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  1. who here really hopes that in a future update we will get a space battle mode where we can land our ships in an enemy cruiser?!

    1. Ninjamonkeys


      How would you prevent spawn camping?

  2. I really hope for heroes we get at least 3 per side per era for the clone wars era and the force awakens era in Battlefront 2.

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    1. ZakoBattledroid


      Are you talking about factions?

      Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Republic and Shadow Collective sounds good to me for the Clone Wars era.

  3. I feel that if Battlefront 2 there needs to be cross-era hero play because if you were in the force awakens era I would'ent want to just play as Kilo Ren I would want to play as multiple different ones, even if it means breaking the continuity barrier.BF2 Cover Art.jpg

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @Starkiller101 I don't think so. Cross era play just needs to be a little on/off option right underneath each game type. That way the people that only want to play anything based on canon can do that, and people that want to have wild battle fantasies can go do the opposite.

      I've been waiting for this for too long. Galactic Battlegrounds did it the best and it hasn't been something that's come up in a lot of Star Wars games despite the potential. I love accuracy, but in terms of the soldiers looking correctly and having the proper weapons and including obscure factional infantry and vehicles. But then I also want to take my accurately depicted droid army and go smash the First Order with it. And the Resistance. And the Rebels. And the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. You get the idea.

      I think a simple cross era on/off toggle in the menus would satisfy everyone. That way people can play the way they want.

    3. Starkiller101


      @ZakoBattledroid Then it would split the community in half, which is what they are preventing in BF2..

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @Starkiller101 I don't think it would split the entire community in half. As if people are only ever going to choose one option or the other.

      In my opinion, if they don't include cross era play the game is basically worthless. The game modes aren't as fun as the classic games and this would be the one thing DICE would easily be able to improve upon. If they don't then I don't see the point of buying the game.

  4. 40 years of star wars...:D:D:D:empire:rebels



    star wars logo with characters.jpg


  5. 40 years of star wars...:D:D:D:empire:rebels


    star wars logo with characters.jpg




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  6. this is so true.


    1. corshy1


      So in a nutshell, they cancelled The Clone Wars, as of this video, because:

      1) It felt too home to Cartoon Network.
      2) They hate the prequels.
      3) The tone was too dark for Disney XD (Since TCW visibly, or semi-visibly, screens a lot of variety of deaths).

      Yeah, 3) is probably one of the main reasons I miss TCW despite the shitty droid clowns, the Separatist military being entirely villains, and the white knight clones. The tone in Rebels seems way too high. They do try to sound dark by putting some dark concepts but without the clear visible forms of heavy tone The Clone Wars presented, it just doesn't meet it's predecessor's standards. See the blaster bolt hole in 7:02, it's a more detailed presentation of harm then what we see in Rebels. 6:50 explains other more visible forms of death that appeared in TCW. (Another few main reasons why Rebels is dull compared to TCW is that there's very little cinematography in space combat, as well as the reduction of animation quality and detail).

      Some could argue that the droid army's performance threw the impact of TCW's dark tone out a cliff for them, but it depends on the person. I'm quite the distinguisher, so I can separate the clowns from what the rest of the series presented when it comes to how it impacts me. And it can impact me quite a bit when the droid army isn't in their retardation phase, or when they stop wanking on about how the Clones are the new UNSC Spartans.

  7. That Darth Vader hallway scene though.

    Darth Vader.jpg

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    2. Sk8rkid28


      @Daniel Tell me about it! Had to play a game on the Rogue One DLC when I got home that night! We gotta play soon man! 

    3. Daniel


      @Sk8rkid28 I did to lol. As soon as we got back it was rouge one dlc time. And usually I'm on later at night. Like 10 or 11 30.

    4. Sk8rkid28


      @Daniel Alright I'll probably see you online next weekend then :)  

  8. May the force be with us.


    1. multiumbreon
    2. Skyguy501


      IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!! Sorry! No spoilers here... if you would like some spoilers, try to find me and the rock in which I shall dwell in until the movie has been out for a good long while! :D 

  9. Hi Guys, I've been gone for awhile now so I might as well try to spread the word again.


  10. Check this leaked gameplay I found guys (Spoiler alert) also this is not me I found this.


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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      That looks........ so cool,seeing space from the first person view just looks so beautiful,especially with the lighting. 

    3. Starkiller101


      it's been taken down nooooooooo...........

      I guess it's for the best.

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      yeah,tho not much was shown

  11. Hey guys, I'm a little late on this on this one


    1. Starwars737


      Not to be a jerk, but does anyone else despise the pulse cannon? I never use it because I feel it takes no skill to use... I'm not saying you're a noob @Starkiller101, but I get one-shot killed all the time without any warning. And there is almost no chance you will miss. Even with the green light, you barely have time to react. And you don't even have to aim at the head for a kill! I just like using the cycler rifle when I snipe because it makes me feel like I'm actually developing a skill. What do you guys think? Am I just weird, or is the pulse cannon kinda of stupid?

    2. Starkiller101


      it's fine, and I know it's op, that's why I'm using it because if I don't THEY WILL!!!


  12. Hey Guys, I haven't uploaded a video in a month or so, so I decided to upload another one hope you enjoy.


  13. Hey guys check out my new vid

    Not Star Wars


  14. What is your favorite star wars prequel movie?

    I, II, or III

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    2. Abekrie


      I quite liked the first one. Watching it over again helped me see that it wasn't really as bad as it can be made out to be. It'll still have some notable flaws, but it was an enjoyable viewing nonetheless.

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Oh, that's hard......episode 2 has clones and episode 3 has great action......probably episode 3

    4. Sk8rkid28


      Revenge of the Sith is my favourite one out of all 7.

  15. Who else is excited for battlefront 2 to have less content than the first game.......


    Star Wars Battlefront 2.jpg

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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I think they're just going to focus on the New Movies since they could create whole worlds and opportunity's since the current canon is just 2-3 years old and @Sith Lord Cookie do you NOT wan't the Clone Wars era in a future battlefront title because your'e think Disney/EA will mess it up somehow? If that's the case,I understand completly. 

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      MMWWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The world will burn if someone says they don't want clone wars made in a video game!!!!!!!

    4. multiumbreon


      Well that just happened...