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    I destroy every pentagram I come across, and burn every demon that I see.

    games, music (Preferably Heavy Metal.), guns (Yes, I like shooting guns.), Batman/The Arkham series, I love the Gotham TV series, Fallout, and fast cars. Almost forgot Star Wars!! The Expanded Star Wars Universe, Fan made Star Wars stories, and mysteries. VERY PATRIOTIC. At this time, Grave Declaration is my favorite band, It's something about that mix of Symphonic instruments and Heavy Metal awesomeness that other Metal bands can't seem to master.

    My list of games on the PS4 (I also play PC. Actually, now I primary play the PC. But these games I do not own on the PC.): Star Wars Battlefront (I'm tired of being ripped off, I'm tired of EA) , Battlefield Hardline (Fun but it could be better), Watch Dogs (Love the story, dislike the liars behind it), Batman Arkham Knight (I'm a hardcore Arkham and Batman fan just about as much or as much as I am about Star Wars!), Infamous Second Son (Also fun, I just wish Cole was still the main character. Did you know Infamous is from DC Comics? Say what!), Driveclub (Was fun at first then got boring fast), Minecraft (I usually only play this when I'm building a Star Destroyer), Dying Light (If you like Dead Island, you will like this), The Last Of Us (Very fun, got boring after the 11th time of beating the game), Killzone Shadowfall (One of my all time favorite shooters), Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (This game is so childish I almost died. Just kidding about the dying part), Dragon Age Inquisition (Has KOTOR gameplay just in case you didn't know), Fallout 4 (Yeeaaahhh!!!!!!), Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain (It's ok but the gameplay is unrealistic and wierd, but it has alot of guns so that made me happy), Shadow of Mordor (Batman Arkham gameplay, therefore I like it, 'nuff said), Assasin's Creed Unity (I love this game, a little laggy though).

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  1. What would you do?

    Your a runaway Rebel commander that managed to escape from an Imperial military prison with some fellow Rebel soldiers. After a long while of hiding in an abadoned mercenary bunker, you and your team manage to signal the Rebel Alliance, and they are only able to get you a small freighter due to Imperial resistance. You board the ship and you take off. You out rank everyone aboard. You come up on an Imperial controlled star system, and because word has reached most of the Imperial fleet about Rebel prisoners escaping in a single freighter, they will recognize you almost instantly, due to the damage to the ship as well as this particular model being very uncommon in this region of the galaxy, and they last reported you moving in this direction. Your 12 parsects away from the nearest inhabited planet. Your Hyperdrive is fried, and Imperial forces are moving on your position, what do you do?


    (A) Fight back!


    (B) Fly to the nearest planet and try to lay low.


    (C) Attack the nearest Imperial shipyard in hopes of retrieving a new Hyperdrive.


    (D) Self-destruct. "You'll never take me alive!"


    (E) Other [Specify]

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    It's a mystery...
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    2. Captain_Krone
    3. Darthmichael18


      @Captain_Krone THAT'S NOT HOW THE FORCE WORKS! 

      Anyways, you would try to use the force when Vader could sense you and probably force choke you from a far? 

    4. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I would try what polo koon, Anikan, and Asoka did withe melevolence... Power everything down and how we aren't picked up on enemy scanners....and if they did find us all powered down they'd probably use a tracror beam to retrieve our "dead" in the ship.... But we'd ambush them and try to control the enemy ship..... Just how'd I like it to go down...

  2. I almost forgot that this thread even existed until I started browsing the forums again. Thank goodness the Great Spam Onslaught Of 2015 is over.
  3. This must become a reality.




    Absolutely the most awesome Star Wars video that I've ever seen.

  5. "The all new Mocha-Pine from Starbucks"




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    It's a mystery...
  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

    How's everyone doing? Hope your all having a good time. I've mainly been spending most of my time outdoors sense I haven't had fast enough internet to do anything too much. But it's not too bad, I have this makeshift stove I created over a campfire to keep me occupied, and drank some hot green tea by the fire. ;)

    Did I ever tell you guys that I have a lot of Irish (And Welsh) from my mother's side? Oh wait, I'm supposed to mysterious...


    If it wasn't for my net connection I'd be catching up on Rebels, but all in good timing. Been almost a month sense I checked back on here. Can't wait to hear from you guys!


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    It's a mystery...
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    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Happy St Patty's day to you to. Its really great to see you back @Mysterious Gamer Dude. How have you been?

    3. Skyguy501


      I totally forgot to tell you Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! o.O Lol! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!!!! :D 

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      Happy late St. Patrick's day @Mysterious Gamer Dude I accidentally cut my middle finger and had no bandages, so I improvised by using a napkin and tying it with a spare rubber band it worked and my finger is perfectly fine now :D Not to long ago, I found out that I have runner's toe on both of my big toes, :(:(   

  7. Just remember, nothing out dooms the Doom Shroom. Ah, I remember all those hours of all those days trying to reach wave 20 in the Survival modes to get that precious Golden Sunflower trophie on the original PvZ on PC. Good times, good times... Dang right, I'd notice that pic from anywhere. Rick Atsley, you will forever be a part of the small troll within each of us.
  8. I'm not dead, not yet anyway. (Hopefully not for a while.) Just with limited internet capability. I guess sence I'm so behind on Star Wars news, that Visceral's upcoming Star Wars game is what I'm excited for right now. I guess mainly because I REALLY love singleplayer games, especially ones with Uncharted-like gameplay. I still want a Deathtroopers game (Based off of the novel), a Macinima video with Vader vs. 20 Preditors, and metal is awesome.



