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  1. The campaign of Battlefront II (2017) looks epic!

    1. RogueRebel


      i know doesn't it

    2. Skyguy501



  2. This looked rather cool.
  3. Trailer has leaked! All eras! Let's see if we get more at Celebration Orlando.
  4. Battlefront II (2017). The hype rises! :)

  5. I really want Carrie to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year.


    1. corshy1


      She doesn't have a star? Wow.

  6. Rouge One: Scarif is pretty cool! And the update for Death Star is great too. :)

  7. I still enjoy EA Battlefront and play it regularly.
  8. The Bespin DLC and Battlefield 1 look awesome!

    1. Lukefan228


      #RIP cod

      #your going to take a dirt nap

      # what have we here

  9. The next Battlefield. This time set in the first World War.
  10. My first Star Wars Game was Star Wars: Demolition for PSone.
  11. Yes! Instant Action has to comeback! I wouid love to play Surpremacy or Walker Assault offline or/and splittscreen with friends!
  12. I've got the new Battlefront & It's fun as hell. ^_^

  13. My vote right now: Star Wars: Rebel Strike REBOOT
  14. The Beta was really fun!