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    best video 

    1. tofu_waffle


      Somehow that dialogue is less cringy and stupid than the original

  2. Add me on PS4 "AlienRainforest" and let's talk Star Wars lol 

    1. DarthBueno


      And battlefront?;)

    2. Skyguy501


      I'll keep this in mind once I get one at some point.

    3. AlienRainforest
  3. HEY EVERYONE. I haven't been on here since nam how is everyone? But so like ive lost interest in Star Wars a little bit ever since Carrie died and I don't want to but I feel like she took a huge part of it with her. I was so sad.

    I want to get back into Star Wars though and seeing that leaked trailer looks freaking amazing I hope it's real because I want clone wars lol. Hopefully they have clans and stuff so we can use our legions and stuff we made. I remember in 2015 when the last one came out that was incredible. But then I was disappointed. I hope they have clone wars campaign. 

    1. Skyguy501


      Welcome back!! Apparently, it's the real deal, that trailer because EA's Star Wars Twitter account was taking them down like crazy, so I'm told! Hope we see a full blown trailer this week!

  4. I just watched return of the Jedi and I kinda force myself to not remember what happens every time I watch a star wars movie and it makes better lol. But I love the end battle and the whole end scene and seeing anakin. That being the last movie technically then with the force awakens next I wasn't happy with it. But the return of the Jedi was good I love Star wars lol 

  5. If anyone would like to buy a signed copy of star wars battlefront comment or dm me. It's for sale! 

  6. Chewbacca is 200 years old during a new hope! So that means he is in his 230's in the force awakens. 180 in ROTS

    1. Sk8rkid28


      Not even middle age yet

    2. multiumbreon


      Well then... Wookies must be real pained... I'm not sure how often people think about how much it would suck to be 'immortal' or have an insanely long life span in those situations... but it would be awful... just think about having to watch all your friends who aren't wookies die off because they don't have the life span of a freaking vampire...  (well that was a random rant... *Shrug*)


    3. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      @multiumbreon I totally agree. I guess you could say Chewbacca is cursed with life. 

  7. I Just bought a autographed picture signed by Dave prowse. I'm excited and I had to buy this since he's in not to good of shape and I wanted an autograph before he passes because you never know 


    1. Skyguy501


      That's so cool! 

  8. Hey everyone happy new year and I know it's late I been busy lol. But my New Years was fun I went to a party with my friend and we drank and had a lot of fun. I got a New Years kiss too lmao. But how was everyone else's? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DarthBueno
    3. Fossel13


      Haha I'm  still young I went to a church lock in with my youth group.  I almost got injured lol. Our pastor tackled a few kids (we play a very intense game called underground church lol)

    4. AlienRainforest


      What the heck is underground church lmao that sounds crazy. 

  9. Here's something I made in honor of carrie. 


    1. Skyguy501


      Lovely, man. <3 :( </3 :'(

    2. AlienRainforest

    so I guess chewbacca is 200 years old? That explains his aging he looks pretty good lol. Skip to 20 minutes in 

  11. I am very sad. I can't believe she died. All day since this morning I've been so sad and listening to her theme from Star Wars. It's just so sad. I miss her and I never even met her and she didn't even know I existed. Also how will they do her in episode 9? 

    1. DarthBueno


      You mean episode 8?

    2. Mikayahu


      @DarthBuenoNo, episode 9.  Episode 8 filming was completed a long time ago <_<

    3. DarthBueno


      Ya i know but they will probably sadly kill he off somehow in episode 8;)

      Sadly though:o

  12. I get some crazy goose bumps every time I watch the ending of rogue one. I saw a video of a guy putting the ending and the beginning of a new hope together it's crazy how good it works. I just love rogue one 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RaccoonPlays


      @kenobi999 Yeah it sounds really cool

    3. Sk8rkid28


      Yeah that sounds awesome, please post. 

    4. AlienRainforest


      IT got taken down but I can try again 

  13. So was it just me or was rogue one really dragged out and kinda slow in the middle? The last half hour was great of the movie and the first bit but the middle was kinda slow 

    1. corshy1


      I didn't find it slow at all. The plot certainly moved forward and we had a few battles here and there, as well as giving each character a decent amount of screen time and exploration.

      It's the climax that was the most thrilling part though, but some other areas came close.

      Considering the anime I watched that loves to drag out stuff to painful parameters, this is absolutely nothing.

    2. AlienRainforest


      Hmmmm I'm being to critical I guess 

  14. Okay rogue one was wow, wow! I don't want to say anything at all because there is some great surprises in this movie. If you want to know dm me but like wow dude wow wow wow lol. Best Star Wars movie so many things from the old trilogy and stuff just wow. Especially Darth Vader at the end was incredible lol 

    1. Darthmichael18


      omg I know/ We could discuss in dm or a new forum. OMG I WANNA TALK SO MUCH. ESPECIALLY ABOUT VADER HOLY POODO!

    2. Daniel


      Agreed. Vader neer the end was by far my favorite part in the movie.

    3. AlienRainforest


      It was so crazy seeing you know who and have him turn around and talk it was crazy lol. Especially at the end with young what's her face. But yea make a dm lol 

  15. There is going to be a crawl for rogue one! On the live stream today at 2:00:00 he says he wrote the crawl for the movie 

    1. DarthBueno


      It was all just a prank not to have one:)

    2. Skyguy501



    3. DarthBueno


      Just trying to be BOLD:)