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  1. Prepping for the new trailer with some BF2 and a Tie striker model kit I just finished!

    Tie Striker Canva.png

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    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Sweet I've done some Star Wars models to. All I have done so far is a T47 and an Awing. What brand was the model?

    3. CommanderWolffe


      @Sith Lord Cookie Bandai. I've done the A-wing as well as an X-Wing. The Y-wing is next on my list, but the T-47 seems like a good kit too. 

    4. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Mine where Bandai as well. They are pretty detailed models and inexpensive to. I need to buy some more model wash and models too.

  2. So I've been having this issue with battlefront 2 where the game crashes whenever I try to load a level. I've tried both the disk version and the steam version and neither has worked. Anyone know of a fix for this?

    1. tofu_waffle


      Try plugging in headphones when you play the game, or if you were using headphones, try taking them out. Sometimes it's because of some outdated sound system or something

    2. multiumbreon


      I agree with @tofu_waffle  I had the same  problem.  I believe there is also some audio driver updater out there, you should be able to find a discussion about this very issue in the steam forums, but I'm  pretty sure it's a little hard to find...

  3. @ComposerRyan This is my A-Wing model kit that I mentioned during the stream the other day! Thought you would like to see the (Almost) finished product!


    1. ComposerRyan


      Awesome, very nice! :)  I will be sure to try to show it off during our live stream this Saturday!

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      That's a awesome A wing! 

    3. Skyguy501


      Noice A-Wing!

  4. What day are you guys going to see Rogue One? My local theater is playing it on Thursday night, but I know that some people get to see it on the 14th.

    1. Skyguy501


      My local theater is playing Rogue One the same night as yours, then, at 7:00pm. Anyway, a buddy of mine and I are going to see it opening night! Which, as some of you guys know already, is a big deal for me because it'll be the very first Star Wars movie I get to watch opening night (a plus +1 because this is also the first of anthology movies)! :D Sadly wasn't able to with TFA, but still enjoyed that!

    2. kenobi999


      Have to wait till the 23 :(

    3. Skyguy501


      Sorry, man. That is unfortunate... :( 

  5. Does anyone know if the soundtrack from the Scarif DLC is from the movie? 

  6. Only a 3 hour update... Can't wait.

  7. I don't know about you guys... but the Scarif Shoretrooper has to be my new favorite trooper design from Rogue One. Do you think the skin will replace the Stormtrooper, like the snowtrooper on Hoth? Or will it be an unlockable?




      They look awesome for sure! But in my opinion, the Death troopers is what I'm looking forward to the most. I think Shoretroopers will replace the standard Stormtrooper skin while on Scariff.

    2. ComposerRyan


      I think it will be an unlockable but we'll see...and yeah, definitely my favorite new stormtrooper design from the movie so far. B)

  8. So I completely lucked out at my local Walmart today... In my area the stores take months to restock star wars stuff, particularly the Black Series figures that I collect. They still have tons of TFA stuff from wave 1 of the black series from last year. But I checked today because they finally restocked for the holiday, and all of the black series figures were on rollback for only $16. I pushed aside Rey after Rey and Finn after Finn until out of the corner of my eye, I saw Director Krennic's crisp white cloak. I pulled him out and behind Krennic lay the blue and tan shoulder plate of a Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader! Internet scalpers will have to wait until episode 8 to get me!


    The red-armed C3-P0 was there too but I only collect Imperial stuff... but still cool!


  9. @KnightRobby  @ComposerRyan I'm actually in your lobby right now! I'm TheWolffe104! I tried to get your attention a few times, but the battlefront is chaotic!

    1. ComposerRyan


      @CommanderWolffe yes the battlefront was crazy and we had a blast with you guys today in the livestream! :)  Thanks for joining us and for joining the website too and don't forget we are doing a prize giveaway live on our Saturday stream!

  10. @KnightRobby @ComposerRyan I'm loving the stream guys! I'm spending the afternoon playing battlefront as well!

  11. Guys, I need a little help. I'm on the fence about two different Hot Toys pieces, and can't decide which to get. The choice is between the Jedha Patrol Stormtrooper or the Regular White stormtrooper coming out in Q1 of next year. 

    What do you guys think?





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    2. Anikantronic


      I would take the jedha stormtrooper!!:storm

    3. CommanderWolffe


      @Anikantronic I have to admit, looking at these pictures, the jedha  trooper is looking more and more sexy by the minute. He may be the one I have to pick up...

    4. Anikantronic


      Haha jup! It also has the DLT-19 instead of the normal E-11...:D and wears a pouldron... is it spelt correct??

  12. I'm a little bored, does anyone have any good memes?


    1. CptrREx
    2. Skyguy501


      Sorry if it's long, but you ask and you shall receive! Lol! Here are some of my favorites!




  13. Anyone remember those 8" vinyl stormtrooper helmets that came out last Force Friday? I finally got around to painting three of them, but I still have two more, any suggestions?


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    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I think you should do the design of commander doom from season 6 of the clone wars.

    3. Sith Lord Cookie
    4. CommanderWolffe


      I'm working on a larger hlemet project at the moment, but I'm liking these ideas!

  14. Did anyone else notice the third inquisitor in this new trailer? I think it looks a lot like Starkiller's helmet, do you think they'll introduce him into the series as an inquisitor? Maybe Barris?



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    2. MJshakster


      Starkiller better be in Rogue One. Otherwise... I'll be very annoyed haha

      I might even have a tantrum like Kylo Ren ;)

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      I hear that if you look closer to the inquisitor has 4 fingers,I hope it's starkiller tho,it make perfect sense! If it is starkiller,then they're bringing my theory to life,kind of


    4. DarthBueno


      ya I would kind of have a hard attack if I ever see starkiller on REBELs:o:rolleyes:

  15. This is my Theme song from now on.