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  1. Ooooooh Clone Wars expansion,looking forward to it! Anakin and Maul look like my new favorites so far! 


  2. I had no idea that the Royal Guard was going to be in Battlefront 2 alongside Ben Kenobi,they could've been added them both in a update, they did it with Kit Fisto and Ventress, maybe it was a development reason. I also watched some videos showcasing rare lines from the Empire, Republic and Rebellion, there were some really good lines I've never heard of before. I would post them but I don't want to flood the page with videos so just search up "battlefront 2 rare lines" and you'll see what I mean. Also, some of the lines suggest that cross era play was going to be a thing?




  3. I'm so happy to see the website is finally working again! It's been a while since I was last here, a lot of things have happened to me since then(some good, some bad) and I hope to be more active this time around. I did some research on my Force Unleashed 2 theory(Mainly by watching all of the Subject 1157 videos that some guy kindly decided to record before Lucasarts shutdown) and got a phone(Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge if you wanna know) and it's great! I've been playing Force Arena with my brother and have been practicing lots with Darth Vader. Speaking of Darth Vader, I won't spoil anything but the new Vader sounds awesome! Hope things go back to the way they were and again thank you @KnightRobby and @ComposerRyan for fixing up the website. :)  

    1. ComposerRyan


      Welcome back @TheDarkShadow8500 and it's great to have you back.  I definitely need to get a new phone myself (it's like two years old and running very slow) so I may just look at getting a galaxy in the future as well.  And Force Arena actually looks pretty cool.  I watched some YouTube videos on it and I meant to get around to downloading it but been so busy lately.  May have to give it a try some time.

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      Thanks @ComposerRyan! Force Arena is a pretty fun pass time, especially if you plan on forming a guild. There's not much to do on the app though so it might get repugnant. Samsung Galaxy's are great phones to use, not just for apps but for calling, taking pictures, multi tasking, you name it and it most likely has it! I have the official Star Wars app installed so that I can get updated on the latest Star Wars news along with the other Star Wars apps like Card Trader, Commander, Galaxy of Heroes, and Force Arena. Because even though I can't afford or handle the newest Star Wars games(with the exception of SWTOR which I need to get back to that ASAP), I can at least keep up to date on the mobile side of things, I hope we get another RPG like Uprisings though, I missed out on that when it was live.Hopefully one day we get phones that can act as holo communicators whenever we call someone. 

  4. I remember a while ago, I asked you guys for any legends storm trooper stories and Allegiance was the recommend one. So yesterday, my friends mom took me, my brother and my dad to a supermarket named Savers and I found Allegiance in Hardback and in perfect condition for get this.................. $3.45!!! I HAD to get it and I did, it currently sits among my ever growing Star Wars Legends collection. It's also Mara Jade's chronological debut in the Legends timeline which will also be my first exposure to Mara Jade outside of Empire at War and the Reader's companion so I'm looking forward to seeing why she is such a beloved character. 


  5. I just finished watching all of Battlefront Updates and Star Wars HQ's coverage of the Battlefront 2 game play, at first I thought it was some what anticlimactic. That was mainly because I was confused with what was going on, then as I saw more coverage on the game I grasped a better understanding. The new game play changes are a massive improvement compared to the first, like the Battle Points system which gives players incentive to fulfill various objectives and be a team player helping out the match instead of being unproductive. The Battle Points system is probably my favorite change so far in my opinion. Theed looks gorgeous as do the battle droids and clone troopers, the new classes look very fun to use as well. My favorite class is probably the heavy trooper mainly because it looks like my type of game play style. I do not mind the cross era play to be honest, as long as it's just the multiplayer and not the single player then I'll be fine. If there is one nitpick I do have with the game play, it's the name of the mode. Galactic Assault? Shouldn't it be Planetary Assault instead since the mode is focused solely on the one planet the Separatist are trying to invade. Other than that, I look forward to knowing more and more about the upcoming Battlefront 2, a pity I won't be buying the game due to obvious reasons. Alas, they announced a beta recently so I'll certainly try that out for sure. 

    EA also uploaded another Battlefront 2 trailer which I'll post below, nice trailer at best. I love the transition from First Order to Galactic Empire to the Republic. Enjoy :) 

    Also, Darth Maul is probably my favorite hero so far, he looks so much fun to utilize! I believe Kashyyyk is in the trailer as well so that's cool.

