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  1. From my understanding on what is going on: the New Republic won't openly declare war on the First Order due to corruption and cowardice. There is a New Republic army and navy but they are not being marshaled against the First Order. Elements within the New Republic instead have secretly financially supported the Resistance, lead by General Leia Organa, to fight the First Order. This of course backfires on the New Republic as the First Order is given time and leeway to pillage around the galaxy until they are able to hollow out an entire planet and use it to destroy the current New Republic capital world of Hosnian Prime, and the majority of the New Republic's political leadership, army and navy was destroyed in one swift stroke.
  2. DICE continues to disappoint. They claim to put an emphasis on accuracy, yet are inaccurate. The back of the security battle droid's head is colored incorrectly in their game. They're missing that the midsection of the back of the head is supposed to be colored in as well. This has been bugging me endlessly.
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  4. OOM-9 Faction: Confederacy of Independent Systems Class: Support Weapons: E-5 blaster rifle, RD-4 radiation launcher, electrobinoculars E-5 blaster rifle: The standard blaster rifle of the battle droids. RD-4 radiation launcher: A projectile weapon that fires green radioactive grenades that excel at damaging organic troops. The trigger can be held down to create a grenade that bounces or tapped to release a grenade that explodes on impact. Electrobinoculars: allow OOM-9 to call in orbital strikes, can also mark up to five enemies. Marked enemies have an icon above their heads, allowing for easy detection and also take an increased 25% damage from all Separatist units. When fighting indoors or on space stations, etc. OOM-9 loses the orbital bombardment option for his electrobinoculars. Trait Droid Leader: With more kills OOM-9 and all Separatist units gain higher health regeneration. OOM-9 has to get the kills, but the regeneration boost is applied to the entire droid army. (this idea was based off of Galactic Battlegrounds, where the droid heroes actually have a constant health regeneration) Abilities B1 grapple droids: This ability allows any friendly player to spawn next to OOM-9 and become a B1 grapple battle droid (from the game Jedi Power Battles). These large, durable, slate-gray droids rely solely on melee attacks and have no weaponry. A maximum of two B1 grapple droids can be present on the battlefront at any one time. Fire Control: Turns OOM-9’s E-5 into a semi-automatic weapon, capable of passing through enemy shields and capable of hitting enemy heroes that can block or reflect blaster fire. OOM-9’s Revenge: Friendly infantry, turrets, vehicles, and other heroes gain a boost to offensive damage, increased defense and a health regeneration boost within a large radius of OOM-9. OOM-9 himself is also affected by this boost. (basically Rage, Rally and Regeneration from the classic Battlefronts combined into one) Intro Theme: The Droid Invasion Battle Themes (all from the Episode I soundtrack) The Giant Squid and the Attack on Theed Escape from Naboo Activate the Droids The Battle Rages On The Tide Turns
  5. "Clanker" is like 'bugs' for Geonosians and 'hammerheads' for Ithorians had a baby and it was raised by all the bad words for Aqualish.
  6. @Lone Wolffe Whoa, hang on there, buddy! That is our word! Only droids can use that word! Go around talking like that on planets like Raxus Prime or Thule and you'll get blasted real quick.
  7. OOM-9! OOM-9 in Battlefront II as a hero! In reality, it’s likely he won’t be included, despite the fact that his character model is in there already. Just slap some CIS emblems on his shoulder plates and send him into battle already. Of course Dooku, Grievous, Maul and Jango would be in the game. But the galaxy is cruel and full of fools. Count Dooku is a Sith Lord and the Head of State of the CIS; he would rarely if ever enter combat on the battlefield on behalf of the droid army. General Grievous is a coward that runs away at the first sign of genuine difficultly and mistreats the soldiers under his command; the droids would not like him. Darth Maul was a covert operative and fell by the wayside and started his own Shadow Collective