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  1. Hey guys!! I haven't posted anything in a while, but I just completed a 3D model of the U-Wing and wanted to share it with you guys! I plan on making a version of it with the wings outwards in the near future too.


    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 1.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 2.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 3.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 4.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 5.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 6.JPG

    Star Wars_U Wing_Render 9.JPG

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    2. multiumbreon


      That looks great!  Wish I could do that... the best 3D modeling I've done is 3D printed a dog tag with my initials on it...

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      That U-wing looks so slick! 

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @Sith Lord Cookie Thank you!! Was a lot of fun!! And ya maybe I can make Poe's X Wing

      @multiumbreon Thank you! And hey, you gotta start someone, that is still great that your printed out a dog tag

      @TheDarkShadow8500 Thank you very much!! 

  2. Anyone have an idea why all of a sudden the expansion packs for Battlefront say "content not installed" when I have the season pass and have definitely played them?! Is there an update that it did not automatically update?? Do I need to re-enter my code for the season pass???

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    2. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      I was thinking the same thing, just wasn't sure if you have made contact with them in the past..and i'm not on pc but I will do some searching to see the best way to get their attention.

      I will keep you posted on the situation in you (or others) run into the same issue!

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      That's weird the same happen to me a couple of months ago. I just waited one day after I found the problem and it was fixed. How many days has it said that u don't have the season pass? If does continue I would do what Multi said just contact DICE I sure they can help u.

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @Sith Lord Cookie Well it happened about a week ago at first..I thought it was a fluke since I was at a place that didn't have as good of internet connection and maybe all of the content was having issues appearing. Then I tried again this weekend back at my place (where I know the internet is good) and it still wasn't there.

      Last night I tried to contact DICE, but it actually sent me to EA where I filled out questions and then said "Begin a live chat session with an EA Game Advisor" and instead of it taking 5 minutes to start a chat, i was sitting there for 30 minutes I am going to have to try another way to get to DICE (haven't found just a straight email yet and I don't have a twitter either to tweet them).

      Or else I hope it just fixes itself like it did for you!!

  3. So for the new Skirmish mode on Battlefront, I played a level on hard and won to be able to get the ability to use my own star cards as my hand yet I was not able to still. Is there something else I must do to get that ability, or is it not possible to do that??

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    2. Remnant
    3. LordPuck


      @Mandalorian's Creed I think Dice was intending to allow us to use our MP hand in Skirmis, but some players protested that we shouldnt rank up offline.

      Have you noticed the difference in release v the leaked screenshots by uninspiredzebra? Zebras version had stars like Battles and Survival. Our version doesnt have earnable stars. Hopefully Dice unlocks all Star Cards for Skirmish(including DLC and Hutt Contracts) just like all the guns are already unlocked. Traits and skins are on that wish list too....

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @LordPuck Well i wish they would allow that, cuz it isnt necesaarily leveling up but more just allowing us to use/test out the star cards that we have from online playing to know how to use it. That is interesting that people actually protested it.

      I do not remember the leaked screenshots, but I will have to take a look. Hopefully in an update for the Skirmish mode they will allow the option to do that!!!

  4. If you guys like Star Wars and 3D Printing, come check out a Star Wars 3D Modeling/Printing group I have started on Thingiverse where everyone can share different creations they have made and of course their love of Star Wars.

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    2. Darthmichael18


      the insides of the mouth, the back, and the bottom were pretty rough because of supports but I smoothed out most of it. Enough of it, I think. Looks really good.

    3. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      what printer did you get it printed on?

    4. Darthmichael18


      makerbot. Don't remember which version. It was a large size.

  5. This just in...just had one of my best games of Battlefront (that I think I will ever have)!! I didn't know this was possible for me haha!! (p.s. I am dSASQUATCH707)

    54 kills.png

    1. multiumbreon


      Holy crap! That's A LOT better than I've ever done,,, :o

    2. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @multiumbreon you and me both!!! I never have done anything close to that before and might not ever again haha

    3. RaccoonPlays
  6. Just having some fun playing some Drop Pod!!!


  7. Here is the final product for your Aggressor Class Destroyer. I hope you like it!! It was definitely fun to make.

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 1.JPG

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 2.JPG

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 3.JPG

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 4.JPG

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 5.JPG

    Star Wars Aggressor Class_render 6.JPG

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    2. multiumbreon


      Of course it's not an issue! I love seeing the community active! :D

    3. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      oh good! because it is pretty awesome :D:D 

    4. Jedimaster1423


      I remember that @Mikayahu lol

      I remember that @Mikayahu lol

  8. This is very very early stages for the Aggressor Class Destroyer, but I just wanted to show you the ship you requested and see what you thought so far! I think the final outcome will look amazing!!

