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  1. My brother just finished this a couple of days ago.


    1. RogueRebel
    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Wow...that looks amazing!!!! 

  2. Thought I would share these with you guys. I tried so hard to find the First Order cover, but I could never find it.


  3. Elleo everybody. How have all of you been? I know I have been absent for couple of months. I have been real busy with work lately that's why I have been away. I'm going to be try to be more active on here. Also got the new SWBF2 book in the mail today, I'll give it a read through and tell you guys if it's worth buying or not. Give it the Lore Master stamp of approval. hehe lol


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    2. RogueRebel
    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      @RogueRebel Wow no sorry, I was just being sarcastic. That would literary take me forver, especially having a job.

    4. RogueRebel
  4. Had a couple days so I built a star wars model. It's the Bandi 1/48 Incom T-47 Airspeeder. It's still not all the way done I still have to put some model wash and charcoal streaks for blaster scoreing. But close enough for now.




  5. I'm thinking about getting a gaming laptop, which one do you guys think I should get.

    Acer Aspier E5 573G

    ASUS X756

    Dell Inspiron i7

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    2. Mikayahu


      Why a gaming laptop?  Why not a desktop?

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I keep getting asked that question. I'm about to go to school so I want the portability of a laptop but I still want to play games.

    4. Mikayahu


      Ah.  At least you arent asking to get a Mac or some crap.  Dont have too much experience with laptops I guess, so its outta my area of expertise. 

  6. @RogueRebel please stop spamming up the feed.

    1. Darthmichael18


      Especially only Marvel and DC things. Don't get me wrong I love all franchises but this is STAR WARS HQ. @RogueRebel are you 10 years old or something? 

    2. RogueRebel


      if I mentioned, before in a comment that I was in 8th grade, I'm definitely not 10 

  7. Just got done revamping my Xbox One profile.


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    2. RogueRebel


      ill see you around 3 or 3:30 est

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I won't be on at least around 7 or 8 ish

    4. RogueRebel


      geez, thats kinda late for me, i usually am not playing around that time, let me know around this weekend if you can, or if you have time in the afternoon. Sorry:(

  8. Got my copy of thrawn today. I'll start reading it tomorrow and give my thoughts and impressions when I'm done with the novel.


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    2. Mikayahu


      He is by far "one of not least favorite star wars characters"...

      What the crap does that mean?


      Idk if I will read it or not...But Thrawn, Talon Karrde, and Mara Jade have got to be some of the best Expanded Universe characters to date.  Of course, Disney had to swing the canon hammer down, not that it means crap to me...Since I made my own sorta canon...

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I have to agree with @Mikayahu.

    4. DarthBueno


      K then ill edit it

      Ill put ten in another post

  9. @RogueRebel I know your excited but plz stop spamming up the feed.

    1. RogueRebel


      sorry, just posting links for everyone.

      soon i'll give updates and breakdowns

    2. Mikayahu
    3. RogueRebel


      gotta admit though, that was an amazing opening ceremony

  10. I hope this Ciena Ree but most likely not.



    1. Fossel13


      I was hoping the same. I guess we can just cross our fingers and pray XD

  11. Day 11, Cad Bane
  12. Day 10, Plo Koon
  13. Day 9, AZ 3 @DarthBueno Impressive most impressive. Seriously dude that's awesome.
  14. Day 7, Aniakin Skywalker Day 8, Cad Bane