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  1. Seems the moderator over in the Yooka-Laylee discussion board is more than just a little trigger happy in his pursuit to qualm the chaos he's sown with mass bans and deletions on people just asking for refunds. It's almost as if he's surprised or is unwilling to take responsibility for why the discussion board is as bad as it is now.

    Even I got hit by this guy in trying to calm people down a bit.


    Thank you, Jonno. You sure showed everyone your professionalism in this entire situation.

  2. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS coming out in Steam tomorrow, Yooka-Laylee arriving in less than three weeks, and Path of Exile getting a major update that's going to add six acts to the game in a few months (For free! Like they always do).

    Some good gaming to be had once I get my college homework done in due time.

    1. Peirce


      Im actually downloading Path Of Exile right now. It looks fun.

    2. Abekrie


      @Peirce It really is. I've put 603 hours into it thus far so hit me up if you want some advice or help in general. I also have a small group running that you can join up (Just me and some friends). It's always fun to play in parties or alone if that's what you like.


    Signed out of starwarshq.com on my desktop's Chrome browser to sign back in. Odd behaviors noted.

    • Signing out had the website redirecting me to openworldgames.com with a long connection time.
    • openworldgames.com no longer seems to exist so I got an error page after waiting for the connection to load.
    • Signing in had long connection, again, to redirect me to the wrong website. Error page again.
    • Visiting starwarshq.com shows that I was signed in anyways.

    Spoiler: Large picture example of error page

    Attempted to sign onto starwarshq.com from Android Galaxy S4 device on Chrome browser.

    • Symptoms noted exactly to desktop's behavior.

    Attempted to sign onto starwarshq.com from iPod Touch on Google browser.

    • Extremely long loading time that ends up nowhere and remains on the login page.
    • Opening up starwarshq.com via URL shows me signed into the website.

    Attempted to sign onto starwarshq.com from iPod Touch on Safari browser.

    • openworldgames.com shows up on the URL while it attempts to sign me in.
    • Finally ends up with "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding."
    • Opening starwarshq.com afterwards shows me signed into the website.

    Conclusion: I believe the system redirecting users to a website that no longer exists is something that should be looked into, @ComposerRyan. It could potentially solve the password issue that is being had by others.

    Edited by Abekrie
    Making the post look better
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    2. Skyguy501


      I actually noticed the same thing going on at my end! Weird...

    3. Abekrie


      @TheDarkShadow8500 It was unusual to me since StarWarsHQ.com was here well before the creation of OpenWorldGames.com last I recall. Perhaps it was in one of their major updates that they tried bonding the two sites in a way since they were both the same in purpose.

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      @Abekrie I know what you mean, I wonder if it will be fixed and if this does get fixed, I wonder how many other bugs or issues will still be lurking? 

  4. Well this past week has certainly been a trial for me, and even more so in the past two days.

    Spoiler Warning: My boring life story to give context to what I just said


    Apparently, it would have been deemed "Unfair" to get any time extension on the ITSP 135 midterm exams for the class I started two weeks behind on (With a full time schedule btw). Pretty much meant I had to crunch in a few weeks worth of work in a really small period of time once I'd managed to finish everything else for the other four college classes I was taking.

    I'm not one to let this sort smack me around so easily so I decided to then spend about 30 hours of uninterrupted work to catch up with all the work on the class and complete the two exams to the best of my ability... with mixed results. I'd finished all chapter review questions and tests up to that point, and got 100% on the exam for that section. However, I was incapable of completing all LabSim work (Busywork galore), and the exam actually closed itself two hours early on me so I was unable to even take it with the amount of knowledge I accumulated anyways. Lovely. Waiting for a response from my class instructor on what's going to happen with that. I'm holding back on talking about what's "Fair" just yet.

    Great news now is that I'm on a week break from school so I'll have a much more open schedule to just catch my breath. I'll most likely just finish up the LabSim sections at my own leisure while reading an English book I'll have to end up making a large paper on. Now I know what it is that causes colleges to kill off content creators' free time so effectively.

    Has anything notable been going on, or is the same old, nothing new?

