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  1. Jj's back at the helm, eh? Can we expect return of the jedi 2.0? ;p I loved tfa though. 

    1. Abekrie


      Attack of the Killer Teddy Bears 2.0: Technology's Achilles Heel

  2. Am I the only one that prefers the boxed set of the 4 inch, very detailed statues at the Disney store that contain each character from the new sw movies for 29 dollars rather than multiple black series figure for the same price but for each? I need to find an old luke, dammit. :luke

    1. RogueRebel


      I got my haul of 3.75 figs and funkos

      old luke is in the 3.75 hasbro line, not black series

    2. Darthmichael18


      I am obsessed with funkos. I want to know if anyone has collected all of the ones that are available. 

  3. Anyone here manage to win a giant porg from target or buy one? 

    1. RogueRebel


      I wish, lmao, i did go to target though and some woman won it, thing was frickin huge

  4. Episode 10: The force awakens the last jedi from his nap. (I totally came up with that.)
  5. Hq'ers....can you hear me?

    I love keeping this community alive and happy, but if no one helps me then soon you will all pay the price for you lack of posting! :vader

    Speaking of which...Palpy/THE SENATE does not even have his own emoticon yet??? What jedi devilry and treason against the Empire and the great people of this community is that, @KnightRobby and @ComposerRyan?!?!? 

    Its treason then....

    This community has become so quiet that I am afraid of one day having to tell the tragedy of StarWarsHQ, the site....have you not heard it? I thought not. Its not a story the admin would tell. Star Wars HQ was a great site of the web so fun, and so welcoming that they could even manipulate the trolls of the internet to create...positive beings...they had such a knowledge of the light side that they could even get replies from the large Youtuber's that ran it. The Star Wars HQ side of the web was a pathway to many friendships that some trolls and bullies considered to be...unnatural. It became so active that the only thing it was afraid of was...becoming inactive, which eventually, of course (and unfortunately) it did. Unfortunately, the greatness of the community inspired so many others to grow larger, that most of the original extremely active members fled to those other sites during the nights. Ironic. The site could save others from becoming inactive, but not itself....

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Mikayahu


      Most of the time you just post memes though, thats not really Star Wars discussion

    3. multiumbreon
    4. DarthBueno


      Fair point but im getting better at not doing that could you maybe make an area for star wars on the discord that might work?


  6. The Emperors Robby and Ryan are most displeased with your apparent lack of posting...perhaps you can find new ways to motivate yourselves. I hope all of you can, for your sakes. The admin are not as forgiving as I am. 

    *Dun dun dun, dunnnn, dun dun, dun...dun...dunnnnn.*

    Seriously though. Where is everyone? Sleeping in the Force Friday lines? :vader:empire

  7. Everyone...everyone listen up! Tomorrow is Force Friday. Tomorrow may also be the day that I will not be able to come on this site anymore or watch the channel, because I will not be able to pay for my internet. Why, you may ask? Well not only my internet access, but I will most likely die of starvation since I do not possess a great enough bond to the force to keep myself alive over my hatred, such as Maul did for KENIOBIAAAAHHHHHH! Tomorrow I will officially lose all of my money and go broke to Disney, because through these dark times I will be tempted by the Star Wars Last Jedi new figures, the r2, and bbk9-e sphero droids, and all the other glorious merchandise. Tomorrow. Lets all go broke TOGETHER! #FORCEFRIDAY2:THEDRAININGOFOURWALLETS

    1. Skyguy501


      Tell me about it! Rip, my wallet. :'(

    2. Captain_Krone


      gg I did my force Friday on Thursday lol. Got like 5 shirts

  8. I DEFINITELY just earned this fairly. I totally posted 2 very relevant and excited topics in the forums. I totally knew that to achieve this I needed to post in the forums and not in the feeds. @Captain_Krone Had NOTHING to do with this (thank you.) AT ALL...the force is just stronggggg in me....and my cheating. 

    Screenshot (87).png

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Darthmichael18


      @Captain_Krone See ya in the bf2 beta and at launch! This time Ill leave you on the finalizer as han solo with a very angry kylo. Im such a noob in pugb that I dont even have the game! HA!

    3. Captain_Krone


      I meant 1 V 2 me in Battlefront.

    4. Darthmichael18


      That TOO. Lol. Anytime. 

  9. 30!

    30! #cheating
  10. Almost at 30...stay on target! Stay on target!
  11. OMG FINALLY! WE ARE FINALLY GETTING THE 7th FILM! WOO! I think the force awakens trailer is already on Youtube! CANNOT WAIT! My suggestion for the next film is "The Last Jedi."
  12. https://www.ea.com/news/star-wars-hq

    @KnightRobby @ComposerRyan I did not know about this interview. That is incredible. You've both gone above and beyond standard content creation by just making videos, but you have also created the best online community, especially for Star Wars content. Never stop! 

    1. Captain_Krone


      Wow. Featured on ea's main site. Niiccee

  13. 30. Advanced member yet? :P 

    1. multiumbreon
    2. Skyguy501


      Nope! xD It's alright, neither am I. :P

    3. Captain_Krone


      lol dude getting 30 "content countt" is posting on the forums. Not the main feed.