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  1. This is it! Star Wars Rebels S3, Ep20 "Twin Suns" REACTION! The episode in which is a confrontation between two, old rivals... Who. Will. Win?

    Once again, I'll be using headphones while you guys play the episode on your TV or laptop or whatever works best for you. So stick around as we react to this thing, whether you already have seen the episode or you are watching it with me for the first time!


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    2. Peirce


      @Skyguy501 i couldnt care less, what pisses me off its all the hype they promoted and stuff, just to make it so short, they didnt even try....

    3. Skyguy501


      I'm about in the same boat as you; Lucasfilm hates this sort of thing between them and Disney, too! It sort of spoils it for the audience when important moments like this are put in trailers, but Disney cares very little for how things go in terms of the creators opinions!


      They should have not had the ending shot with Obi and Maul at all!

    4. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      @Skyguy501 I agree, however I still think the fight should have gone on longer. I don't think it should have been a huge impressive duel, but it could have ended with Maul actually putting up a fight instead of making some stupid mistake 2 seconds into the battle. 

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