    Edited by Abekrie
    Spoiler Fixed
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    2. Fossel13


      Im not too sure what has been going on lol. I've been gone like you. I have been slammed with school (not quite as badly as you have been tho).

      PS good luck i hope everything turns out ok. May the Force be with you.;)

    3. Abekrie


      Well it seems my teacher decided to try doing exactly what I hoped he wouldn't do even though I put out the hint (Not really a "hint" when I tell him outright) that I was up for over 30 hours to play by his rules, and I slept the entire day until near the end of the next deadline he set for me. Third time's a charm maybe? I pretty much gave him my phone number and told him to call me so that we'll set up a time rather than him set one up and send it to me while I'm asleep.

      On a good note, I finally got all the LabSims done. It only took from... oh... 10 PM yesterday to about noon today of non-stop work. Guess that puts my total workload to an "Oh my gosh my brain hurts and I really hate this topic right now" amount of hours (42+ probably). Funny thing is that the calendar I keep outside of my room is still pinned on Friday... it's Tuesday now. I should feel pained right now, but my urge to laugh at my suffering must say that I'm tired again.

      Got two small discussion things to work on over the week, but all the major stuff is done now! Now I can celebrate by playing some Civ 5 since I've been itching on playing a video game for quite some while now. Before college, I used to log in over 70 hours every two weeks via Steam (Not counting non-Steam games). Now it's at 12. Golly.

      But yea I'll keep you guys posted on this more here. Time to go through the rest of the day in a haze since sleep eludes me when wanted, and restricted when needed. Oh and I'll need to get my iPod charged. Forgot to get that bug looked up and reenacted so I can "bug" Robby and Ryan a bit on Skype. I'll become more of a "Pest" to them if I keep it up like that.


    4. Abekrie


      Update and conclusion to this ITSP 135 midterm exam fiasco:

      I had finally managed to get a time set up for me to take it, and I got 100% on it like I did with the previous one.

      Played some Civ 5 and created a Chinese empire into what would be the entirety of North America. Thinking of destroying the Greek civilization in South America after i finally killed their Spy in my capital when it tried to steal another tech from me. My special agent, who managed to kill the Greek spy, also happened to kill a Zulu one not long after that civ managed to find me from across the pacific. Denounced him, but I forgave him for this time. The Zulu leader is secretly planning on attacking another civ, from intel I've gathered on him, so I'm starting to fund an army now because of neighbors like these.

  5. It's almost to the point where I have a week off from college, but I doubt I will be resting much to get caught up with everything in a certain class unless I have a major growth in productivity this coming week. Doesn't help that I'll also be undergoing surgery on my wisdom teeth early in my break either.

    Regardless, I'm making major improvements from another minor setback that is bound to occur with a fifth class schedule crashing into my already limited one. The fact that I'm already caught up with all the classes except for my ITSP one, again, shows that I'll be getting it all fixed up soon enough to put more time into talking with you all (I still keep an eye out when I can though).

    It's 5:40 AM, I'll be going to church in less than four hours, and I had no sleep except for when I slept til 4:00 PM yesterday because I had no sleep on the day before that. To end my time to retire for a little whiles, I'll share a special something on  the subject of Star Wars. The deleted scenes of Episode 2 because I never knew the value behind them until recently.

    Watch and behold the parts that Episode 2 needed yet was never granted. Backstory to Dooku before his appearance, Obi-Wan researching the toxin with official tools before getting the idea to use a bar to get info, the many (Actually good) romance?/slice of life scenes between Anakin and Padme and family, and the legal scenes behind the interrogation, and trial, of Anakin and Padme on Geonosis.

    The prequel story was quite strong in how tragic it was to be in the end. It's sad how the movies had failed to execute the story effectively though. It's even sadder how the movies failed to capture that feeling of the protagonists finding out that they were fighting for the wrong side too little too late. The saddest part is that the amount of prequel hate and pro-Republic mindsets have the more modern Star Wars content completely ditch the prospect of the CIS being in the right all along, and that it was no different than how the Rebel Alliance was when they decided that the Empire was bad enough for them to resist.

    Anyways, I hope this bit is as interesting for you all to see and think about as it was for me. I'll be off from leaving anymore posts, unless needed, until I get more work done with my college courses.

