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  1. Hey guys, the time frame for the upcoming new Star Wars game by Visceral Games has been revealed! :D  check out the news below and hope you're all doing good!


    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I cant wait for this game!!!!!

  2. Contest details and rules coming soon!
  3. Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! :)  

    Here's our new video for today: FIRST LOOK! Darth Vader’s NEW Story After Revenge of the Sith Revealed!

    Btw, who wants a standalone Darth Vader film?  I do! :D 

    1. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      That would be awesome!

  4. Check out our new video "Star Wars Battlefront 2 - New Heroes and Characters from Multiple Eras! (Rogue One, Episode 8)" :) 

    Of course, hopefully the manage to squeeze Clone Wars era contest in there too!

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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      @ZakoBattledroid Yep! Considering that TCW is canon as well, EA/Dice have the Death Watch, The Shadow Collective, The Umbarans, and the Nightsisters as extra factions(I seriously think the idea of planetary factions like the tusken raiders on the tatooine jundland wastes should return for future battlefront titles). For heroes the Republic could have Anakin, Obi Wan, Ashoka, Padme, Mace Windu, Quinlan Vos, Lux Bonteri, Captain Rex, Commander Wolfe, and Master Yoda. The separatists could have Count Dooku, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Admiral Trench, Cad Bane, Embo, Aurra Sing, Kalani, Whorm Loathsom, and Darth Sidious. The locations and planets are also very diverse with maps like Mon Calamarai(which could have King Lee- Char and Riff Tamson as exclusive heroes for a Mon Calamari map), Christophis, Dathomir, Mandaolore, Feulcia, Ryloth, Courscant, Tatooine, Teth, The Malevolence, Rishi, Skytop station, Rodia, Quell, Mardium, Orto Plutonia, Cato Neimodia, Geonosis, Saleucami, Vanqor, Balith, Kamino, The Citadel, Naboo, Umbara, Kiros, Zygerria, Onderon, Utapau, and Anaxes. There's so much more I could talk about but I feel like I would be here all day! And that's just from the canon version of the clone wars,it's really daunting the amount of potential they have literally at their finger tips and they're not using it, it makes me furious! Also,if their is not TCW or prequel content in the next battlefront, the story mode could expand upon the era of the Sequel trilogy and and alot of new content which is why I'm not really bothered about the game having sequel era content,I'd just be REALLY disappointed if the prequel era isn't in battlefront 2. 

      EDIT: I watched the video above,it would make a nice ring tone to listen to.

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    3. ZakoBattledroid


      @TheDarkShadow8500 I would say just forget whether certain units, planets, characters, weapons, etc are canon or not. If something is Legends but put in the game, then it's suddenly canon again. An example would be the shadow stromtroopers. There's a lot more than just what TCW can offer. I would say I would hope they don't worry about canon at all and just put as much fun stuff in the game that they possibly can.

      You're absolutely correct. We'd be at this forever if we consider all the options for the game. But it is fun to theorize on what the game could potentially be.

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      @ZakoBattledroid I do agree with that, it shouldn't matter whether something is canon or not in a game where you can pick and pair your favorite heroes in locations they've probably never been to, example being that you can play as Darth Vader during the battle of Jakku(granted he might've been there some point in canon if they make Vader go to Jakku but as of now, it's not the case). But, I do believe that they will worry about the consistency of things to stay consistent with Lucasfilms current canon, I think I'm the only one to believe that the story of the canon novel Battlefront Twilight Company was supposed to be the story mode in Battlefront but it was cut due to the TFA hype at the time(since it was stated that there was supposed to be more content but due to TFA hype,the developers cut out the game and released it the way it came, with barley any content. Source: 

  5. Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi - OFFICIAL Announcement for Star Wars Celebration 2017!  Find out what to expect here:


  6. Guys, in case you missed it, we've launched our biggest contest giveaway yet as well as a brand new channel!  We're giving away a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 when it comes out later this year as well as an Xbox One Scorpio or Playsation 4 Pro! :D We did this contest to give back to you guys and you can see the full announcement here:



  7. The Dark Side: Win a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and an Xbox One Scorpio or a Playsation 4 Pro console! Contest Rules: No purchase necessary to enter this contest. Contest ends on December 31, 2017 11:59PM MST. Contest end date may change without notice. HOW TO ENTER: Contestands must subscribe to The Dark Side YouTube channel at and also fill out the form at ELIGIBILITY. To be eligible for this contest, you must have consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to enter into this contest or be 18 years of age or older. This contest is open worldwide. However, any winner located outside the USA will be sent an eGift card of $400 since we can only ship the prize to contestants within the USA. WINNER NOTIFICATION. Winner will be selected randomly. One random winner of the contest will be notified via the contact details they provide (usually the email they provide when filling out the form as seen in link above). Winner will be notified within 120 days of entering the contest. Inability to contact a winner may result in disqualification. PRIZE. Winner will receive a prize valued at $400-$500. The prize is a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the choice of either an Xbox One Scorpio console or Playstation 4 Pro console. In some cases, the prize may become unavailable. Therefore, at any time, we reserve the right to exchange the prize for a $400 eGift card or send the prize money via Paypal. Microsoft, Sony, YouTube, Star Wars, Disney and/or Hasbro are not responsible for the contents of this contest. We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions without notice.
  8. Thanks everybody for your feedback and we will definitely be taking everything you guys said into consideration! Plus, we have a lot more stuff planned with animation for Star Wars HQ that we look forward to showing you soon.
  9. Hey everybody, here is that surprise I was talking about! :) Since you guys are our most loyal community members and fans, we are giving you the chance to check out the very first episode of our new cartoon called "Pizza and Cookie" before everyone else.  And before we release it publicly on our YouTube channel, we're looking for your feedback!  Please be very honest in your feedback and let us know what you like or dislike about our new cartoon.

