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  1. Here's Thrawn!





    Grand_Admiral_Thrawn comic style signed.jpg

  2. Working on another project. Can you guess who it is?



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    2. multiumbreon


      I was thinking maybe Cad Bane but the other two make sense as well...

    3. Skyguy501


      But Cad Bane ain't got no schnozzle! :D  

    4. multiumbreon
  3. So after many hours of work I finally finished it. What do you all think?


     Before: IMG_400631.jpg



    After:ahsoka comic style SIGNED.jpg


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    2. Captain_Krone


      @Anonymous Clone and @Peirce Thanks!

      @Abekrie Thanks for the feedback. I will look in to making the background a little "courser".

    3. Captain_Krone


      So I edited it a bit to make it a little more, grainy I guess. What do you think?ahsoka comic style GRAIN.jpg 

    4. Joshua Asbridge
  4. Have you decided to try that photoshop art style on your profile pic? Or am I just losing my mind?

    Edited by Abekrie
  5. A photoshop project I worked on today what do you think?





    After:darth vader crossed arms comic style.jpg

  6. So I am currently downloading the free version of SWOTOR for the first time. Feedback pls?

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    2. corshy1


      Mounts can be useless if enemies are everywhere. I presume when your hit, you lose your mount?

    3. RaccoonPlays


      Most long distances you walk aren't clustered with enemies and if they are they are either off to the side or neutral until you attack them. (You do lose your mount if you are hit) 

    4. Captain_Krone


      Thanks for the tips

  7. Hello there, I'm back!

    How's everyone doing?



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    2. Skyguy501




      Truth! The number one song I often find myself humming to the tune of! "I said seagulls, 'Mmh! Stop it now!!'" xD :lol:

      Here's another favorite part:

      "One day I was walkin' and I found this big log. And I rolled the log over and underneath was a tiny, little stick... and I was like, 'That log had a child'!" xD

    3. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      "Then don't go to sleep...don't go to sleep..."


      3 ABY


    4. Skyguy501
  8. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

    1. Skyguy501


      Merry Christmas, Captain_Krone!!!

  9. Went to Rogue One last night!! Honestly... mind blown!!! Aaaand I'm going to it again tonight!!! Yeaaaahh 


  10. Some stuff happened while the site was down.

    But sadly I cant post the pics (from anything, @KnightRobby and @ComposerRyan please look in to)

    But I bought my tickets to Rogue One on Premier Night Imax 3D!!!!!!!

    And I received the Rogue one Funko Sub box!! 

    And I bought Republic Commandos on Black Friday for $2.50!!!!!

    Such Hype!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DarthBueno


      I'm going on Friday at a cinamark near my location, I think its cheaper than the megaplex. I don't really care if I get the same thing for cheaper:)

    3. multiumbreon


      BRUH! NOICE! I've yet to get tickets for RO, (already coming up with the acronym for Roque one) nor do I know when I'm going to see it, but I'm very exited for it! :D And I LOVE Republic commando, I'm sure you'll have great fun with it! 

    4. Captain_Krone


      Thanks guys! I'm really excited! I'm planning on doing a playthrough of the campaign of Republic commandos on my channel. Gonna be fun!

  11. Was it just me or was the site down for a while?

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    2. multiumbreon
    3. Fossel13


      yeah not just you


    4. DarthBueno


      At first I thought this thing was down for good:angry: but I think it will be alright

  12. Here it is!!


    1. ComposerRyan


      AWESOME!  Looks like a lot of work went into it and thanks for the tutorial.  The only difference if I would have done it is that I'm sure I would've cut myself at least 5 times somehow. :P 

    2. Fossel13


      Lol I don't think I'd have any fingers left. That lightsaber is awesome. I loved the tutorial.

    3. Captain_Krone


      lol! When I started carving things... well.... lets just say I still have scars on my hands. lol

  13. Ta da!!!!14798868985581941084659.jpg

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    2. Fossel13


      I love it. It looks more Jedi ish to me. It's sleek and smooth like a twilek or togruta Jedi's light saber



      I agree w @Fossel13 I don't recall any Sith having a silver sleek light saber like that.

      @Captain_Krone I got some Kyber Crystals....half price! I was the night shift Janitor at the Jedi Temple during the attack. I'd rather not talk about how I got those crystals, but I got 12 kids to feed, so don't judge me! Hahaha :blink::rolleyes:

    4. Captain_Krone
  14. Getting ready to start the next lightsaber.1479878363786339645404.jpg

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    2. RaccoonPlays


      Cool, is it going to be your own design or a certain characters's lightsaber?

    3. Captain_Krone


      Oh it's my own design. 

    4. ComposerRyan


      Awesome, can't wait to see this done! Is it going to be Sith or Jedi hmmmmmm?

  15. @ComposerRyan and @KnightRobby I was watching the stream today, when the pest control showed up, and he said I wont BUG you... get it he wont BUG you??? lololol hahaha  

    1. Skyguy501


      Hahahaha!!! That was funny! xD

    2. ComposerRyan


      lol noice one @Captain_Krone:D gotta have a little pest control humor on the job!