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  1. EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!  Check out what has become of Star Wars Battlefront Galaxy in Turmoil:


    1. Sk8rkid28


      Would this game be available only for PC and xbox? Not playstation?

    2. Abekrie


      @Sk8rkid28 I doubt that they'd just ignore the other consoles. The most Microsoft would do is try and make an offer (aka lots of money) for them not to so that people would be more apt to buy an Xbox. As said in the video, they're currently just talking to Microsoft about having it on their consoles in the first place so nothing is guaranteed for that part at all.

    3. RaccoonPlays


      The game looks really good! I'm a bit disappointed  that it doesn't take place in the Star Wars Universe, but that was to be expected.

  2. So which one do you guys think will be better?  Episode 8 or Rogue One?   

    Choices, choices...

    1. ComposerRyan


      I cannot decide but I am definitely excited about Rogue One since it is a very unique Star Wars film and is bringing a serious war tone to Star Wars, something I've always dreamed of! :D 

    2. CommanderWolffe


      As a huge fan of the Empire, I'm looking forward to finally seeing classic stormtroopers on screen for the first time. (I wasn't alive for the Original Trilogy.) But I'm also looking forward to Episode 8 doing things that we've never seen in star wars before.

    3. ComposerRyan


      Exactly @CommanderWolffe both movies are going to offer something amazing! All I know is it sure is a good time to be a Star Wars fan. :) 

  3. Check out the MOST RARE Easter Eggs found in BATTLEFRONT, including Rainbow Bacta Bombs! Oh my! :o  WATCH HERE: 


    By the way, hello everyone :)  Sorry for the super long absence!  

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ComposerRyan


      lol ***deploying easter eggs on Robby*** :D  Who knew easter eggs could be so dangerous...

    3. Darthmichael18


      Send a battalion of your best troops...oh I'm afraid the comedy channel will be quite operational when @KnightRobby arrives...

    4. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Hey Rob by ur back it's great to see u again!!!!:D

  4. does this mean they're canon?


    1. Mith'raw'nuruodo


      Read the clone wars part

    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      The Yuuzhan Vong is still considered noncanon. Sad I wish they would do the Yuuzhan Vong war instead the ep 7,8,9 where getting now. I want to see the New Republic team up with the First Order to defeat the Yuuzhan Vong just like in the EU.

    3. Starwars737


      Thankfully, the Bad Batch and other 4 story reels are canon. Echo was always one of my favorites.

  5. Hey, everyone.

    Just a heads up that I looked more into the ability to customize the feed so that it will filter in the things that you want to see while leaving out others, and I'm going to try and set up a small tutorial on how you can do just that by tonight or tomorrow. Mainly just a small tidbit to get you started in creating your own custom stream for when you want to narrow your search.

    Here's a bit of a sneak peek:


    1. Abekrie


      Now I see that my image cannot be enlarged for some odd reason... bugs galore.

  6. It has been too long, my old friend.



    1. Abekrie


      So long indeed. It is good to see you again, @SindreSvW. We should chat again sometime.

  7. Come and join Rebel Squad putting together a regular group!!


  8. Could anyone suggest a game where I could create my own battles? Like I could choose my own amount of troops, vehicles and place them to my liking. Of course, preferably a Star Wars game :P

    1. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      I wish there was a Star Wars game like that

    2. DarthBueno


      Well there is a game actually its called Men Of War its a game where you can create battles. This is the cool part. There is a really cool mod for this game on ModDB that makes it star wars so look it up on YouTube?

  9. Does anyone know which vehicles we're getting in the Bespin DLC? Thanks a lot guys enjoying everything, great community????

    1. Lukefan228


      Maybe bespin transport 

    2. Peirce


      I bet u it will be another 4 maps only with new star cards, and weapons and some lame ass heroes. no new vehicules "because we want to stay true to the original trilogy." What a load of bullshit

  10. Do you play on the xbox. If so can I friend you I'm level 56 in star wars battlefront

  11. Star Wars Battlefront gets some awesome news about its future, more specifically the upcoming Bespin DLC arriving this June. Plus, new maps, star cards and heroes revealed! Watch below for more: We’ve got an info blowout about the upcoming Bespin DLC and the future of Star Wars Battlefront, including maps, single player content, release date, CONFIRMED heroes and new star cards and hutt contracts. Hello there my fellow battlefrontians, what’s up it’s ryan with star wars hq and i’m joined by my twin bro robby. First of all, Battlefront’s Bespin DLC will be releasing this June. And I am sure you are curious about the new maps coming to Bespin. We will be seeing four new maps for the most popular games modes, so you’ll be seeing AT-AT’s on Cloud City (which likely means a walker assault map), we’ll be getting a fighter squadron map, and also a map centered around the carbonite chamber. The fourth map has yet to be reveaed but we’re crossing our fingers it is Bespin Platforms. We’ll be receiving a new game mode as well, plus two new heroes and villains, including Lando Carlrissian and the bounty hunter Dengar. By the way, it is now confirmed we’ll be getting a total of eight heroes via the season pass, which that number would also include Greedo and Nieb Numb. 2 more will be featured in the Death Star DLC and 2 in the mystery DLC in early 2017. They also go onto to tease that we will be seeing more options for players that enjoy Battlefront offline, meaning we could be seeing instant action finally! And yes, Hutt contracts is being expanded upon with new unlockable stars cards like the berserker trait, bacta bomb, and ion neutralizer. New -ingame events will help you earn extra credits and xp like double score weekends, community missions and special login events. What’s also great is we’ll be getting an event specific to May 4th, Star Wars Day. So curious to see what that’s all about! More to come soon about that one! Nice! Thanks guys and May the Force Be With You! Robby and Ryan
  12. who doesn't like a good dose of star wars memes?:P:P;);)



    Xbox one players are you out there?


  14. Hey guys I am back again and yes again not posting as much. I am still active in Star Wars Battlefront and still enjoying my self. Just thought I'd say "hello" and "What's knew?" Recently uploaded a new video tonight and wanted to share. It's from last month before the Outer Rim updated came. Hope you all enjoy it.