    We hope you enjoy the first episode which is titled "How Han Solo Really Died!"  Check it out:


    And you can also use this forum thread here to leave feedback as well. :) 

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    2. Remnant


      Hmmm, absolute truth... i like it and the idea

    3. Abekrie


      You're asking for honest words so I'll be giving honest words. Just remember that I'm an INTJ and thus means I usually go through things as such:

      1. Their way of showing that something you say (an idea, a suggestion) has potential or merit is by trying to pull it apart (which shocks those poor souls who instead expected awe or admiration). The ultimate INTJ insult to an idea or suggestion is to ignore it altogether, because that means it's not even interesting enough to deconstruct.

      Which, good news, means I obviously care enough to give you my genuine advice despite how, somewhat, comedically frustrated I get over the lack of proper mod support for the website.

      Let's begin

      The animation is perhaps too slow paced for it's own good with the dialogue and sequences. Watch it all and then go over the episode again at 1.5 speed. Personally, it shows a vast improvement when played at a faster pace. The cheesy comedy would probably fit better in smaller or faster segments like how HISHE goes over theirs with small clips for example. Cheesy, but quick and well done. Same with EliteMasterLordofAll. Speaking of which:

      Also, try experimenting with having Cookie being a bit more energetic with Pizza the Hutt being the more thoughtful one. I can see you guys going for that to try and make the characters unique, but a little work with that in mind can potentially help it even more.

      A narcissistic, cat Jedi with questionable morality, and his emotionally numbed and unenthused dog partner. Some potential behind these two poking fun at the movies, or just making little spoofs themselves in the Star Wars universe.

      Also, it could all be improved upon should they be moderators for SWHQ since we don't have any yet... haha... ha... 


      For some pretty honest words on that case, I'd say this: If you two can and will animate an episode with two mascots for this website, then make sure to do the much simpler task in making sure said website has the basic fundamentals for self-preservation which would include moderation outside of administration's capabilities. The admins shouldn't need to bother themselves with things that are a mod's job. That way they can focus on, and have much more time for, items of much more important interest.

      Overall, well done getting that animation put together. It's always harder than it looks, and I've seen how it's done. Let's just try and put some of that attention towards the moderator matter since it doesn't need to be spent any more on it when accomplished. Do that and you'll have all the more time to work on fun stuff like this since it does have potential.

    4. ComposerRyan


      Hey guys, thanks again for the feedback, we definitely appreciate your honest opinions and will take everything into consideration! :)  We also have some more ideas planned for you guys with our new animations so stay tuned for more announcements on our YouTube channel!

  10. Hey everybody! Since you guys are our most loyal community members and fans, we are giving you the chance to check out the very first episode of our new cartoon called "Pizza and Cookie." Before we release it publicly on our YouTube channel, we are looking for your feedback! Please be very honest in your feedback and let us know what you like or dislike about our new cartoon. Here it is and we hope you enjoy the first episode which is titled "How Han Solo Really Died!"
  11. Hey everybody, soooooo who wants to see a sneak peak at our latest project here at the HQ? :)  Since you guys are some of our biggest fans here at our website community, you will have the opportunity to get a sneak peak at it in the next upcoming days.  If you guys like it and it is well received, we will release it on our YouTube channel.  If it is not well received, well back to the drawing board! (quite literally...hint, hint ;)  )  We are looking for your honest feedback on the project before releasing it publicly on our YouTube channel, so don't be afraid to let us know what you think about it.  Just be gentle please. :P    Stay tuned as we should be posting it in the next coming days!

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    2. ComposerRyan


      Thanks guys, I just hope you all like it :) And yes, I think the Force guided us in this direction and we should have a preview for you guys ready by tomorrow!  Let the countdown begin....

    3. RaccoonPlays


      I'm guessing it might be an animation of some sort 

    4. KnightRobby


      We can't wait to show you it! :D  

  12. Hey guys, wazzzz up? Hope everyone is doing good! :) So, who wants to see Cookie the cat return to the Star Wars HQ?  Leave a comment below and let us know your honest opinions!


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    2. RaccoonPlays



    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Ahhhhhh I'm all in favor for this.

      BRING BACK COOKIE!!!!!!!!

    4. multiumbreon


      @Sith Lord Cookie FINALLY!!! I was waiting for you to reply to this! XD

  13. IT'S OFFICIAL! Star Wars Episode 8 title revealed! Called "The Last Jedi." NEW DETAILS:



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    2. Skyguy501


      I'm wondering if they'll reconsider that (probably not, just wishful thinking)... :( 

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      I doubt they would even touch Lucas,to them I bet Lucas is the Black Plague tho to me it feels like the other way around,I don't wan't to get all political here but I really REALLY don't like the new star wars,and it's just because of who's leading it and why the original EU got removed in the first place. 

    4. Ninjamonkeys


      I think they are avoiding Lucas because he made movies that are bad to continue his old movies that were popular. I do like what the prequals add to the saga but they are not good on afilm stand point as well as Crystal Skull.

  14. Hey guys, I know it's been a while but hope everyone is doing good in the New Year so far!

    By the way we just released a new video about the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 trailer here:


    So when do you think the first trailer will drop?  Leave your predictions below!

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      At Star Wars celebration. April 16th to be exact. I wish I had the money to go there this year it's only an hour drive from where I live.

  15. If anyone has ever wondered why Darth Vader could not sense Princess Leia as his own daughter, we've put together a Star Wars Revealed and Explained video right here talking about the subject:

    What do you guys think about our theory? :) 

    1. Peirce


      Very possible tbh

    2. Fossel13


      I like it. It makes complete sense to me.