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    I devour everything star wars like a black hole! I also love movies,video games, Jokes, stuff that is funny, pranks especially! sports are awesome I am currently on a Football team and a Jr Jazz team! I also am very curious and interested in mystery's, space, new animals (especially sea related :D) some of the TV shows I like are Star Wars Rebels ( which really isn't bad if you don't like it O.o) Agents of Shield, Regular Show, and other shows if you tell me about them I am also love animals man puppies are so cute, and I am really hating Ewoks really hate Ewoks!......... did I just forget Star Wars????!!!

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  1. Thought about twin suns;)?


    1. Skyguy501


      Thought it was great! Some great poetry/parallels/comparisons to what we've already seen in the final duel in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, if you look closely in that scene!

      Though people are already giving this episode crap because it's not what they expected it to be, that this show and this episode in particular has "ruined Darth Maul's character". I touch on this topic for a little bit after my reaction, which will be up tomorrow, but I really enjoyed this episode!! One of my favorites of the season!

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I enjoyed the episode. At first I thought the fight was disappointing(it wasn't character ruining or anything) but then as I was watching stupendous wave's video on the fight and watching the latest rebels recon, I believe the fight was awesome. My favorite moments in the episode is basically any Obi Wan moment and I really enjoyed his screen time. The quality of this episode was spot on and the voice acting was excellent. 

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