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  1. Some zoom in images of the wallpaper of Battlefront 2. Can see some familiar weapons and gears. Found it on Artstation.






    1. Heaven


      Awesome :D 

    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Can't freaking wait!

  2. So does anyone have a spare PS4 code please. I really cant wait to play. >.<

  3. I heard that in the Battle of Jakku there's a cool animation feature. Like when the rebels are winning the empire's ship will be crashing on to the battlefield or if the empire are winning the rebel ship will be crashing. That will be really awesome dont you think?. Lol how about if there was an epic comeback and both ship crash on to the Battlefield LOL OMG. NOW THAT WILL BE EPIC!!


    1. AnGeLz_Cryz
    2. Sparky


      Its a feature for all maps, not just jakku.

    3. SWB3 MASTER


      Ya that would be cool. It would be funny if lets say the Empire is losing and their ship is falling but they get a come back and their ship just plops back in place XD

      I also think when people get this game, they will look around for the first few days rather than fighting. Well I will look around before actually playing.

  4. Guys any opinion. Should i pre order digital or physical for Battlefront? I want the box art but at the same time i dont want to do all the disc stuff. o.0


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    2. Gab Tano

      Gab Tano

      physical for sure, the collector feel beats everything.


    3. Pimpin' Pappy

      Pimpin' Pappy

      pros and cons of getting it digitally 


      Dont have to put the disc in

      Game cant be scratched or lost

      You can even download the game on your friends consoles (but your account must be signed in to play)



      Takes up a lot of storage

      Cant trade or sell (but like me, i am sure you arent going to sell this game)


    4. CapricanSkywalker


      If you get it digitally on Xbox one and have EA access you can play it 5 days early.   Just saying. :D

  5. Ryan and Robby Should I pre- order Battlefront now or should i wait for the collector's edition until later? Need some advice. Thanks :) 

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    2. AnGeLz_Cryz


      umm still thinking about it Peirce


    3. joseph


      I preorderd and I think its worth it 


    4. DarthBueno


      Good Job you'll love it !!


  6. Nothing to do with Star wars but Ryan and Robby have an Open World Games channel so im juz saying :) the new Assassin's Creed Syndicate looks promising. The Victorian London makes me feel like im in that world. I'm still thinking if i should pre-order it but first i'm going to get into the collectors edition sweeptake first. You guys should try it too its fun and if you win you get some sweet loot. LOL ;) 

    1. Peirce


      It looked good but im hesitant because of unity

    2. DarthBueno


      Agreed! Pirates have not been a point of interest for me la<_<tely

    3. AnGeLz_Cryz


      well this new trailer is a gameplay footage and not CGI so yeah it looks pretty good


  7. Hopefully we see some Battlefront actual gameplay during the E3 2015 which is almost a month away. Can't freaking wait for June and November :)


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    2. DarthBueno


      by the way why would a scout troop want to eat a furry mangy animal like an ewok :P

    3. DarthBueno


      What the....... Wrong comment section LOL that was meant for a different place


    4. KnightRobby


      I think we will!  It's going to be awesome :D  

  8. Its always good to have a pet :D


    1. ComposerRyan


      lol  I remember I had a cat that caught a bird and brought it into the house and screams followed. :D 

  9. Happy Star Wars Day to you too. Btw which console are you guys gonna play on?