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    _(Ultimate salvation)_ "Nothing here lasts... even star wars" I've read all the republic/imperial commando books. (quiz me I need the brain work) Video Game designs, concept and environmental art, digital 3D models ect...
    and now this "Unofficial :P " Tie fighter anime short:

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  1. Battlefront 2 is coming out, I'm done with high school... My bro also graduated but from collage, A day and a half ago my grandma unexpectedly passed away:'(  (I know she already died, I mean the other one :c3po) Our priest is being rotated to another parish throughout our dioceses, This summer I'll be applying to the USMC and won't be on much at all.  It's been a year of change from my perspective.  and this has been my desktop background during this whole year.  It holds a lot of memories, some good, and some well, unexpected.  This over all just seems like an appropriate time to change my background again.



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    2. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      @Mask Lord my thoughts and prayers go with you!! And may the Force be with you, always...



    3. RogueRebel
    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      Good luck to you @Mask Lord! You have my condolences. 




    So most of you who've known me for awhile also know that though I've been following EA battlefront since there was an EA battlefront I've never had the chance to actually play it.  But this is why today, not only being May 4th, is so important!  I just learned about the free to play 4 hour trial on Origin!!! 

    It's been a long... REALLY long wait for me and I'm so glad to finally experience the game for myself!


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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @Abekrie Yeah, I remember the behind the scenes for that episode talking about that. They just love the bring in characters just to kill them off rather than actually do something with them. Like have them grow or change over time or contribute to anything. I always thought Panaka becoming a Moff was a much more interesting idea.

    3. RogueRebel


      @Mikayahu I think im gonna play some more battlefront today, did some rounds of cargo yesterday

    4. Mask Lord
  3. I know we all want this...

     but who thinks that there will be an animation when entering a vehicle such like AT-STs, X-wings, etc.  Similar to getting on a speeder in EA battlefront 1?


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    2. RogueRebel



      sounds good doesnt it

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      misspell and multi
    3. tofu_waffle



      EA and DICE: Vehicles were one of the most beloved things about the original battlefront franchise. Now we will see the return of AT-STs, X-Wings and TIE Fighters, but...

      Fans: Yes! 

      EA and DICE: ...what if we made them into...

      Fans: ...yes???


      Fans: ... WHAT THE FU-

      EA and DICE: Oh but don't worry we are bringing back space battles

      Fans: Yes!!

      EA and DICE: -But you'll need to buy the season pass.



    4. Mikayahu
  4. @Mask Lord thanks for following

  5. Welcome to the HQ @Anna Inoka :D

    It's great to have you on-board:rebelpilotDestination, a galaxy far far away... :vader

  6. Check out this amazing bit about Tie Fighters and whether the physics add up and are otherwise plausible in real life...


    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      That's a very cool article, I never noticed the coincidence between a TIE Fighter looking like a actual bow tie. Makes me wan't to have a TIE Fighter(more preferably a TIE Interceptor) right now. :tiefighter:empire:tiefighter

  7. Welcome to the HQ @YYIKES45 :)

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Welcome to the best star wars community on planet earth.

  8. Obviously this isn't "heavy metal" but it is metal and these are raw vocals sung in my "false voice" without a filter :vader

    I've been telling some of you about how I'm working on an album and that I'd let ya'll know when I had something but because it doesn't specifically pertain to STAR WARS I won't post the video.  I'll just post this epic pic of Vader and

    :rebels leave a link :rebels


     :empire :empire

  9. Just imagine if they made Imperial Commando and released with it Republic Commando (remastered)
    kinda like call of duty MW (remastered)



    1. Ninjamonkeys


      Honestly I think thr graphics in RC still hold up.

