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  1. I think that the thing that would keep the community together is if someone made a website with a similar layout but with active admins so you can have a nice compromise between the lack of adminsand the uunorganized layout. Just an idea.

    1. Mikayahu


      Thats more work than you would think. I think you would either have to pay for the server or program it all yourself...It would be a pain.  Discord seems to be a pretty happy medium, and we take suggestions for changes and improvements seriously.  Plus live feed, meme section, trivia, etc. 

  2. I am sick of the hostile environment the HQ has become, I miss when everyone was active and the post weren't only once a week a passive aggressive jab at this site or discord.

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    2. Mikayahu
    3. RogueRebel
    4. Abekrie


      I would have started to reconsider giving you a very strict and narrow way of proving yourself capable of being on the text channel with everyone else (As I managed to get the Jukebox permissions handled), but I have to say that I'm disappointed to see the posts you have made just recently.

      To clarify, going straight out to attack a person with slander, libel, and name calling is generally looked down on. I put pressure on Robby and Ryan's neglect for this website in hope that they'd eventually relent into fixing it, but I've never just gone out and started name calling them for continuing to let this place go downhill.

      Also, since you seem so prone on bringing this up, Family Guy having had Star Wars themed show episodes doesn't make its entirety automatically SFW. If anything, the show should be TV-MA with the uncut and consistent use of crude and sexual content.

      Posting up a gif of a naked man giving a young girl a lap dance (In the form of waving his buttocks around her face) is beyond just "comedy", and more of breaching into NSFW territory. Same would be for Peter getting "milked" by another character in the gifs you posted. Posting up NSFW content on Discord wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that we had no NSFW channel for the the more "mature" things that you wished to share.

  3. If anyone is interested, the workshop for EaW is up on steam and I finally got RaW and my only complaint is that the AI is ridiculously hard. By the way does anyone know when that went live?

  4. Found this at the thrift store for $2.00 and am so hyped to watch it since I grew up with volume 1 and only ever saw this once when I was really young.


    1. Darthmichael18


      Should've just went on to or

    2. Ninjamonkeys


      I just wanted the dvd to complete the collection. 

    3. Skyguy501


      And KissCartoon is shut down and no longer available, soooo....

  5. Love your profile pic, is that your own creation.

    1. RogueRebel
    2. Ninjamonkeys


      Yes I made him with some parts I gad laying around

    3. RogueRebel


      Awesome, that is a really cool creation. A Jedi Clone

      Great Job man, I love me some legos

  6. So I just learned that Dennis Lawson hinted at the fact that he might reprise his role as Wedge Antilles in The Last Jedi or some other future film.


    1. ZakoBattledroid
    2. Sk8rkid28


      @ZakoBattledroid One of the best memes I have ever seen :')

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      @Sk8rkid28 The sad part is that the clones really should have expected wrist rockets.

  8. For everyone I would recommend checking out Star Wars Explained on YouTube he has helped me learn new things about both legends and canon. Je just put out a video about what we would have seen in the next seasons of CloneWars

    1. DarthBueno


      Ya he's pretty good 

    2. Skyguy501


      I love his in-depth lore topics, what ifs, what would have happeneds, etc... Pretty cool dude! Some Old Republic stuff from way back that I can kinda gloss over, if needed, for my Old Republic fanfiction I want to continue writing! :D 

  9. Hey @Ninjamonkeys, play any battlefront recently


  10. I was in walker assault a few days ago and my team was garbage but on the final uplink I took down both walkers in an airspeeder, needless to say I was pretty proud of myself. 

    1. RogueRebel


      great job, sometimes your team can cause most of the problems

      i'm hoping to play a round of skirmish and multiplayer today


  11. Not really Star Wars related but did you know that the guillotine was used in Frace until thr same year that Star Wars was first in theaters. 

  12. I have a theory for why everything has been avoiding the clone wars like the plague,  what if Diseny is planning a whole big thing with the clone wars and want it to have maximum impact with fans who are clearly wanting the clone wars.

  13. I just want to point out to all you people who say that legends is better then TFA because Starkiller Base is just another Death Star. In legends there is a Hutt built actual Death Star cannon and a Star Destroyer with the cannon built in. 

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Yeah called the sun crusher, witch was developed by a former imperial scientist who also worked on the death star. In my opinion I wish there was no super weapons in star wars.

    2. Skyguy501


      In my opinion, the Sith superweapons of the past we've yet to find out about in the new-canon and Death Star's I and II should have been the only superweapons in the Star Wars Universe. No Death Star III, no Death Star IV, no Death Star XXXI... just the ones previously mentioned. :) 

      Although, I do like the concept of a Death Star laser disk being on the frontmost part of a Star Destroyer... that was cool!

  14. I was thinking that the final high priority target could be Sev who joined the rebel alliance after never getting order 66.