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  1. Got some Star Wars news for yall(I link multiple articles of the same news to see how many sites are reporting on news).

    Guess this means that in the future, we will have Star Wars films that are completely original interesting if I say so myself. 

    A lot of fans have mixed feelings for Twin suns, some enjoyed the heck out the episode while some absolutely hate it. I enjoyed the episode, I liked the feel it had, a sense of purpose, a sense of failure and torment and it reminded me of a Samurai Jack episode. :obi:maul:ezra 



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    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Are you really this mad over an animated show?

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      @Sith Lord Cookie I actually not that long ago used to be just as mad as @Peirce was when I gained a proper understanding of the whole EU situation and was pretty bitter about it for a long time. But, after watching several youtubes mainly the likes of Matt Wilkins and Christopher Nelson, I finally understood the reasoning as to why the ret conned to the EU happend while at the same wanting the Expanded Universe's amazing stories to continue and or finished under the legends label of course. I'm not going to explain the whole EU movement since that isn't the point of this subject so I'm just going to say this, your'e right Lord Cookie using curse words is disrespectful and un professional. My brother taught me these things since he has a MASSIVE interest in the Medieval era all though me and my brother both curse whenever we lose in a video game, mainly saying "dam it!" and etc. I can perfectly relate to Peirce's feelings regarding this duel without spoiling it, I think it's because it's like how I felt about the EU/Canon thing, we've been with it for so long, struggling and dealing with hardships growing with it and when finally reaches it's standpoint, it arrives only to be pushed back and discontinued. In Peirce's case it's probably that we've been with Maul since the beginning of the Saga and saw him grow and have development through the course of TCW only for all of that to be "Degraded" in Rebels when that fight happened.

      Again, that's all my assumption so if that's not the case, feel free to tell me why I'm wrong. :) 

    4. Peirce


      @Sith Lord Cookie Do you have a love for Darth Maul? If you do, kindly read @TheDarkShadow8500 response. He sums it up perfectly. He was degraded in the episode. That is not the Maul everyone knows. They know a fighting Maul, ferocious, cunning....