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  1. Welcome to Star Wars HQ, fellow Star Warrior LukeSwagwalker! A week late, I am, I know but I hope you enjoy your stay here. Here's to the friends you'll make here and the discussions/topics you may yet bring!

  2. Has anyone here played any Battlefront II mods? I have an Old Republic era mod that I finally got to work properly, allowing me to play on all the conquest maps (excluding the Both and Geonosis maps) as the Republic or the dreaded Sith Empire! Having a blast with it while getting my nerd on! :):DB)

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    2. Skyguy501


      You may have to recommend some of them sometime. :)

    3. Darthmichael18


      Gcw, battlefront evolved, scarif landing pad, and battles of the clone wars. 

    4. Skyguy501


      What's GCW? I think I've heard of Battlefront Evolved and Scarif Landing and heard and seen great things about Battles of The Clone Wars. Are they on Steam? Of course, can't get to any of them right now. Still no Wi-Fi yet. :'(

  3. Guys! If you haven't seen it yet, this is amazing!

  4. Lol. xD Yes,, Darthmichael18! And may I suggest that Episode IX be titled From His Nap? That way, whenever someone wants to marathon the Sequel Trilogy, they'll have a title to go on: "The Force Awakens The Last Jedi From His Nap".
  5. Welcome, GaylenErso! We're honored to be graced by your presence here on HQ! Because of your sacrifice, we were able to find and assess the weakness in the Empire's dreaded battle station - the Death Star. Enjoy your time here, make some good friends and topics and I'll see you on the battlefront, fellow Star Warrior!

    1. Darthmichael18


      I'm not! He is a TRAITOR! His intentional design flaw cost millions of lives on the first Death Star. Terminate @GaylenErso immediately!  

  6. Memes of the day!




    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Bob Ross "and that exhaust port on the death star is a happy little mistake:)"

      (I cant remember if there is a specific name for the thing on the death star... don't judge)

  7. Welcome, @Shock trooper thire! I trust you're going to enjoy your stay, here, at HeadQuarters fellow Star Warrior! To start your day off, here are a couple of memes to get a laugh or two!



  8. Welcome, 501stFives! Hope you enjoy your stay here at HeadQuarters, fellow Star Warrior! :D

  9. Okay. Need some help, decision-makingwise. I got a raise in pay for my job while I go through plumbing school and want to buy a PS4 so I can buy and play EA's Battlefront II, but it has come to my attention that PC allows the option to play with a controller, but I have no word on whether or not BFII will be compatible with controller on PC, so my question is this; should I be patient and save my money to buy a PS4 + PS Plus membership or should I risk it and set up an Origin account and pre-order the game on PC even though the likelihood of no controller access is high? Your input would be greatly appreciated and definitely let me know if it does allow controllers!

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    2. Fossel13


      Ill be on PS4 and so will @Daniel, @Ninjamonkeys, and quite a bit of our members. Go PS4 and we can play together!

    3. Daniel


      I suggest ps4. Just so we can all do it. Be more fun that way.

    4. Skyguy501


      It would seem like PS4 is the route I'm taking. xD

      Mikayahu, yes... yes I do. xD From what I've been told, I believe it was unless I'm mistaken... :/

  10. Got a new document reader (is that what one would even call it?) app for my laptop yesterday called OfficeSuite! Found it on my phone and found a way to install a PC version to my laptop! Yay! Now I can work on my fanfic!! Yay!! :D 

    Menace of the Sith.png

    1. Sk8rkid28


      Looking awesome man! Will you be sharing the story, I'd love to read it

    2. Skyguy501


      Eventually, yes! Still lots to write out, still lots of changes/edits that need to be made, but y'all will hopefully get to read it soon! :D There was a website that was recommended to me for posting fanfiction, so if I post it there I'll be sure to post a link here. :) 

