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    Im an Active kid altogether, Parkour, Martial arts, Snowboarding, Basketball, weight lifting, love to make jokes and mess around occasionally

    War Strategy and History have always been my favorite subjects in school. The water and ocean are my favorite places to chill

    Star Wars is still my favorite series of movies, and its still going strong... Its that crazy!?!?!?! I like other series like Marvel and DC. I love movies like love is a small term i could talk for so long about movies.
    TV series are great too

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    2. Mask Lord
    3. Daniel


      A vhs is pretty old school, but does anyone else still have a snes that still works? Me and some friends played madden 98 on it. And holy crap it is so hard to control lol. And this was like a month ago.

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @Daniel No SNES that works. My original Nintendo got stolen. Still have an N64 that works though. Controllers are getting really old and worn out.

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