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    If you pause at 2:18 and 2:23, you'll notice some Clones that are in their 'teenager' stage. I thought that was pretty cool since we've only seen grown and young Clones for the most part. 

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @Daniel That is a question that would take a long time to answer. But I would see it again. I would say it's worth watching in theaters. The soundtrack was absolutely amazing.

      I feel that the name "the Flood" was appropriate. Fighting them back in Halo: CE, it did look like a 'flood' of nightmares was always being hurled at you. Especially when it was the groups of 20+ infection forms with two or three combat forms, and they were all leaping long distances through the air to close in on you.

      Thirsty Grunt.jpg

      Oh looky here. We have a potential protagonist for a Halo horror film.

      And a scary bit of information: the xenomorph has made minor appearances in Star Wars.

      Nothing major though. I doubt we're going to get an Aliens vs. Star Wars crossover movie anytime soon, as awesome as that would be.


    3. Daniel


      Ive played and beat every halo game more than once. (Except for 2 and 5.) its my favorite game franchise of all time. I didn't say my favorite game just the series its self. I get what your saying about the flood tho. Also i feel if someone made a halo horror film i think the elite special ops, and the hunter's would be terrifying lol. The grunts... Ehh. But a alien halo crossover would be awesome. To be honest ive always wanted to see what it would be like with the covenant vs the empire. I honestly think the covenant would win. Not because im more of a halo fan than a star wars fan, but because anything the empire has the covenant has that and some. Plus i think the grunts have better accuracy than the stormtroopers lol.

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @Daniel I'm talking about the Flood being the monsters hunting everyone down. The perspective from an Unggoy protagonist because they're vulnerable. That's what makes it horror as opposed to action.

      It's the difference between Halo and Dead Space. The Flood aren't as scary because you're playing as a suped up space marine with tough armor and shields that mows down the monsters by the hundreds. The necromorphs are much more terrifying because you're playing as a middle-aged engineer with mental health issues.

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