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  1. Welcome to the HQ, fellow Star Warrior! You wouldn't happen to know where I can purchase a Discount Kylo Ren lightsaber, would you?



    Jk. Though, don't we all want one of those? :D Hope you enjoy your stay at the best community you can find, your #1 source for everything Star Wars: Star Wars Headquarters!

  2. Y'all remember me telling you guys that a good friend of mine gifted me both KOTOR games on Steam for PC a couple months ago, for Christmas? And do y'all remember that I complained how my laptop's storage was cramped up to the neck? Well not anymore! I was able to finally install KOTOR I and The Force Unleashed II!! Very, very, very different from gaming on a console controller, that's for sure! But I'm really enjoying my playtime on KOTOR! :D If you'd like to know, I'm in the Undercity helping out Mission find and rescue her Wookiee comrade, Zaandarr (I think that's how you spell it, but I'm sure someone will correct me) so that I can find a way into that one gang's base. ( I know, I'm bad at remembering these names, but I'm a noobie to this game... sue me!)

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    2. Skyguy501


      Yep! Further proof of this includes his ol' gramps killing it with his appearances in Rogue One... xD


    3. ZakoBattledroid
    4. Skyguy501


      I actually laughed out loud! xD Still. Can't. Stop!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  3. CONGRATS ON 500k SUBSCRIBERS, @ComposerRyan & @KnightRobby!!!

    Live stream is still going if anybody from the HQ wants to visit fans in the Live Chat!


    1. ComposerRyan


      Thanks @Skyguy501! :D  We're going to be doing another live stream this week and announce our biggest giveaway yet so stay tuned!

    2. Skyguy501
  4. My Season 3 Finale REACTION is up!!! I recorded Part 1 and Part 2 separately and had to stop mid-episode in Part 1, due to some difficulties I had to take care of, but got it done nevertheless! I think y'all know the drill well enough that I don't need to remind you how this is gonna work! ;) 

    And credit for the thumbnail of course belongs to our very own @Captain_Krone!

    And here are the links to Parts 1 1/2 & 2

    Part 11/2

    Part 2:

  5. Welcome to the HQ, @Anna Inoka! We look forward to some good topics and theories to talk about and good conversation from you on the Jedi Council, fellow Star Warrior! :D 

  6. Lol!! This has to be the single greatest "I am the Senate!" meme to ever be put together!! Or I'm just weird! :D Either way, this is hilarious! xD


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    2. Darthmichael18


      then the pawn stars guy in the corner says: hmmm...thos glasses are thousands of years old you say? from the old republic times? WHAT! Owned by darth plaguis??? Wait...if you are a chancellor and he was a sith how did you get thos-nevermind. You TOTALLY wouldnt be a sith lord! Anyways. Since they are basically antiques, probably posses some kind of power in the force, and are considered priceless by many...I'll give you....2 bucks for them. 2 bucks and 30 cents if you throw in that lightsaber! Sorry. Thats all I CAN give.

    3. multiumbreon
    4. Skyguy501
  7. Every PvP's worst nightmare... xD


    1. Mikayahu


      Haha I was just playing Rainbow 6 Siege not that long ago.  Thats awesome. 

    2. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      That's so cool and hilarious!:lol:

  8. This is it! Star Wars Rebels S3, Ep20 "Twin Suns" REACTION! The episode in which is a confrontation between two, old rivals... Who. Will. Win?

    Once again, I'll be using headphones while you guys play the episode on your TV or laptop or whatever works best for you. So stick around as we react to this thing, whether you already have seen the episode or you are watching it with me for the first time!


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    2. Skyguy501


      Give us that sense of surprise when that episode airs!

      I'm a little torn in between, but in the end what we got makes sense, to me at least. :/

    3. Peirce


      @Joshua Asbridge my gripe is, why make him so powerful in the Clone Wars, yet in this one....

    4. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      @Peirce Well, he is older and had been traveling the desert for a while so I'm sure that had an impact on his fighting abilities. 

  9. Warning: This post could, can and/or will contain SPOILERS!!!! You've been WARNED!


    THIS! This will explain the "dreadful, character ruining moment" between Obi-Wan and Maul's duel! Granted, I imagined this duel would turn out differently, as we all did; in an epic showdown of the century, two longtime rivals duke it out... One. Last. TIME!!! But funny how reality works, isn't it?  I've already seen videos with people pointing this little factor out and it's great that Dave and crew ended it this way, if you ask me! It's the classic storytelling that George has done in the past, which was of course passed down to his "apprentice", Dave Filoni. Those of you who have seen the episode already know what moment I'm talking about (I hope). 

    *But as always, fans want to cry out and pitch a fit for their "epic showdown" pacifiers and fan-serviced things! They have no love or respect for a character's journey or the classic storytelling of old or the realism behind this duel! George (and in ways even Dave) have a method of storytelling that we don't understand, so it's not surprising that a bunch of millennials (even those who grew up watching the Originals back in the day) would bash the creator of a franchise they grew to love, a franchise he created simply because he had a story to tell. Very liberal, if you ask me! I can't stand people (liberals) that have this sort of attitude, this hypocrisy: "I'll tolerate the things you say and do, but only if I agree with it" or "I'll agree with the things you say and do, but only if it fits my criteria"...

    ^:::ahem::: "Political" issues :::cough, cough::: The Prequels :::ahem::: Return of the Jedi :::cough, cough, AAAAHEM!::: Sorry, had something stuck in my keyboard... But, yeah... breaks my heart...