    @KnightRobby @ComposerRyan MODERATORS as soon as you can please.

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      @Abekrie I don't understand why these deleted scenes were deleted, they added some much needed characterization for Padme, Dooku, and Anakin, these scenes also add a lot of good things for Attack of the clones(which is regarded as the worst of the Prequel Trilogy) like good characterization, context, and expands on various plots through out the film like Anakin and Padme's romance, Obi Wan investigating the dart from Jango Fett, Obi Wan doubting Anakin's credibility and Dooku's meeting with Anakin and Padme during their "interrogation" I'd call it more of a negotiation but that's not the point. The deleted scenes about Padme where my favorites because of how Padme's romance with Anakin was built up and was therefor more humane especially the scene where she's addressing the senate about her opposition towards the notion of creating a army for the Galactic Republic which was really well done. With Natalie Portman's acting, I could tell the dismayed expression on her face and her voice throughout the course of the debate , but then again, I haven't seen the films in a long time, and have only read the novelizations which have a lot of the deleted scenes along with some new ones incorporated into them so I'm not sure if I have the right to say what's good and what's bad about the films, I seriously need to purchase the original star wars saga on DVD, I used to have 5 out of the 6 films(Phantom menace being the last one I needed) but I moved a lot when I was younger and I lost the films while we were moving out of my previous homes.

      I feel like the best solution is that Disney re-releases the Prequel Trilogy with these deleted scenes incorporated and remastered by Industrial Light & Magic(or ILM for short) because some of the CG in these deleted scenes look very inconsistent with the rest of the film. If Disney were to do that, I would certainly purchase those versions of the trilogy, Warner Brothers did this with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad so it's not to outlandish. But, I hope if they do re release the films with a extended cut, that they don't do anything greedy and or stupid with the films. 

    2. Skyguy501


      I agree with the both of you: Some of the deleted scenes throughout the Star Wars Saga were exactly what the films needed (sometimes, it's not just Star Wars that falls short). Growing up, and even to this day, a lot of Star Wars deleted scenes like in the video above are what I would consider to be Canon to the story! I loved that Anakin got to me Padme's family (I still loved The Meadow scene, what I consider the more flirty, romantic scene that worked better, if not way much better than the I Don't Like Sand moment). These scenes are what could have "redeemed" Attack of the Clones as a movie, but again, I still consider these scenes to have happened and that they are still a part of the Star Wars universe! :D 

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      Why would they cut out some of the better scenes? Am I missing something? These would help the movie immensely. It wouldn't solve the issues plaguing the film, but these scenes add a lot. And it isn't as if they're adding that much more to the length of the film either. Sometimes when I see deleted scenes, it's pretty easy to tell why they were cut from the final version of the film. But these looked like they were pretty good and they were mostly finished too. Makes me scratch my head in wonder as to the decision making process and how they were ultimately left out.

  6. Have you decided to try that photoshop art style on your profile pic? Or am I just losing my mind?

    Edited by Abekrie
  7. Rickrolling never happened until after about twenty years since the song was made. I'm sure there's people who like the song for what it is considering how old it is now. I actually liked the song quite a bit when I grew up so it was a bit funny when I had no idea as to what people were fussing about with the song.
  8. 2007 called... they want their joke back.
  9. He/She takes a lot of inspiration from Grant Kirkhope music so it's very reminiscent of N64/Rareware music. Undertale is just the very definition of a modernized retro game. Well... one that makes you question morality. The profile picture I have is actually that of "Solar Flare" from Plants Vs Zombies Heroes. Bloom and doom!
  10. It's been a while since we last had this thread pick up so let's make it even longer now. I'll be sharing music from an artist named "Gooseworx" that I've followed for a good bit by now. Their music are quite varied (Very varied) so I might as well dedicate this update just for this person. Obligatory notice: Think of them like Frisk in that no one knows their gender. I'm talking about one person. As you could probably tell, the type of music they make is categorized by the mascotts show right there. Both of the videos posted above so far contain a great amount of different tunes and melodies. Something I find interesting with how much it can all change in a small frame of time. Speaking of which, they also made a theme for a pretty crazy character named "Angel" created for Hazbin Hotel by Vivzie. Obligatory notice: Angel is a guy. If the more mature rated type of spiders aren't the ones to give you the type of tunes you seek, then I'll post up this next one with a pretty familiar character. They've made quite a few Undertale-related songs as such, but lots of the other game-based music that have been orchestrated by Goose are old titles. Last one I'll put up is one of their old game orchestra works. Made in 2011 and still great to hear from time to time. Guess that's how I can describe all the music made from this person. I'd recommend checking them out if you find any of the tunes above interesting.
  11. https://www.humblebundle.com/star-wars-3-bundle