  11. Note: This character's story has been partially reliant on an Ahsoka fanfic called, "And Her Name Was Ahsoka" (definitely go check it out! But since that story's timeline doesn't quite lineup with both the years that the Clone War took place and the time after Ahsoka left the order that would eventually lead up to the story/timeline of Episode III, we decided that it would be great to use this great fanfic to advance Kathryn and Owen's story we had planned, just replaced with the Corulag Security Bureau, Jedi and other such volunteers for the purpose of the story continuity. Other characters have been replaced to better fit with the struggles that Kathryn has to go through. So if you're the original creator/writer of this cool fanfiction, all the credit will go to you as you are the inspiration for this part of Katie's story to be told because of what you wrote! I would like to continue using this as the basis of part of her life until I can come up with a better, more original narrative. Hey, guys and gals! My sister and I created several characters whenever we played with our Lego characters; some actual Star Wars characters, others we had mixed and matched parts to create our own unique characters in-universe. This little something is about one of our (her) characters, in general, who ends up being one of the parents of a specific Legends character: Kathryn (Katie) Nameck Eclipse Both images are the ideal looks my sister and I had in mind for Katie's look and design; one represents her life as a Jedi, the bottom image is her life after leaving the Jedi. Biographical information Homeworld: Corulag Born: 53 BBY on Corulag Relationship(s): Jym Myrrish (Formerly) Owen Eclipse (Husband) Family and relations: Jaune Nameck (Father) Kaleeka Nameck (Mother) Melian Nameck (Step-Mother) Cassey Nameck (Step-Sister) ?????? Nameck (Twin Brother) Amaya Nameck (Step-Sister) Eldacar Eclipse (Brother-in-Law) The Wanderer (Father/Grandfather Figure) Physical description Species: Human Gender: Female Height: 5ft, 4in Eye color: Green Skin color: Fair Hair color: Dark Blonde, later brown Chronological and political information Era(s): Rise of the Empire era Wars of the galaxy (conflicts): Civil War of Corulag Holocaust of Death's Shadow The Clone Wars Affiliation: Jedi Order Galactic Republic Galactic Senate Masters/mentors: Cylis Neero "The Wanderer" * Kathryn (Katie) Nameck, was a Jedi/Force-sensitive human female, She was first identified as Force-sensitive on her Republic Core World home of Corulag and was brought to the Jedi Temple and trained by Jedi Master Cylis Neero. She was one of her master's promising students; uniquely talented, she had a connection in the Force strong enough to see another beings' deepest, most secret feelings that allowed her to understand the depth of one's actions or motivations. Tragically, while on a mission to Kashyyyk her master was severely injured when they were protecting a village of Wookiees from trespassing Trandoshan sport hunters. After his passing the following evening, she returned her master's body to the Temple for his funeral. After a week since her master's death, she left the Jedi Order. 37 BBY For a few month's, she was only able to survive off what little credits she had left and whatever food was given to her from the different pilots who transported her from system to system, as they could only travel to planets that would get her relatively closer to her destination. It wouldn't be until she met a old traveling *wanderer that she would finally make her way to Corulag. As a token of his goodwill, he assisted her in finding her family. (The section below would take place 5 years after reuniting with her family and relatively the same time that the events of The Phantom Menace would take place) 32 BBY After adjusting to her newfound life with her father, the current governor of Corulag, her twin brother and her adopted mother and sisters, she came across a crashed transport on the outskirts of the city, which was close to her home, on an afternoon walk that caught her attention. Among the wreckage she found a young pilot severely injured, and upon a second search she found a lightsaber. After the young man regained consciousness a few days later, and during the following days, they had come to suspect he was a Jedi. He confirmed the families suspicions to Katie and soon found herself getting involved with Jedi affairs again, after 5 years of running away from her past self it seems to want to drag her right back into it all. They did, however, get along together and they had to, for Corulag had been overcome with a terrorist organization that was led by the very man that Owen Eclipse and his master had been tracking for weeks and the one responsible for Owen's crash landing on the planet's surface. Katie and Owen ended the terrorists' conflict against her father's rule through both aggressive negotiations and diplomacy. Katie impressed her father so, that he asked she serve her people in the Galactic Senate of the Republic after witnessing her very impressive diplomatic skills that caused most of the members of the terrorist group to lay down their arms. Katie's days as a senator began as an apprentice legislator, under the watchful eyes of Senators Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. She saw first hand how corrupt and self-centered the Republic Senate had become. When she gave her first empowered speech to the full Senate, she became a well-loved figure both by the senators and her opponents and they were well-impressed how this young woman could turn the minds of even her most tough political opponents and that of her wisdom for one so young. She had many adventures that "The Wanderer" often accompanied her on, but it wouldn't be until 4 years later that she would ever hear about Owen Eclipse again. 28 BBY It was around this time she had been engaged to her fiance, Jym Myrrish. After arriving on the moon that orbits Corulag for an inspection, she discovers that she had been tracked by The Wanderer who was sent by the Jedi High Council to stop a possible uprising on her world and that Owen had been captured and held by a group of terrorists calling themselves Death's Shadow, who thought it be more entertaining to tease the Jedi and see if they could connect the pieces of their puzzle game rather than make it easier for them to find their missing friend. The gist of her involvement was, by order of Death's Shadow, she had to be apart of the "game" or Owen and many of her people on Corulag would be victims of terrorists bombings. After being briefed by the Council and having several misguided, wild mynock chases they finally figure out the location of Death's Shadows' base of operations; Endor. After rallying volunteers from Corulag police, citizens and support from other nearby systems, as well as the Jedi Order, the rescue team made they're way to the forest moon of Endor. After Katie, Eldacar and her friends made their way to the front-most portal, the team decided to split up; Eldacar's group stayed outside to keep the guards and other nearby terrorists occupied while Katie and her friends made an attempt to rescue the Jedi Owen. After deciding to split up and cover different levels, Katie finds Owen... and the trap that was lain for her. As she stood in defiance, refusing anyone near herself or Owen, who laid unconscious on the floor, one of the leaders, Kalzin offered her an antidote to the neurotoxin which he had injected into the helpless Jedi. He played out that he knew she was once a Jedi and that he knew the only way to get her involved was to threaten the life of a Jedi that she had befriended and knew well. So, Katie traded her life for Owen's in exchanged for the antidote, which was handed off to her friends. Katie was soon transported off-world to another one of their hidden installations; Zardyn, a small moon near the vicinity of the Endor system. A volcanic environment where she, too received torment until she had given them what they wanted; information on the Jedi and the layout of their temple as well as Corulag's security defenses. When all of a sudden Jym entered the cell and in that moment, Kathryn was filled with dread as her fiance revealed himself as the leader of Death's Shadow. He proceeded to reveal to her that because of her, Owen's and the Jedi's involvement with the resistance against the terrorist attacks on the Corulagian capital leaders, someone he loved 4 years ago had been sentenced to prison for the foreseeable future for her treachery. Some time later, Owen had been thrown into the same chamber she was in, unconscious. He later awoke after she had left his side to cry quietly in a corner, losing all hope she might have previously held, and he made his way to her despite the pain from blows he had taken from his captors. NOTE: As you may be aware, this isn't quite finished. I accidentally hit the send button instead of just leaving it alone. I'll have to finish it at some point, just not sure when...
  12. Y'all probably have already seen the video, but there was some more leaked footage of Free Radical's Pre-Alpha Battlefront III story-mode compiled in snippets! Upload date is Aug. 2, 2016. There are more clips out there than just this one, but so I don't waste anyone's time, I decided to go with this one before EA or Lucasfilm or Disney ever decides to block or remove the video! :P Enjoy what might have been! 



