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  1. This website isnt dead, we will have a stronger HQ later. The sufferance of the Discord has left our community beaten but not dead. Our community will rise again, but we need to attract people to this site. Star Wars has been something ive always loved to talk about. The community when it was healthy was a great place to show that. Im going to be more active and finally take up my part of the deal to make HQ GREAT AGAIN. I was thinking of something like an instagram page or twitter that would help bring in curious people that might want to stay? Our community is anything but dead; im not stopping this until community is healthy:);)



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    2. multiumbreon


      Not necessarily the server itself, just discord is less convenient than the HQ since I tend to be on for very limited amounts of time at very awkward times of day.  First of all since Discord is a live chat instead of a feed of posts, it encourages more casual convo like "Hey, buddy, how's it going?"  or  "How's the wife and kids?"  And there isn't necessarily anything wrong with catching up with friends but I don't want to have to scroll through hours of "sup dude" that doesn't involve or concern me when I'm trying to catch up.  Also I feel it isn't very likley that many people would be on the talk at the same time as me.  Also even if I was on at a normal human being's schedule since I would be in a live conversation so I would feel more like I have to stay there even if I was just planning on checking in and then booting up a game but then someone's like "Yo, dude, lets chat" and I'm like "Welp guess I'm staying here now."  and then theres those awkward times when your not sure if the conversation is over or not and you don't know what to say...  And I would feel more compelled to check notifications immediately instead of when it's convenient...  Ya I'm just an anti social mess...  This is basicly the only form of social media I use and am comfortable with so everything else just always feels kinda... awkward...  I don't know..I'm probably obsessing over nothing as always... Man this was longer than necessary...

    3. Abekrie


      @multiumbreon I feel like you may be exaggerating the environment that you might as well see here.

      The Discord server we've had has been more than those generically happened quotes of socially-deprived individuals looking to call others "buddy" or "dude", and we've had some very interesting discussions from time to time that do not demand that a person be on 24/7.

      It's not a "life" chat there like you may be thinking it is most of the time.

      Even Star Wars HQ has that here on the website of being just saying "Hi" and nothing more.

      Give it some time and just observe if you wish to see how it operates during a normal week. You may find that many of the fears and worries you have about it are just self-made. This is coming from the very definition of "Anti-Social" of a person as me.

      @RogueRebel I joined Peirce's server just out of curiosity and amusement.

      I'm not seeing what makes it a better "Star Wars HQ" so far in the way that you call it.

      The server I made is purely for the Star Wars HQ community while his is for as a gaming one.

      That would be me saying that they're both different in purpose with ties into the website.

      Then again, both are neither more or less tied to the website than the other. Non-official to both.

    4. Mikayahu


      Im an introvert, and I dont have those issues.  I think you are blowing them out of proportion or something.  If thats the main issue, we could just make a Star Wars only section if that is all you are interested in and just what you want to talk about, thats fine.  And you dont have to catch up on everything, you can go invisible on Discord, and people respect your space, you dont HAVE to have live conversations, just because the option is there. 

      Just be very careful @Abekrie, if he says that its better, then that means his opinion is the truth.  (Referring to Rogue, not Multi)

  2. Hows everybody doing today?

  3. Meme attack!!!!!!!!!! 
















    1. Abekrie


      Loved that Samuel the Lamanite meme.

      Also, you posted that bathroom meme twice in the same post.

    2. DarthBueno


      Thanks for catching that @Abekrie

    3. RogueRebel
  4. Meme attack tomorrow.....


    1. Skyguy501


      YAY!! I've missed your meme attacks so much!! xD

  5. Hey guys i think the website is back online; lets get the community back together!!!!!:D


    1. Daniel


      Lets celebrate! Although.... Im afraid alot of people are going to stick to the discord.

    2. DarthBueno


      Let them have their fun a new community will rise

    3. Mikayahu


      What do you have against the Discord Bueno?  Also were you the one that didn't want me making a Discord way back when and "reported" me to Ryan?

  6. Anyone planning on using their Twitter skills and talk to Ryan about this problem. If we don't act fast the community will die:(

    1. Daniel


      I sent them a message but never said anything back.

      I sent them a message but never said anything back.

    2. Abekrie


      Community won't die so long as the Discord server remains.

      Contacted them both via Skype with no response at all.

      Community won't die so long as the Discord server remains.

      Contacted them both via Skype with no response at all.

    3. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      @DarthBueno LoL Neither of them have good personal twitter accounts :P

  7. This website is falling apart!:( where is @ComposerRyan

  8. I bet you'll really like today's meme XD

    Jar Jar Girlfriend Meme.jpg

  9. Daily meme


    1. DarthBueno


      Sorry about that this place is getting glitchy:wacko:

    2. RogueRebel


      Spamming the feed eh. XD

      Spamming the feed eh. XD

  10. Just checking how much a baddy count dooku is


    1. multiumbreon


      That... That's realy boss...