    Star Wars Humble Bundle 3

    Grab it while it's hot, lads.

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    2. Captain_Krone


      Just bought it as a treat for myself. :D

    3. DarthBueno
    4. Abekrie


      @DarthBueno Not even a dollar? Oh well. There's always a next time.

      @Captain_Krone Enjoy the Galactic Battlegrounds (And others). Extremely old, but solid as a game.

  12. I'm going to leave this here to have my response archived in a way:
  13. Last bit you'll hear from me for a bit until possibly Tuesday, but I thought this would be a fun thing to share.

    On Saturday, me and about nineteen others, including two from Trip Wire, got together and attempted to defeat a long game of Prison on the hardest difficulty. The catch? We were only to be berzerkers using mace and shield.


    We managed to win!



    Much thanks to everyone wishing me well through the weekend. I hope you all have a good week.

  14. Long War 2 is out for XCOM 2 which is quite a huge thing. Anyone familiar with the original Long War can understand how much it means towards increasing the longevity (And difficulty) of the game length and overall lifespan. It is, in short, "a significant overhaul of XCOM 2 aimed at giving players the feel of running a worldwide guerrilla war against ADVENT and offering them a greater variety of strategic and tactical experiences."

    Posting this up here since even I didn't notice how far development was for this until today. I'm expecting bugs and the sort, but I'm sure it'll be great once it's all polished. If only other developers have such a relationship that Firaxis and Pavonis Interactive (Formerly Long War Studios) does.

  15. Hey guys. Quick update on your lovable, unofficial moderator for this website.



    Seriously though, it's been months since you two said you were thinking of adding mods back into the website @ComposerRyan @KnightRobby. Might want to actually do something about that sometime. Need I say please for a necessity? Thanks. 

    I started college this week so things are obviously going to be hectic for a bit until things go into a routine for me. Had nearly half of my classes canceled on me to were I had to register them online, and now I'm needing to hit the ground running since one of those very classes I registered for started earlier than the local college I'm attending.

    AKA I have homework due in three days because it started earlier than I was supposed to attend the original one. I also can't do the homework because I need to register for an online website thing that I got no registration information for yet. Needless to say, this one class in particular is causing me to stress out more than I usually do. Fun times.

    Fun... times... egh...

    Also, I'm most likely going to see Rogue One quite... Soon™. I'm a master of not watching new Star Wars films until months after, but I should eventually be able to see it. College class issues may prevent me from watching it this weekend though, but I'll be going for it before this month ends.

    That's all for now. Feel free to message me or respond here if you need anything, but I'm afraid that my time is crunching along with my available sanity so don't be disappointed if I can't respond as soon as I think we'd both like.

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    2. Sk8rkid28


      @Abekrie Glad it's all working out, and that's really nice of your professor to give you that extra week to catch up, sounds like a good guy. Enjoy your weekend man, hope you reach your goal of all A+'s. 

      And for the record, @ComposerRyan @KnightRobby if someone was to be chosen as a moderator, my vote goes to Abekrie, even though he's still CIS over Republic. :P:droid:clone

    3. Mikayahu


      @AbekrieHey!  its Abekrie, Abekrie the AMBASSADOR!


      Anyways, hope all works out.

    4. Abekrie


      Golly! That's quite a bit of support don't ya think?


      Got a busy week ahead of little old me, and a long war to boot!

      I'll manage... I always do. Nothing more to worry over. 

      You see, things work out for me in the end eventually.

      More than what can be said about them clones right, @Sk8rkid28?