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  1. Hey all! Does anyone know what the 96mb update for battlefront 2 on steam was today? Hope to hear from you guys about it! MTFBWY

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    2. Abekrie


      No need to apologize.

      I do not own EA's Battlefront game, and I don't see me doing so at all.

    3. RogueRebel


      oh its amazing

    4. Abekrie


      I was an alpha tester for the game. I still have the NDA documentation in my safe.

      It certainly is amazing how much it screwed up the franchise it was named over.


      They made a pretty game with lovely audio, but it was shallow with a substance value that was lacking and held away behind an ambitiously priced season pass full of DLC.

      That picture right there can be used as a little highlight I suppose. Galactic Conquest was apparently more than what DICE was even capable of doing... alongside just having another era... or much of anything else really.

  2. Does anybody know what the 12.6mb update for battlefront 2 on steam was for today? Curious to hear everyone's thoughts! MTFBWYA

    1. DarthBueno


      Man good to see you are you staying put though?:huh: @Brando Calrissian

    2. Brando Calrissian

      Brando Calrissian

      I believe I am going to be back for the long haul man! My YouTube content should be making a return very shortly, I have some big things planned for the future of the Rogue Squadron Network


  3. if any of you are interested in Topps star wars cards then you should check out these two videos i have made about them, i have done two pack opening videos so far and I plan on doing more

    If you like my videos i would appreciate it if you could subscribe 



  4. does anybody collect the physical Topps trading cards, i have started buying them so im going to do pack opening videos if you want to be able to see them on my youtube channel

    1. Brando Calrissian

      Brando Calrissian

      the first pack opening video is already up!!!

    2. lintastic


      Cocoon. I want to start buying them. Where did u buy them from?

    3. Brando Calrissian

      Brando Calrissian

      I bought them from my local hobby shop which had them at $2 AUD each, the guy who owns the store is also giving out free packs with every purchase so luck me. I know Amazon tend to have them at a decent price! 

  5. Here is my Episode 7 Figure Collection so far , I really love the look of some of the card backs on these figures. It sucks how their is only 5 points of articulation on these 3.75 inch figures. hopefully hasbro release some super articulated episode 7 figures soon!!!
  6. i dont know if any of you wonderful star wars fans have any problems with launching Knights Of The Old Republic on steam but i have made a video tutorial on how to fix the problem so if you have the problem or know someone that does check this out

  7. who is excited for the recently announced Battlefront Beta here is my video covering the announcement 

  8. So colin Trevorrow is going to be directing Episode 9 who else is excited to see what he has to bring to the table?
    Do you think his Star Wars film will be a bigger hit than Jurassic world? 
  9. The Star Wars Rogue one cast in an on Set Photo together check it out here 

  10. What does everyone think of the New Star Wars TFA Poster? Check it out here

    I personally think it looks really cool and I am glad that Lucasfilm brought back the original movie poster Artist for the original trilogy

    1. AlanMorton501


      It's not the official poster. It was just a D23 exclusive poster.

    2. Brando Calrissian

      Brando Calrissian

      Yeah I know but it is still quite a cool poster that allows us too see Finn with Anakins Lightsaber 


    3. AlanMorton501
  11. Im liking the looks of Luke's Robes in Episode 7

    Its a great time to be a Star Wars fan 

    1. Gab Tano

      Gab Tano

      It looks amazing, classic Ben Kenobi style.

    2. Mysterious Gamer Dude
    3. DarthBueno


      J J is going to do great things 


  12. Check out the Star Wars TFA Costume .Showcase from the Disney EXPO here :)

    Events like these make my excitement levels go through the roof!!! 

  13. Check out some of these great looking leaked Star Wars TFA Lego Sets

  14. George Lucas was inducted to be a Disney legend check out his speech here