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  1. I don't mean to be one of those people who post their stuff for views, but I just want to show you all a cool episode of my short series so far! And they have quite a bit of views so I'm not really looking for that. Hope you enjoy if you watch it!

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    2. darth revan

      darth revan

      This is really good, nice! how many pics did you take?

    3. CommanderCody52


      I really cant remember... I think anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000?

    4. The Force

      The Force

      54 771... Aah I don't know...

  2. Loved ep7!!!! It was everything i hoped it would be! There obviously are a few things that were disappointing, as are in every movie, but I wont say for those who haven't seen it yet. Here is my order of worst favourite star wars movie to best(Keep in mind I love all of them):

    ep1, ep2, ep7, ep4, ep6, ep3, ep5! 

    What are your lists?

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    2. CT5599
    3. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord




            } The clone wars:ahsoka

      4  :storm


      3  :cody

            }  Both Ewok movies :ewok




            } E.T.:yoda


            } Star Wars : Rebels:sabine


      note : [This doesn't mean I dislike any but that I like some more then others]

    4. DarthBueno


      hmmmm that hard how about all of them jk exept of course Jar Jar that really was a bad movie:P

  3. Check out this drawing I drew! Lol tbh about 95% of things I draw are star wars related.

    storm troop.jpg

  4. Iv'e noticed this


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    2. CommanderCody52


      yes, I read, thanks for telling me. Although... in battlefront 2 darth maul was a playable hero in the clone wars, even though he died before the clones showed up. But they put him in anyways. Maybe they did the same with Boba Fett. I doubt it though

    3. orion044


      Oh yeah, I did not remember that. Maybe you're right.

    4. DarthBueno


      I always laugh when hear the clone troopers freak out about it! LOL I wish they didnt put him in the game completly pointless! fun game though!