    Aggressor Class Destroyer_1.JPG

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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      That looks awesome!! I can definitely see the attention to detail on the model,just phenomenal! 

    3. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      Thank you very much @TheDarkShadow8500!!! I really enjoy doing it and nice to know you can see the detail I try to include in it (along with some of my own touches).

    4. TheDarkShadow8500
  9. Another addition to my collection of Star Wars ships I have made, this time it is the J-Type Diplomatic Barge that is the Naboo Royal Cruiser.

    Naboo Royal Cruiser Render 1.jpg

    Naboo Royal Cruiser Render 2.jpg

    Naboo Royal Cruiser Render 3.jpg

    Naboo Royal Cruiser Render 4.jpg

    Naboo Royal Cruiser Render 5.jpg

    1. Mikayahu


      That is so sick.  Make me a Jade's Sabre!  PLEASE!

      What program do you use?

    2. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @Mikayahu Thank you, i'm glad you like it.

      Oh a Jade Sabre would be sweet!! I will see what I can do!

      And I use Solidworks, took a class about 3.5 years ago for an engineering class and been using it ever since

  10. Finally finished the AA-9 Coruscant Freighter!! What do you guys think?

    Coruscant Freighter 1.jpg

    Coruscant Freighter 2.jpg

    Coruscant Freighter 3.jpg

    Coruscant Freighter 4.jpg

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    2. Darthmichael18
    3. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      @Darthmichael18 AWESOME! May the best model designer win!

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @Mysterious Gamer Dude these projects are just for me to gain more experience working with Solidworks and to have fun making things that I enjoy as well.

      that is a pretty cool ship, doesn't look too bad. I will have to finish up the one I got now and then take you up on it and see how it looks! :)

  11. I enjoy 3D model different Star Wars ships, and thought that the AA-9 Coruscant Freighter was a cool and different one to create. I still have some ways to go, but this is what I have so far (and adding my own touches too of course).

    What do you think?


    AA-9 Coruscant Freighter.JPG

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    2. Leerox


      SkyWind is a COMPLETE REMAKE of The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind (One of the best games of all time, defined the modern day RPG). When I saw modeling I immediately thought of it because they have a LOT of modders working all at once and have a HUGE texturing/modeling team but still need help with things. If you could help out while enjoying creating models it would help push the project along faster...and no way would your work go in vain because it's been worked on for a few years and still going strong, with thousands working at any given moment. Here's a link to their website, look around, ask in chat, we need more people to get on this:

    3. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      that sounds awesome!! i will definitely take a look!

    4. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @LeeroxAs I look into it, the only problem is that I use Solidworks, not "3DS Max, or Blender or Maya and Photoshop, or Gimp". I mean Solidworks can save in formats readable by Blender, so if the file type is the issue then I should be able to do that. Otherwise idk if I will be able to work in those other programs.

  12. Got a couple more good clips with my Cycler Rifle from last night!!

    Long Shot.mp4

    Nice Shot_2.mp4

  13. A few more cool and funny moments from me playing Battlefront!!

    Drop Pod Take Over.mp4

    Nice Shot!.mp4

    SpeederBike Kill.mp4

    What Just Happened!.mp4

    1. Captain_Krone


      Nice melee! on Drop Zone

      Dude you are good with that cycler rifle.:o

    2. Mandalorian's Creed
  14. She looks pretty badass. Would love to see Rey like this in the movies to come!!

    Jedi Knight Rey.JPG

    1. DarthBueno


      interesting concept?

    2. tofu_waffle


      I think I would love to see her in light brown though. Jedi wear light brown and only wear black when going through rehab

    3. Mandalorian's Creed

      Mandalorian's Creed

      @tofu_waffleya that is true, kind of like Anakin hahaha

  15. Matt, you're not you when you when you're hungry!

    Matt Snickers.jpg

    1. multiumbreon
    2. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      LOL, I love stuff like that 

    3. DarthBueno


      XD that's like my favorite Saturday night Live skit ever?