    2. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      @Ninjamonkeys They do well enough :) but a remastered version on PS4 would sell extremely well next to a squeal because it would not only give new players an intro to the new game but it would get all the old fans to buy it too  

    3. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      And if they remastered the game they could add legs! :rebels

  10. So the rumored (Imperial Commando/Republic Commando Order 66 or what have you) really had me and I was very excited but as of now, I don't see a squeal to the great game (Republic Commando) coming to us in the near future... So just this evening I was like why don't I get a fan train going and see what we can do about making one or getting some company to see how much we want a squeal? So here I am blogging about it... Now, if we get to the point of making our own, I have a some what particular vision in mind and I'm afraid I'm not extremely open to wide opinion. I have an idea and I want to see it happen a certain way. Such as game play/story/style etc. I'll give a layout below so we are all on the same page. The story Title Imperial Commando Plot Following the lose of their brother (SEV 07) due to Yoda's order to evacuate the planet Kashyyyk, 3 remaining commandos (Boss 38) (Fixer 40) and (Scorch 62) seek revenge upon the Jedi as Imperial commandos when briefed that the Jedi order has made an attempt at the chancellor's life. Theme stealth, blitz, ambush, chase, boss battles, night, etc. Objective eliminate the remaining Jedi and other high priority targets of the rebel alliance [Other things to know] No matter the level, I'm going for a 3 man squad vs boss 1 Jedi play style. The levels can vary from (blending in with the locals) to (Sky diving into a fire fight as back up) all leading up to chasing and fighting a Jedi. Boss battles are not a new Concept to the (Republic commando game style) it happens a lot in the first game and will be much more balanced in this one. I am flexible and will gladly discuss some thing up for change (like weapon details and level concepts) but I didn't want people introducing something entirely new like (open world) (trading with the locals) (armor customization) etc. Maybe for a multiplayer but I'm not there yet... So, with allllllllllllll that said, I would love to organize consent art themes and points of view! Please post any art (I won't be a critic) and help me get the hype up for this fan made squeal! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!! Please post art
  11. Looking GREAT :rebelpilot

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    2. corshy1


      Properly an old screenshot.

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      That looks awesome, also makes me feel bubbly inside when I see a T-65.

    4. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      @RaccoonPlays Galaxy In Turmoil is Not canceled! :D

  12. I'm not sure who else is keeping up with Frontwire, but I just learned that they singed a contract with Sony :rebels

    Boy, I really need to upgrade to a "next gen" console before it's "last gen";)


  13. Now I know that I should be thinking of Christmas...

    LoL when most of you find this it'll probably be Christmas :rebels :lol: :empire 

    But anyway, I was enjoying school break and "wasting time" on youtube watching angry joe, starwars hq, etc. when I done seen this thing about star wars Death Troopers in Rouge one (AMAZING MOVIE) and realized it was the name of the sec ops troopers... bla bla bla borring story that has nothing to do with post...  












    You can skip the top :P


    To the point ---------------> So I ended up finding this video and thought it was pretty sick (awesome) and wanted to share :D:D:D It's not triply A but was totally worth my time (even if I just watched the first bit then skipped though bits and pieces)



  14. :rebels :rebels :rebels "ROUGE ONE CHECKING IN"  :rebels :rebels :rebels

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    2. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      @Skyguy501 "Rogue leader to rouge three.  Copy that.  Proceed to marker 8"

    3. Fossel13
    4. Skyguy501


      @Mask Lord "Rogue Three to Rogue Leader. Roger that! Proceeding to Marker 8."

  15. What are some of the best elements about...

                                                                playing a (4) player (split-screen) game?
    and... GO!



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    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Apparently @Daniel doesn't like screen cheaters!!!! The question is do any of you remember the four player games that didn't have split screen?!?!?!?!?

    3. Daniel


      @Anonymous Clone lets see.... As somone who still has a SNES and a n64 that still work...  Super mario world was not split screen... Super ninja boys....shadow the hedgehog was not split screen... Super smash (the one for our 64 my brother dropped a tv on the game while we wer playing it and ill never forget all the pieces of super smash that went everywhere. The tv and 64 are perfectly fine though lol) super smash melee... Ninja turtles tournament fighters.. Donkey kong country.. I could go on but ill stop there.

    4. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      My favorite element is probably real-time coordination
      @Daniel screen cheating is my skill of skills (just saying) :P

      But now another question... what games are best in split screen.  Open world? first person shooter? Racing? etc