that was in opposition to both the droid and clone armies. Jango is a hunter for hire and the father of the enemy clones; he has no allegiance to anyone but his son and money. [belch] So the Separatist Droid Army needs a genuine hero. TX-20 is an overconfident idiot whose schemes only slightly hinder his enemies and he can’t stop laughing right before blowing his enemies away only to get torn apart by starving Twi’lek civilians. General Kalani was smart enough to override the master droid shutdown signal but then is too lazy to get off his metal butt and help the Separatist worlds fight off the Empire and just sits around doing nothing for seventeen years. Commander Vulpus is competent but even more obscure than OOM-9 is. If anyone should be busting down the doors to Theed in Battlefront II it should be OOM-9. OOM-9 certainly fits the criteria for a droid army hero unit. He's a military officer that is combat capable. Which is important, because there are a lot of CIS characters out there, but not all of them can fight or would make much sense as hero units in a Battlefront game. Runnin’ around as Nute Gunray or Rune Haako isn’t going to cut it. Not when there’s OOM-9. OOM-9 of course, because the world doesn’t understand what’s important. He does his job right and goes on adventures. OOM-9’s gonna do all sorts of wondrous things. Calling down orbital bombardments with his electrobinoculars and shootin’ things with his E-5. OOM-9 is relatable. [burp] He’s a minor character that does everything that’s asked of him yet still gets screwed over due to events beyond his control. I can relate that that all too much all the time. I don’t relate to farmboys who turn out to have magical powers and grand destinies to save the galaxy, or princesses, or scumbags in vests who get the girl despite being a jerk and still manage to screw everything up in the end anyway. Sometimes life sucks and you feel like a minor character in your own story, and you roll your eyes at the characters that take center stage as their plot armor protects them from everything and everything goes right for them somehow. Yet you’re left deactivated and shipped off to Raxus Prime to rot with the rest of the scrap. The outside galaxy is the [blech] is the enemy. OOM-9 and his droids are the only real friends we’ve got. It’s OOM-9 and battle droids. The Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Separatists. Battle droids and their adventures. The Confederacy of Independent Systems, forever and forever, a hundred years of Separatist things. OOM-9 runnin’ around and OOM-9 time. All day long forever. No squeaky droid voice for OOM-9. His regular… his regular voice. Like it should be. All, a hundred days OOM-9 forever a hundred times. Over and over OOM-9 and battle droids adventures dot com WWW dot OOM-9 and droids adventures 100 years. Every minutes dot com forever. Every minute OOM-9 dot com WWW hundred times OOM-9 dot com. Life is a nightmare but at least there’s OOM-9 fan art. Fanfiction forever. OOM-9’s Revenge. Because TCW was basically Republic fanfiction so it’s only fair droids get some love too. OOM-9 and droids turned back on and battle stories and runnin’ around doing things. Forty something chapters so far and tons of words. But more writings to come. One hundred chapters forever all day long. Fightin’ clones and Jedi and winnin’ things. Lots of tasty obscure stuff. Makin’ friends and doing things like fighting the clones and later the stormtroopers too. Because either one hundred chapters of Separatist fun or one million years dungeon. OOM-9's Revenge
  8. 30. Would you like Disney to revive TCW? I would not like Disney to revive TCW. I would prefer a new show with a more mature tone. Something rated higher than TV-PG and has the guts to show a kiss onscreen or use of the word “hell” without overprotective parents getting butthurt and getting the show censored. A show that can say “Confederacy of Independent Systems” rather than “Separatist Alliance.” Older Star Wars fans deserve some visual content too instead of being endlessly regulated to novels. It shouldn’t always be about trying to hook the next youngest generation of fans. That’s hardly fair. They can always sell their toys no matter what. Give me a break.
  9. I'm surprised that Battlefront EA II will feature a class system. Not thrilled about only four classes, from what I'm hearing.

