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    everything star wars!!!!!!! killing stormtroopers, christ, church and gospel music. video games (mainly puzzle and adventure games) movies (mainly sci-fi, fantasy,action adventure) Reading,technology, Undertale, and talking to everyone here at starwars HQ!

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  1. Happy 'Merica day everyone


  2. So, I just got back from a week of camp (why I was more inactive lately) and literally every time I was sitting down with a friend and someone came and joined us I would say to them "Take a seat, young Skywalker."





    I have no life...

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    2. DarthBueno


      Ya Bambie was shot to make some venisin:P

    3. multiumbreon


      Hmm... There was venison there...

    4. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      @multiumbreon you are a legend my manB)

  3. I'm realy impressed with the gameplay changes so far.  I especially enjoy the battle points system since it makes hero's much more balanced as you won't see them every five seconds.  Seems like they're getting closer to the originals with this one, bringing back the class system and even having special classes that you have to earn points to play as like the Droidekas and Dark troopers and all the heros in BFII.  I would still prefer health packs and medic/ammo droids instead of this regen outside of combat and slightly modified overheat system, but I'll get over it.  I do like that the overheat is more manuel, a bit more like reloading, so you choose when you need to cool it so you don't need to go into the heat of battle with a blaster about to overheat.  Still haven't seen any gameplay showing off the new lightsaber combat system yet, which I realy want to since I didn't realy like the clunky lightsaber to lightsaber combat in the first game.   I just REALLY hope that my pc can run it since the first game is already rather laggy even with all the settings to minimum and using the low specs gamer video Dark Shadow posted a while back.  Can't wait for the open beta.

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    2. Mikayahu


      I dunno.  Whether or not it seems like a good game, there will be limitations, cuz EA/DICE.  I think I heard about there being just 3 classes?  Idk, im not really following it.  People are hyping it up alot in here, a thing that happened a lot with the last game too.  You can see what happened there.  Or maybe you cant, if you actually like it (how tho?)...So Idk, just because EA/DICE added Clone Wars doesnt mean that their sins are forgiven, or that it will be a good game, that I can assure you.

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      @Mikayahu There are apparently four classes for the 2017 version. Assault, Heavy, Specialist, and Officer.

      On one hand I'm pleased to see a return to the class system, but on the other I'm not too thrilled with there being only four classes.

    4. multiumbreon


      I never said that it would be a good game OR that they were forgiven, I simply said that it looks promising and that I like the changes that they've made to it.  I am containing my hype to a realistic standard.  And yes, of course there will be limitations, that's how technology works.

    1. Mikayahu


      I think I watched that not that long ago, lol

  4. My mom was scrolling through her facebook feed and there was a  post with a  picture of the original ANH  poster that said "How old were you when star wars was first released?"


    For those of you wondering, I was about -22...

    1. Peirce


      I was -25

    2. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      I was born the same week that Attack of the Clones came out

    3. Skyguy501


      Since this is the year and the month of the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, that would put me about -20! :D 

  5. I'm officially dubbing may 4th "Star Wars meme day"...

    1. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      I second that notion!

  6. May the 4th be with you all, HQ.  Always.


    Couldn't think of anything else to  put here... so... here... yay...memes...


    1. DarthBueno


      The last one was sooooo funny! Nice man!^_^

    2. Diamond Creeper
  7. Close enough to a meme ;)

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    Don't question me
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    2. DarthBueno


      Bruh thats the best meme ever!:huh:

    3. Mikayahu




      I edited my reply and it edited what you posted until I refreshed.......


    4. multiumbreon


      I think I've seen that before too...


      Must be a glitch in the Matrix...

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      Glitch in the matrix
  8. Hey @multiumbreon check out my new memedownload (3).jpg

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    2. RogueRebel
    3. Bearboss21


      I am I follower multiumbreon of you 

    4. DarthBueno


      I'm seriously like that all the time just gonna have to die or wait....

  9. I just have to ask, have yall heard about the Star Wars reference in Genji from Overwatch new voice lines after he was added to heroes of the storm?

    "In hindsight,  I should have listened when Hanzo said he had the high ground..."




    1. DarthBueno


      Haha the best

  10. I believe I will be going to see it early in the morning saturday. Definitely not friday, since that's EOC week at school...
  11. Can I just  point out that @The Force's new account @Heaven already is higher than me on weekly contributors...

    Just like the good old days, ay mate?  Back before I was constantly on top... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Mikayahu


      Im catchin up to Mysterious on the all time board.  Then we could actually say that the top 4 people are active at least, lol.

    2. Heaven


      Hahahah yup, but hey it's no competition :D 

  12. Looks like battlefront II got us a lot of new users just like the first one. ;)


    Welcome to the HQ, @Sierra, @Drasskor, @Granitt, @TOCAD, and @DeathTrooper2614.  I'm sure you younglings will find a lot of new friends here.  And of course, may the force be with you, always.


    (HA! Beat you to it this time @Skyguy501!:P)