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @Mikayahu I will say, in response to that, despite how much I dislike EA and their business decisions, they are still a business. I do not think that the 2015 game went as well as Disney, EA and DICE had hoped it would. I look at it this way, if they royally mess this up a second time in a row, they're cooked. Two screw-ups in a row will exhaust the potential customer base. Star Wars is not something you can shelve away like Mass Effect. Star Wars is a cultural juggernaut. If they screw up Battlefront twice in a row, people won't even give the other future games a chance. It will shut them down. The fans will still go see the movies every year and buy the novels and comics and toys to varying degrees, but EA will notice they aren't sharing in the spoils of the money pile.

      Compare it with Pandemic's Battlefront II. After over a decade, people still play the game. People still make mods for that game. That's when you can tell if you have a good game. If it exceeds its expected shelf life and the fan base continually makes mods for it.

      Ultimately, who knows what will happen? I need more information about the 2017 game before I can make an informed decision.

    3. Mikayahu


      It makes sense...I guess the theory that the first game was a "test" to see what the community wanted also makes sense if thats the case.  Although, you dont need to charge $60 for the game and another $50 for DLC's to add to an uncomplete game to see if the community likes that.  Its kinda obvious they wont. 

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @Mikayahu There are endless theories about that 2015 game. It could have been a rush job movie tie-in, yet the game had nothing to due with TFA until Jakku DLC showed up. Or it could have been just a cynical cash-grab for the first game and then they pretend to make up for it with the sequel, when they knew full well what they should have been doing from the start. Or maybe they just plain forgot how to make fun games and had their priorities all wrong. We'll probably never know the truth until years later when these companies are defunct and ex-employees are finally free to spill the beans on what was actually going on behind the scenes.

      In any case there was definitely an amount of greed going around. How much that can be divided up between Disney, EA and DICE I have no idea. The various prices for the various editions of that 2015 game were absurd. But the price has certainly dropped with time. Could be part of it was they were just cashing in on the hype train.

  6. Welcome! Glad to have helped.
  7. SPOILERS For SWTOR Sith Warrior Class Story are below

    Several minutes ago, I just finished creating what I call the "Plan Zero" poster, it's basically like the last one I made but for Chapter 2 of the Sith Warrior's story. I did finish Chapter 2 today so to celebrate, I made the poster. I wanted to add some color to it this time so I used a different effect instead. Plan Zero was certainly a fun chapter to play though, I did prefer the first chapter mainly because of build up and substance. Plan Zero does have its moments as well like when the Warrior confronts the War Trust, Lieutenant Pierce's black ops unit raids Durant's headquarters, Broonmark fighting Fetzellen, The Warrior confronting Jedi Master Wyelett and Jedi Knight Xerender in the ruins of "The Star Of Courscant", The Warrior and Lord Draagh teaming up to take down Darth Baras's master and so on. I look forward to chapter 3 because the Treaty Of Courscant has officially been broken thanks to Darth Vengean's failed attacks on the fringe systems so it will be interesting to see the new war between the Galactic Republic and the Resurgent Sith Empire, I'm personally looking forward to getting HK 51 as a companion, but that's after I complete the class story and after I make a level 16 Republic character so it'll be a while before then. 

    Plan Zero.pngSWTOR Also released their road map for the rest of the year today and I'm very excited for the upcoming content. Definitely need to catch up before update 5.4 as that's when "Crisis On Umbara" comes which continues "The War For Iokath" story line. 

    SWTOR 2017 Road Map: 

    SWTOR EA Play Galactic Defender Event:

  8. I absolutely recommend anyone who plays SWTOR to install a security key. Even if you don't have a phone, use a app emulator in place. I recommend the Nox App Emulator as it runs really well on any laptop or PC and it runs on my laptop very well. So that should say something, Swtorista has made a excellent video on how to get a security key so I will post it down below along side the link to the Nox App Player, enjoy! 

    Nox App Emulator:


  9. Also, I was on the Expanded Universe reddit forum(which I'll post the link to below) and was reading a page were user FN- 2814 asked about a official complete timeline for Legends and user Zapik linked a timeline that was unofficial but had everything and actually managed to fuse both clone wars timelines, something I wanted to do. So I've decided that for my EU collecting journey, I will use that timeline to help collection the rest of the Expanded Universe books.