    First Order Classes.jpg

    There. The basics for the First Order based on the old class system from the Pandemic Battlefront games. A soldier, heavy, sniper, engineer, officer, and another special class. Yeah, I used the First Order stormtrooper sergeant as the sniper because there currently isn't a FO scout trooper as of yet. Fair stand-in for the time being I think.

    Is this really so hard to do?

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      Imperial classes.

      Imperial classes.jpg

      Soldier: Stormtrooper

      Heavy: Shock trooper

      Sniper: Scout trooper

      Engineer: TIE pilot

      Special 1: Stormtrooper commander

      Special 2: Phase 0 Dark trooper

      Of course you could also add in different skins like the snow troopers, sand troopers, Imperial gunners and AT-ST pilots for the engineer class. There tons of other options for alternate skins for the 'regular' classes.

    2. ZakoBattledroid


      CIS classes.

      CIS classes.jpg

      Soldier: B1 battle droid

      Heavy: Marine battle droid

      Sniper: Security battle droid

      Engineer: Pilot battle droid

      Special 1: B2 super battle droid

      Special 2: Droideka

      There are lots of options for extra droid classes like the dwarf spider droid, crab droid, BX droid commando, rocket battle droid, and countless others. As well as different skins for the 'regular' classes.


      Like this alternate shadow color scheme for the B2 super battle droid. It would be a cool alternate skin to unlock.

      Republic classes.

      Republic classes.jpg

      Soldier: Clone trooper

      Heavy: Heavy trooper

      Sniper: Clone sharpshooter

      Engineer: Clone engineer (or AT-RT drivers, pilots, etc.)

      Special 1: Clone commander

      Special 2: Clone jet trooper

      The Republic classes would end up with the greatest diversity. Choosing between Phase I and Phase II clones. As well as specific legion colorations of all the troopers.

  10. 28. Something that should have been added? Competent battle droids. Like OOM-9 here. It would have made the show a lot more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Even if it’s still from the viewpoint of the Republic, if they had descent opponents to battle, it would feel like the Jedi and clones actually accomplish things instead of just beating up a bunch of robot clowns in an endless loop of curbstomp battles. 29. Something that should have been left out? The dumb battle droids. It wasn’t funny; it was awkward to watch and made no sense. No one would manufacture droids to be that stupid. Or make droids that have those grating, squeaky voices. You know, the organics in the CIS would have to work alongside these droids. Why would they be manufactured to be so exasperating? It’s not funny and it’s not endearing. It’s stupid and annoying. There’s nothing wrong with the B1 model other than the show’s writers making them as stupid and pathetic as they possibly could.
  11. 22. Favorite vehicle/ship? Vehicle: AAT Ship: Vulture droid starfighter 23. Funniest moment? During the Battle of Malastare. Dug troops charge at the droid army only to be gunned down. Only a single one actually makes it to the droids tries to strike at a dwarf spider droid’s head only to be blasted off by a nearby spider droid as if he was nothing more than a mere annoyance. 24. Saddest moment? During the Battle of Malastare. The dropping of the electro-proton bomb on the droid army. So many droids perished to this grotesque war crime. 25. Favorite clone? Commander Cody. 26. Some way TCW made the movies better? Showcased the actual friendship between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. 27. Character you would like to see return in Rebels? OOM-87. I’m not even kidding. It would be interesting and unexpected to see some nothing, throwaway background droid character return and actually have a role. Bring him back as a leader of one of the Separatist Remnant groups. Have him be proactive in trying to fight the Empire instead of being stagnant and standing around doing nothing like General Kalani. Trying to fight the Empire off Raxus Secundus or Raxus Prime or Thule or Umbara through hit-and-run attacks against occupying Imperial forces. Perhaps he and his fighters have a run-in with the crew of the Ghost and Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and the others gain a different perspective and realize they can’t allow the war with the Empire to warp who they are and what they mean to each other, lest they end up like the bitter, hateful Separatist extremists who are so stuck in the past that they can’t see any possible future beyond fighting and inflicting suffering.
  12. 21. Favorite outfit? Ahsoka’s first outfit, but only if Barriss is wearing it.
  13. 16. Favorite Ahsoka Tano moment? When she left the Jedi Order. 17. Favorite quote? “I am a droid, I am always right.” -TX-20 18. Favorite lightsaber fight? Count Dooku vs. the Nightsisters. This was a different lightsaber fight than what we are used to getting. A trio of invisible witches versus a Sith Lord forced to fight in his pajamas. Even just waking up, Dooku proves just how dangerous he is. 19. Favorite battle? The First Battle of Felucia. 20. Favorite planet? Raxus Secundus, the capital planet of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.