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  1. To anyone who cares enough to respond,  what did you guys think of the BattleFront 2 EA beta, hiw is it better, how is it worse, what do you want added?

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    2. Ninjamonkeys


      The sniper I think was not a good option for the maps the gave us, on Kashyyyk it is a beach head with more open space. Also I feel like there will be a option for a sniper with very high damage that nearly insta kills but has a low rate of fire. 

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I think the specialist class was way to OP. I honesty think it needs to be nerfed. It seemed like when I played the beta everyone was playing as the specialist, (I was to) it seemed the rest of the classes where under utilized.

    4. Darthmichael18


      The guns feel much lighter than the first game where they felt so, so stiff, and heavy as if you were carrying around rocks. The flying is obviously awesome now since you have the ability to freely control and maneuver your ships just like in the original battlefront 2. I will actually be excited for space battles now. Strike is very generic in terms of the look of the forest, the map is way too small, and the resistance is absolutely overpowered.