    Here's the timeline I'm talking about: 

    Expanded Universe Reddit Forum: 

    Article about the timelines: 

    On a side note, Matt Wilkins and some others made a website dedicated to the EU that I enjoy reading, here's the link if you want to view it.

  10. I remember I made a status update a while ago where I asked you guys if there were any Imperial oriented stories that I could read. Recently, I realized that I was overlooking something that was right in my face. Star Wars games like Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Battlefront Elite Squadron, Battlefront Renegade Squadron, TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter vs X Wing, Empire At War, Empire At War Forces of Corruption, First Assault(Cancelled Star Wars Game), Imperial Commando(Cancelled Star Wars Game), Rebellion, Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galaxies all have playable Imperial perspectives. Then I did some research and found out some more info about Timothy Zahn's Star Wars books and it's characters like Mara Jade, The Hand Of Judgement, The Empire Of The Hand and I was in love with his ideas. I still haven't read any of Zahns Star Wars books and I was planning on doing so regardless but now I'm looking forward to reading those books(though it will be a long while since I'm collecting the EU in chronological order). I know the new canon also has Imperial oriented stories like Lost Stars, Rebels, Battlefront 2, Inferno Squad, Scar Squad and etc. but in my opinion the aforementioned stories are more interesting to me. I saw the new star wars movie screenshots and they look cool, I like the way Ben, Phasma and Hux look the most.

  11. I've been busy playing SWTOR lately and I've been doing a semi walk through of the Sith Warrior's story on my Twitter by taking various screenshots and talking about them. So, I used Picsart(Recommend to me by @Mysterious Gamer Dude) and made this! It's a general summary of Chapter 1 for the Sith Warrior, I'm currently on Chapter 2 "Plan Zero" 

    I call it "The Padawan's Fall" 

    The Padawans Fall.png

  12. I was thinking of the next Star Wars game to buy and for the longest time Knights Of The Old Republic has been on my mind of Star Wars games I wan't to get. So, after looking into it a bit more I found out that you can get both KOTOR games on the original XBOX. I could just get it on Steam and PC but I want to get the game on the original Xbox to experience KOTOR on my television. I looked into the video below and I'll certainly buy the KOTOR games on the Xbox, a lot of other star wars games are on their as well so that's awesome. The video below isn't particularly related to Star Wars it's just related to this topic at hand but it helped me out a lot and the original XBOX isn't that bad to my surprise. Also, I discovered the B3 Ultra Battle Droid today while reading a post on Facebook, very interesting droid to say the least. Lastly, today is George Lucas's birth day, happy birthday Lucas I sincerely hope you have a great day! :D  


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    2. tofu_waffle


      The original and best Xbox One.

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      You guys make me feel so old. I remember playing games like Super Star Wars and TIE Fighter.

    4. Reelando


      I almost never got a chance t play these old games back then. but I was always a spectator to my friends who played them when ever I came over to their place every weekend.

  13. So for anyone who plays Force Arena, if you log in now and before May 17th, you can get the 40th anniversary Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as the login reward. They're very good heroes to play and might just be my new mains, especially the new Vader. I still use the app emulator and it actually works better than it did the last time and that's awesome because now I can play the game more constantly. :)   

    Screenshot (381).png 

    Screenshot (376).png

  14. I requested Ladder to make this video so I'm very grateful he actually did make this video and I do agree with his reasoning. As I commented in the video, I do think Legends should be continued and completed so that every Legends fan can be satisfied that Legends got the proper conclusion it deserves. Do you guys think Legends should be continued? Also, this will probably be the last status update for today, just wanted to share this video here enjoy :)  


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    2. Mikayahu


      I dunno, heres the thing....There are lots and lots of books, and some of those books contradict eachother.  So you kinda just have to follow a path of books and go with it I guess.  In EU, it was Kyle Katarn I believe who captured the first death star plans. 

      Personally, I can see what he means to a point, but EU is amazing.  I love EU, and Timothy Zahn's books in particular.  Some authors might be better than others, and I mean, its EU, you can regard or disregard certain books if you dont like them. 


