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    Progress update: Clone Helmet Phase I ok, so this is the top half-ish, I'm probably going to smooth the seams a bit more. also yes, I'm going to paint it...
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    Hello, dear website. How are you doing? Feeling a bit ill perhaps? I'd give you the medication required if I had the permission to.
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    I'll have pics soon, but I'm working on a clone helmet prop right now...hopefully it turns out good!!!
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    Nike got a new brand ambassador. Let the Dark side flow through your legs.
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    I am so hyped for SWBF2, I was hyped before but now Iccan't even wait the week for the Beta.
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    Progress update: clone helmet phase I ok, so a lot has happened, I've made the main shape for the front of the mask and a rough draft of the back. The front was way harder then I expected as well. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'll finish the build on Star Wars HQ, BUT I'm going to show the painting process on...ugh...discord...the site is officially dying since the little warning thing at the top of the feed.
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    RIP StarWarsHQ.com Small Little Explanation Why I Left: I cant believe its been 8 months since i last posted/liked anything, (not like i was super big in the community or had a big presence like a lot of you guys do but still...) I used to always check the site and even though i didn't make many posts, I regularly came on to see what others where sharing.I always loved the idea and design of this site where people who loved star wars could come and share and express anything star wars related which is what kept me coming back. I think the reason why I stopped coming on though was because of a glitch that would make it take forever to log on. It always said my password was incorrect so I would need to reset it every time i wanted to post/ like and eventually i just got tired of the hassle so i wouldn't log. I'll be on the new discord that you guys have set up by the way, not sure if i'll be super active in chat though, I also doubt any of you guys remember me at all cause like I said before, I wasn't ever a huge poster and didn't have a large presence on the site.
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    Prepping for the new trailer with some BF2 and a Tie striker model kit I just finished!
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    To anyone who cares enough to respond, what did you guys think of the BattleFront 2 EA beta, hiw is it better, how is it worse, what do you want added?
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    ill be honest, I kinda miss Darth Bueno's memes
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    Alright, so for those of you who don't already know, Abekrie is running a Discord server for our community. I know that many of you still here have already said no, some of which reasons can be fixed. There is no longer any further reason to stay here while this slowly but surely dies away. Admit it, you cant restore this website without admin powers. You can do all you want, and all you can, give it your all...But as soon as there is another 3 week outage, you cant do anything about it. So here is the alternative and compromise that I offer. I will make you guys a "Star Wars" text channel in the server, so if you don't want to you don't have to scroll through the general chat to see our conversations that you don't care about...If you choose not to join, then that is your choice...But otherwise, here is the link and welcome to what is currently known as "Star Wars HQ 2.0" https://discord.gg/5PkfHgF
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    Well well well... This place is a sight for sore eyes.
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    New video.
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    Hello there. I am back.
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    I am sick of the hostile environment the HQ has become, I miss when everyone was active and the post weren't only once a week a passive aggressive jab at this site or discord.
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    Here's some Republic heroes for Battlefront.
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    Some Separatist heroes for Battlefront since DICE is having a hard time thinking of any.
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    New video in a brand new channel. Guys please watch it and subscribe to my channel and those who have subscribed my old channel do unsubscribe it. New trailer Breakdown
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    EVERYONE I HAVE YOUTUBE NOW, PLS SUB, I HAVE TONS OF STAR WARS VIDS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzWPDs-uETbMC-PnQzCt8Sw?view_as=subscriber
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    Hey guys! sorry I haven't been on in a while! anyway what did any of you think of the crate and progression system in SWBF2 BETA? I think it is the absolute worst thing about BF2
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    Everyone i found the OFFICIAL Star Wars HQ discord server with Ryan and Robby, together we can make it an alive chat again https://discord.gg/s8ayN5g join and show ur support
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    Tonight 10:30pm till 7am i will be streaming BF2 beta! Come hang out if you want to.
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    Hey @ComposerRyan we need some more of ur nerf gun course vids, they were lit
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    Guess what y'all We are so close to Oct 6-9th which means we are in for a frickin awesome treat, We have the SWBF 2 open beta and a goddamn Last jedi trailer on the 9th, its gonna be lit yall
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    I just noticed that the ghost from Star Wars rebels is in Rogue one during the battle of scariff