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    I devour everything star wars like a black hole! I also love movies,video games, Jokes, stuff that is funny, pranks especially! sports are awesome I am currently on a Football team and a Jr Jazz team! I also am very curious and interested in mystery's, space, new animals (especially sea related :D) some of the TV shows I like are Star Wars Rebels ( which really isn't bad if you don't like it O.o) Agents of Shield, Regular Show, and other shows if you tell me about them I am also love animals man puppies are so cute, and I am really hating Ewoks really hate Ewoks!......... did I just forget Star Wars????!!!

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  1. Seriously doesnt eveeyone want a cross saber?


    1. Skyguy501


      :::raises hand with much enthusiasm:::

    2. multiumbreon


      Not to mention, hitting the opponent with your cross guard as a bit of a blunt object was a tactic used by knights (mainly against armor since blades couldn't cut through it) so imagine how much more deadly this would be...