26!!

  9. Regarding the Star Wars Galaxy in Turmoil video game, which would be the spiritual successor of Free Radical's unreleased Battlefront III, I do have quite a number of doubts. 

    The first is obviously the Star Wars license itself, since the studio doesn't own it. They said that they had an agreement with Valve of sorts, but what can they do to protect the game from Disney?

    EA will definitely realise the threat this game holds, promising to be the true successor of Battlefront II and being the true game we all have been waiting for since we were KIDS. If it does turn out to be the game we love, pretty much most of us won't have a reason to get their $120 EA Battlefront II with a season pass and all that corporate bullsh*t- when we can have a better game for free.

    I just don't see this project completing because of the huge powerhouse company it has to go against.

    Should the situation call for help, we as a community should lend a hand, be it petitions or whatever!

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      I don't think EA will have much of a case in court for Galaxy in Turmoil negatively affecting their business. They dug their own hole all on their own. The people that aren't going to buy EA Battlefront II won't buy it whether Galaxy in Turmoil is completed and released for free or not. The games are completely different.

    3. tofu_waffle


      @ZakoBattledroid well, both companies promise the same game experience, and both also were inspired by Battlefront! And at the very least, half of the people who will buy those games will be us Battlefront fans :P

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @tofu_waffle As far as I understand, they do not promise the same experience. DICE was very clear that their game was a reboot of the franchise while Galaxy in Turmoil is being described as a sequel to Pandemic's Battlefront II. EA and DICE hold claim to the name "Battlefront" but went in a new direction while the fan-made project would be free and has a different name while sticking closer to the classic Pandemic games. The ground to space battles and inclusion of the Clone Wars era put the games distinctly apart from each other and it looks like core gameplay mechanics will be different as well. The only way they promise the same experience is that it's "Star Wars." Some people will buy EA's games and some won't. You can even ignore the content of DICE's game. Some like it, others don't. But no one can deny that EA created a lot of ill will among the potential consumer base because of the price tag of their game.

  10. Could anyone suggest a game where I could create my own battles? Like I could choose my own amount of troops, vehicles and place them to my liking. Of course, preferably a Star Wars game :P

    1. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      I wish there was a Star Wars game like that

    2. DarthBueno


      Well there is a game actually its called Men Of War its a game where you can create battles. This is the cool part. There is a really cool mod for this game on ModDB that makes it star wars so look it up on YouTube?

  11. Ah it's good to be back. Here are some of the types of Star Wars fans I've noticed:

    1. The average fan

    Star Wars is really awesome man! Being a jedi would be pretty cool.*Darth Vader breathing*

    2. The easter-egg lookout

    Did you know that Finn's stormtrooper number is also the same number as Leia's prison cell number? DID YOU?! ALSO I SAW THE DAMN MILLENIUM FALCON IN THE PREQUELS OH MY GOD

    3. The prequel hater (consists of at least 80% of the average fan population)

    Did they just make that f*cking Binks a SENATOR? WHY IS YODA SO GRUMPY HERE? Oh my god stop staring at Padme like a rapist Anakin. The only character I like is Maul; partly because he's kinda cool and partly because he only has two lines from that god awful script. etc etc.

    4. The extended lore enthusiast

    Form IV Ataru is, like, perfect for Yoda! The Force-augmented agility he gains using the form, alongside his small body will make him so hard to hit! blablablablablaithinkmarajadeishotblablabla



    Pretty accurate, I would say. Which one are you?

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    2. DarthBueno


      some days in like that......

      star-wars-the-force-awakens-memes-01-seinfeld-george-costanza ___.jpg

      I'm like that lol

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      @Mysterious Gamer Dude A Star Wars metalhead *nods head of approval*

    4. multiumbreon


      @Mysterious Gamer Dude Gee, I wonder who I know that that might apply to! ;) :P

  12. The next installment of Battlefront MUST have an extensive singleplayer or offline mode in the game (the MAIN $60 game, mind you)

    Sooner or later EA will shut down the servers of the game in the future, therefore making it nearly unplayable, with only the lackluster survival mode and a handful of get-bored-in-10-minutes offline modes. The reason we still remember Battlefront II is not only because of how much of an awesome game it was and how many good memories it gave us, but also because we can still play that awesome game and relive those memories even today! Even after Battlefront II's servers shut down, it wasn't as bad as it could've been if it weren't for its offline Galactic Conquest, Campaign and the ever-so glorious Instant Action.


    Viva la Pandemic Studios 

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      @tofu_waffle Took the words right out of my mouth,I'm still hoping that Disney either chooses LucasArts ot Square Enix in their next contract 

    2. Abekrie


      Singleplayer AND offline mode :droid 

      Or else it just wouldn't be worth the $60.

  13. I've always preferred Jedi to only have the classic blue and green lightsabers. The dual wielded white ones from Ahsoka and the dual blade yellow sabers from the Jedi Temple guard just doesn't do it for me. Thank god the Sith still stick with glorious crimson red! 

    1. multiumbreon


      And sometimes black or white...

    2. Abekrie


      Taste the rainbow

      Bask in its glory

      Seriously though, lightsabers have been known to go across a vast array of colours before the Ruusan campaign.

  14. Does anybody read Star Wars books here? I find them severely under-discussed and it expands the Star Wars universe on a much bigger scale than a movie or TV series could.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. A jedi is worth a thousand droids.

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      I do! I read the Force Unleashed,Last of the Jedi two Dark Warning,The Rise and fall of Darth Vader,The life and legend of obi wan kenobi,and A New Hope Luke Skywalker. And yes,the novels,books,and comics most certainly expand the star wars universe in a big way. 

    2. Darthmichael18
    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I've read over 80 something star wars novels.

  15. Does anybody here play the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game?

    Think Pokemon and Final Fantasy meets Star Wars!

    Add me: Ally code is 574-215-721



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    2. DarthBueno


      wait is this hero battles from battlefront?:huh::lol:

    3. DarthBueno
    4. tofu_waffle


      Well, at least it's free to play and microtransactions are a green light to me since i didnt initially spend any money to get it. BATTLEFRONT on the other hand... well...