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  1. Okay  so here's some leaked footage of what would have been had Clone Wars hadn't been cancelled. A showdown between Boba Fett and Cad Bane, with Boba Fett emerging out on top. The two took part in a classic duel and in the end, both were able to land a shot at each other's head. Boba ended up killing Cad, while Cad's bullet didn't kill Boba,  just because of his armour. The bullet is the same one as the classic and famously known dent in Boba's helmet we see in the sequel films. And I'm pretty sure Bossk and Embo betray Boba? Hard to tell, but if I remember correctly, they also appear in the novel Dark Disciple and work together. But I'm not sure if this scene took place before or after the novel's time line. It would make sense if it happened after the novel's time line, it would explain why Bossk and Boba didn't work together in The Empire Strikes Back, as they were known to always have each others back and be a legendary bounty hunting team back in the Clone Wars. This clip is simply outstanding though, the death of THE Cad Bane, at the hands of Boba Fett, and a story to how he got that dent in his helmet. 



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      It's not so much leaked as it was shown during Star Wars Celebration by Dave and Pablo... But, yeah... Total shame it was cancelled!  Wish it could have finished the way it was intended and so that we TCW fans could have some closure! :(