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  1. Hey guys!! I haven't posted anything in a while, but I just completed a 3D model of the U-Wing and wanted to share it with you guys! I plan on making a version of it with the wings outwards in the near future too.


    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 1.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 2.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 3.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 4.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 5.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 6.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 9.JPG

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    2. multiumbreon


      That looks great!  Wish I could do that... the best 3D modeling I've done is 3D printed a dog tag with my initials on it...

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      That U-wing looks so slick! 

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @Sith Lord Cookie Thank you!! Was a lot of fun!! And ya maybe I can make Poe's X Wing

      @multiumbreon Thank you! And hey, you gotta start someone, that is still great that your printed out a dog tag

      @TheDarkShadow8500 Thank you very much!!