    Sometimes things don't go our way; sometimes it's not what we expected events to turn out, but it serves the story well! This episode (and Maul's eventual demise) is exactly what we didn't want, but it is what we needed; the ending we needed to finally finish Maul's and Obi-Wan's many years of rivalry! Poetry... Pure poetry! 

    *rant over

    Sorry for such a lengthy rant, but had to write it out before I could lose my thoughts on the matter...

    1. Sk8rkid28


      ***SPOILER ALERT***


      This duel was perfect. It's exactly how it should have been portrayed.

      I can't help but feeling sad for Maul though, as he realized that his life attempt at getting his revenge on Obi Wan, was not worth it. You have to give Kenobi mad respect for his restraint. He had zero anger against the man who killed his master, and the woman he loved. He wasn't even going to fight him until Maul forced his hand by revealing that he had put two and two together about Obi Wan protecting 'someone'.

      Those 20 seconds of them standing and then dueling carry so much deep information. Every second of it counts. The writers did an amazing job. When I saw Obi Wan revert to Qui Gon's lightsaber dueling form, it was as if the circle had been completed all the way from the Phantom Menance, only this time, Maul was probably thinking that it would be an easy kill, just like Kenobi's master, but Obi Wan knew better, and used that to his advantage. It's amazing how Kenobi is so tuned in with the force that he doesn't need any fancy tricks to defeat his opponent, that's how powerful in the force he has become. 

      The best part about the whole thing was when Obi Wan was holding Maul in his arms. I mentioned before how this is a complete finished circle of the Phantom Menace. Obi Wan using Qui Gon's form, against the same old enemy, and then Obi Wan holding Maul in his arms as he died, discussing the chosen one... just like he did with Qui Gon. Amazing parallel, absolutely amazing.

      "He will avenge us"  Loved this line so much. It's also the most shared connection that Obi Wan and Maul will have. Maul realizes the importance of the chosen one. Sidious has taken everything from both Maul and Obi Wan, and as he drew his final breaths, that similarity they share, was key to their moment of connection.

      Notice how Obi Wan refers to Luke as the chosen one. Though there is much debate over this topic, I still believe that Anakin Skywalker is the chosen one. Obi Wan obviously thinks that Luke is the chosen one, because in his mind, Anakin is gone, beyond redemption. But it is Anakin Skywalker, who later brings balance to the force, and peace to the galaxy.

      Is it me or did Luke seem a bit young in that ending scene? He's supposed to be the same age as Ezra and Leia, as they were all born on the same day that the Clone Wars ended.

      Anyways, what a wonderful episode. So much meaning, it was beautifully made. I wish Rex and Obi Wan had the chance to speak to each other though, but that's just the Clone Wars fan in me. :P 

  10. Welcome to the HQ, Aslan, fellow Star Warrior! :D Finally, the Star Wars universe and the World of Narnia converge on the same path! May my sword be ever in service to Narnia!

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Welcome to the best Star Wars community on the planet earth.

  11. Well, I upgraded my phone's data plan to unlimited for just $10 dollars more added with my previous plan thanks to a special deal, which is cheaper than if I had just gone in and upgraded it for about $70 bucks a month... saved some $$$$, there! :) And ever since then, I downloaded the Netflix app so I could get caught up on some shows and I'm just now starting on the "I Am Your Father" Dave Prowse documentary! I'll let y'all know my thoughts on it when I finish! 

    In other news, I got something in the mail today! :D Goodies, courtesy of First Order Transmissions: A Star Wars Podcast! I am happy! :D 


    1. RaccoonPlays


      I saw that documentary, it was really good!

    2. Skyguy501


      It was! I understand why George had to do what he needed for Anakin's story, but it's hard to believe that Lucasfilm won't let him come or go to or be apart of any of their conventions or anything to do with the franchise much, for that matter. Glad he, in a way, got the moment he deserved!

  12. This meme will make a fine addition to my town-sized collection! xD


  13. This popped up in my email when somebody commented on it; it's been about a year or two since I commented on the video, but since then it's become quite popular, gaining up to 677 likes! xD Thought I'd share it with y'all! Comes from the scene in TCW Season 6 when Fives is brought before Chancellor Palpatine to discuss the issue of the chip implants inside all clones of the Clone Army...

    Scene/video it came from is below!

    Chancellor Palpatine: "Now trooper, what brings you before me?"

    Fives: "The chips, Chancellor."

    Chancellor Palpatine: "Chips?"

    Fives: "And some cheese dip or salsa would be nice, too."


    1. Sk8rkid28


      Man, it still gets me frustrated when I think how easily the Jedi let this matter go, especially after they found out that Dooku created the Clone Army. Even when Yoda said about the Clones "Win the war swiftly we must, before our enemy's design, becomes complete, whatever it may be." Hello??? Like a couple of weeks prior to that was there not an incident that caused a clone to kill a Jedi because of a faulty inhibitor chip, theres the enemy's design for you.  :'(  Put two and two together??? Lol, there's my rant for the day :P 

  14. It's up now! Star Wars Rebels S3, Ep19 "Double Agent Droid" REACTION is here! Y'all know the drill by now, I hope! :D Credit for the thumbnail goes to our very own @Captain_Krone!


  15. Hey guys! Got my reaction recorded today! However, I've decided to hold off posting it until tomorrow, so y'all could have enough time to watch it and avoid spoilers. It should be up sometime tomorrow!