    1. ComposerRyan


      This game had so much potential and I loved how you could fly from the ground level to space seamlessly.  Lets hope we see that in the new Battlefront games someday! :) 

    2. Skyguy501


      Indeed! Hey, have you seen the lightsaber I managed to grab from a friend of mine? :) 

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      This exact video was posted here before so this is my second time seeing the video. Makes me cry every time I realize that this is what could've been if Disney didn't shutdown Lucasarts(I know they had some staff and developmental issues but they could've just had a completely new staff to solve that) and if lucasfilm never discontinued the Expanded Universe. I can just image myself playing the hell out of this game just like the other two Battlefronts, this probably would've been better than Battlefront 2 if it was polished and completed. This game would've helped out Lucasarts A LOT! I also adore how they decided to continue the the idea of seeing the war from a soldiers story(I know how BF3's story would've went since it's what Elite Squadron's story mode was based on, I'll see if I can find a source to confirm it).

      A found a song that relays my mood when seeing this trailer. 


  13. Meme of the day: Some of y'all may have already seen it...


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    2. Abekrie


      @DarthBueno If that means Mr. Bones... I'd be all for that.

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      OLD REPUBLIC!!! OLD REPUBLIC!!! We need more OLD REPUBLIC!!! In movies/tv shows!!!

    4. Skyguy501