    3. DarthBueno


      @TheDarkShadow8500 EU has some great story lines that are interesting and cool, but a lot of it isn't reallyl that great, most of what I see from "the new canon" is interesting and its not ripping off of anything. my points are especially valid when considering to myself that the old republic era looks like star wars World of Warcraft :P

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      @DarthBueno For the SWTOR era, the developers did that intentionally from a game play standpoint since WOW was popular at the time and SWTOR wanted to bank on that all though they did it a little to late. The new canon takes a lot of things from legends like Thrawn(Star Wars Rebels), Malachor(Star Wars Rebels), Mandolorian-Jedi Conflict(Star Wars Rebels), A Solo kid turning to the Dark Side(Star Wars The Force Awakens), Living Rock Mountains(Main Star Wars Comic) and etc. I'm not criticizing the new canon because of that, I just wanted to point out various parallels the canon has to Legends. I like a lot of things from the canon like Force Awakens, Rebels, The Imperial oriented stories like Lost Stars, Thrawn, Scar Squadron, Inferno Squad, Battlefront 2, Rebels partially, Force Arena app and etc. I do know about how Legends has several contradictory instances like how in the Boba Fett series of books taking place during the clone wars Boba Fett says he's never been to courscant yet in the very first book of the series he is at Courscant. The Clone Wars is probably the most contradictory part of Legends but that's mainly because of TCW's inclusion. Other than that, it's just small contradictions throughout the course of the EU like Force Unleashed, the original Marvel era of Star Wars comics and etc. The canon also has inconsistencies that Star Wars explained points out in one of his recent Q&A and this just points out that not all canons will have one hundred percent continuity and that we shouldn't judge a story based on how it connects and how consistent it is but rather we should judge a story based on whether the story was actually good or bad. Again, I do see where your'e coming from @DarthBueno, I just think no one should judge a franchise based on continuity but instead, we should be focusing on good storytelling because if all we focus on is continuity,then that will kill the franchise before over saturation does. It's why I support both canon and legends,because I know that Legends has contradictions and so does the canon, but it's the stories that count, the EU has some of the best Star Wars stories told(in my opinion of course) and I love the EU because of those stories. It's fine if you disagree with me, I just wanted to tell you why I disagreed with you opinion. So once again, I hope Legends returns so that it gets properly fleshed out and finished once and for all not because I despise Legends, but rather so that it gets the closure it needed and deserves. Just try to imagine how a Legends fan who's been following the franchise for over 30 years might feel when their story gets discontinued in exchange for new films and they don't get the light of day, could you see why they would be mad? If Legends were to contiune and finish, it would calm down all the fans and at the point, it'd be back to focusing on storytelling rather than again, continuity. Sorry for the lengthy reply, I just like to show al of my thoughts to make my opinions very clear and understandable. 

  15. Day 30 Would I like Disney to revive TCW? Yes I would like for the show to be revived. While at times the Separatists where just bad villains and the show does contradict a lot of previously established material. It's what truly got me into Star Wars in the first place, I saw the films and enjoyed them but The Clone Wars, every time I hear that intro theme, see the promos for the next episode it just gets me excited every time, I remember being there since Ambush premiered on Cartoon Network when they would have hidden facts appear through out the episode. So seeing the show grow as I grew really means something to me and while now the Expanded Universe is what got me into Star Wars just as much if not more than TCW did, TCW has a special place in my heart. Also, TCW is in a similar situation with Legends, they were both discontinued because of Disney and both have fans that want the stories of their respective series to be told so it would be unfair if I discounted TCW just because it contradicts the EU when TCW and the EU are in similar situations. Clone Wars was cancelled because Lucasfilm felt it was satisfying where the show was and wanted to make Star Wars Rebels in its place the show has since been continued in Clone Wars Legacy, funny how a Legends story gets canned for a canon story.Star Wars Legends was discontinued because Disney announced the sequel trilogy and Lucas film decided that to give more creative freedom to the writers of the sequel trilogy, they deemed all of the EU non canon and did a reboot thus giving birth to TFA and the new canon. Speaking of Clone Wars Legacy, why doesn't Lucasfilm just tell the final stories of the show on Legacy, whether it be by releasing a novel, comic book or unfinished story reel, I would take that over nothing any day, they just have 2-3 seasons left of the show to tell and a series of Clone Wars Legacy labeled material being released throughout the year would be awesome to see occur. Overall, this challenge was a fun challenge to participate in and it was nice to talk about TCW on a consistent basis. Thank you @Sith Lord Cookie for providing the community with this challenge. Also, if it's a challenge what were the rules? Like was I supposed to post daily and if I didn't I'd lose because if that's the case then man did I lose. Lastly, any one remember these commercials? Source for Clone Wars cancellation: Source for Legends Discontinuation: