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    Jesus Christ (And I'm not ashamed in the least bit.)

    I destroy every pentagram I come across, and burn every demon that I see.

    games, music (Preferably Heavy Metal.), guns (Yes, I like shooting guns.), Batman/The Arkham series, I love the Gotham TV series, Fallout, and fast cars. Almost forgot Star Wars!! The Expanded Star Wars Universe, Fan made Star Wars stories, and mysteries. VERY PATRIOTIC. At this time, Grave Declaration is my favorite band, It's something about that mix of Symphonic instruments and Heavy Metal awesomeness that other Metal bands can't seem to master.

    My list of games on the PS4 (I also play PC. Actually, now I primary play the PC. But these games I do not own on the PC.): Star Wars Battlefront (I'm tired of being ripped off, I'm tired of EA) , Battlefield Hardline (Fun but it could be better), Watch Dogs (Love the story, dislike the liars behind it), Batman Arkham Knight (I'm a hardcore Arkham and Batman fan just about as much or as much as I am about Star Wars!), Infamous Second Son (Also fun, I just wish Cole was still the main character. Did you know Infamous is from DC Comics? Say what!), Driveclub (Was fun at first then got boring fast), Minecraft (I usually only play this when I'm building a Star Destroyer), Dying Light (If you like Dead Island, you will like this), The Last Of Us (Very fun, got boring after the 11th time of beating the game), Killzone Shadowfall (One of my all time favorite shooters), Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (This game is so childish I almost died. Just kidding about the dying part), Dragon Age Inquisition (Has KOTOR gameplay just in case you didn't know), Fallout 4 (Yeeaaahhh!!!!!!), Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (It's ok but the gameplay is unrealistic and wierd, but it has alot of guns so that made me happy), Shadow of Mordor (Batman Arkham gameplay, therefore I like it, 'nuff said), Assasin's Creed Unity (I love this game, a little laggy though).

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

    How's everyone doing? Hope your all having a good time. I've mainly been spending most of my time outdoors sense I haven't had fast enough internet to do anything too much. But it's not too bad, I have this makeshift stove I created over a campfire to keep me occupied, and drank some hot green tea by the fire. ;)

    Did I ever tell you guys that I have a lot of Irish (And Welsh) from my mother's side? Oh wait, I'm supposed to mysterious...


    If it wasn't for my net connection I'd be catching up on Rebels, but all in good timing. Been almost a month sense I checked back on here. Can't wait to hear from you guys!


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    It's a mystery...
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    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Happy St Patty's day to you to. Its really great to see you back @Mysterious Gamer Dude. How have you been?

    3. Skyguy501


      I totally forgot to tell you Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! o.O Lol! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!!!! :D 

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      Happy late St. Patrick's day @Mysterious Gamer Dude I accidentally cut my middle finger and had no bandages, so I improvised by using a napkin and tying it with a spare rubber band it worked and my finger is perfectly fine now :D Not to long ago, I found out that I have runner's toe on both of my big toes, :(:(