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    2. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      @TheDarkShadow8500 I do agree that Batman has smarts and combat skills and has defeated several notable super heroes and villains, however I feel like Obi-Wan could counter anything Batman throws at him. I mean, Obi-Wan is a member of the High Council, has a ton of fighting experience, has total mastery of his body, mind, and light saber, and can use the Force extremely well. Yes Batman has extensive hand-to-hand combat training, yes he has a LOT of tools and weapons at his disposal, but in the end I think it all comes down to even if Batman can somehow counter Obi-Wan's light saber and years of Jedi training, Batman just doesn't have anything that can counter the Force. Unlike when your fighting Superman, you can't just go and build a Force resistant suit. It would still be an interesting fight but I just don't see a scenario were Batman wins.

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      @Joshua Asbridge That's a very good point. I just remembered that in the ROTS novelization written by Matthew Stover,it states that once Obi Wan lets the force control him fully,he becomes really powerful and I think if Obi Wan were to do that,then he'd definitely win. Also,Batman probably doesn't know about the lightsaber combat forms so when fighting Kenobi,he'll have to adapt to kenobi's fighting style in order to win. 

    4. Joshua Asbridge
  9. Well, guess I stumbled upon the perfect time to return. @Abekrie Those songs remind me of a modern arcade (Or at least arcade-themed) game, although I guess Undertale should have been a hint. BTW, nice fireball character for your profile pic. Oh yeah, this isn't music related but I found this interesting: It may not be ideal, but I think it shows potential. @Daniel We definetly have the same (Or at least very similar) taste in music. And I see you have The World is a Thorn album cover for your profile pic, nice. Also, a cool band that I'd recommend is The Famine, so far my favorite of their songs would have to be Death Threat and Behemoth.
  10. Warning: Possible Boilers  





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    2. Abekrie


      Spoiler Warning:

      Cast Iron is better than Steel Ware

    3. multiumbreon
    4. Skyguy501


      How do you do that, hiding a section of a post?!

  11. Rogue One. Tomorrow. And I still haven't bought tickets. 




  12. Possible Spoiler:


    In loving memory of... 


    We will never truly believe that you are dead. 

    - 22BBY to 19BBY

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    2. multiumbreon


      Actual... that was in canon way before rebels... The empire deemed them inferior and useless as they we're aging and dying out and they couldn't make any more clones with no Fett DNA... 

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      Not according to Battlefront II. After the clone rebellion the Emperor diversified and the Fett clones were just overcrowded and only the 501st remained pure. Feels like a better outcome that makes more sense.

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      Or if the purpose is to create a bunch of unemployed, bitter clones then they did a good job. Could be the clones start talking about things and realizing that they aren't too happy with the Empire that they helped put in place. Maybe they think for themselves and decide that the Emperor needs to be removed from power and democracy restored. They could go out and salvage what old assets they can from scrapyards and start up a faction of Clone Remnants to fight the Empire. Could be a movie in that. There could be a movie that features Clone Remnants, Separatist Remnants, the Empire and Rebels all in one film. Could be Star Wars Battlefront: The Movie. *pew pew pew, laser sounds, dramatic music*

  13. Hey guys. I've been looking around my house and found a lot of old junk. I want to try my hand as making some Star Wars blasters, and eventually armor... maybe. 




    Also, I just got done painting a coat of light grey paint on the soon to be barrel of the gun, I'm making an EE-3 BTW. I got to buy some black matt spray paint as well. The paint looks too light as of now, but it darkens as if dries. I've already seen the paint dry and it looks darker. 




    I'm pretty sure I'll have to shorten the barrel some. I still have a lot of work to do as you can see. I also have to cut out the stock from some wood. 

    1. Daniel


      Nice. Hey if you make some armor (let's say stormtrooper) make me some to! (: Lol. I have always wanted my own stormtrooper armor tho. The original not the new one. But can't wait to see the finished ee-33!

    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I can't wait to see it!!! I love projects like this!!!

    3. Skyguy501


      Same! Can't wait to see the finished product(s)! :D 

  14. If Boba Fett is in Rogue One I will drop dead (from happiness). 


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    2. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      @Sith Lord Cookie Ummmmmm ok. Everyone's different I guess. ^_^


      @Joshua Asbridge Although that would be pretty cool too see ;), I doubt that'd happen because I think Obi-Wan made sure Grievous was very, very dead :)


      I totally agree @ComposerRyan#BobaLives

    3. multiumbreon


      @Mysterious Gamer Dude "So uncivilised.":obi

      All I know is, Grievous needs REDEMPTION after that HUMILIATION! Like, what is with George and giving the coolest characters the most anti climatic deaths!? Actually... when you think about it... Grievous and Boba have a LOT in common... both appeared in a cartoon format before being on the big screen, both got server injustice of how cool they are and both got the worst possible send off for someone that boss...

      "Grievous will run like he always does."        ?  :huh:

    4. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      Why I would want Grievous to come back is because he is supposed to be one of the most feared Jedi killers of all time, but you don't really get an example on how good he really is. I think he should come back and do some of the stuff he does in the old Star Wars clone wars show that was made back in 2001. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend you go to YouTube and watch it. 

  15. Hey there! Are we allowed to use a voice changer for the introduction video? And can we use our username or does it have to be our real one? Thanks! 

    1. ComposerRyan


      Yeah that shouldn't be a problem as long as you can understand what you're saying I guess. lol :D 

    2. Mysterious Gamer Dude