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    Apologies for spamming up feed, but this is awesome. The joy's of living the country life. She comes around same time everyday to get some food. My brother raised her since she was a week or 2 old after our dogs got ahold of her. She is now 4 or 5 years old, and her favorite food is corn chips (:
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    My brother just finished this a couple of days ago.
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    Hey guys, plz let us know what you think about our new show that will be releasing soon! You can see the trailer below. Many of the episodes will be Star Wars themed but the show is something totally different than you are used to and we hope you all like it when the first episode releases on Saturday, July 29.
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    Thought I would share these with you guys. I tried so hard to find the First Order cover, but I could never find it.
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    That is the reason .
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    Meme of the day:
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    Ok so a while ago i asked you guys what you wanted me to build on Minecraft, then website got glitchy and i forgot lol. Put down your suggestions below. I would like to keep to vehicles only. But if you want to see something not star wars related, thats fine to. Here is a reminder of some of the things ive done.
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    Pepsi is for Light side Coke is for Dark side . I am Neither a sith or a Jedi so I will go with chocolate milk because I am the balance and yes some cookies with it.
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    Hey guys, our new video series where we customize Star Wars Nerf guns and go head to head on an obstacle course is finally here! Hope you guys like it: If you want to see more of this, let me know and if you have any ideas on what you would like to see in future episodes, leave a comment below!
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    Y'all probably have already seen the video, but there was some more leaked footage of Free Radical's Pre-Alpha Battlefront III story-mode compiled in snippets! Upload date is Aug. 2, 2016. There are more clips out there than just this one, but so I don't waste anyone's time, I decided to go with this one before EA or Lucasfilm or Disney ever decides to block or remove the video! Enjoy what might have been!
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    CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!!!!!!! IM so happy the site is back up!!!!
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    What's up y'all Good to be back I'm gonna stay here and at discord We can do both right
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    Hey guys i think the website is back online; lets get the community back together!!!!!
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    I was going to mention this later, but I might as well now. Lucasfilm in the UK accepted my application and were very impressed by how extremely enthusiastic and talented I am and my experience of creating real-time animations, working with mo-cap, programming languages, and vfx ever since I was 9 years old. After I finish high school in January I will be applying for a UK visa and relocating their to work for one of their ILM/Lucasfilm divisions. So I will be working on Marvel films, Transformers, Avatar, and Star Wars films probably after episode 9. I cannot express my excitement and especially my thanks to Pablo Hidalgo who put a word out about me to the employers. You guys have gotten me back into the community with your channel and site and I will for sure mention all of you to them.
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    Marvel mashup with STAR WARS . But cap
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    Everybody feeling good?
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    True identity of supreme leader SNOKE is revealed??
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    Elleo everybody. How have all of you been? I know I have been absent for couple of months. I have been real busy with work lately that's why I have been away. I'm going to be try to be more active on here. Also got the new SWBF2 book in the mail today, I'll give it a read through and tell you guys if it's worth buying or not. Give it the Lore Master stamp of approval. hehe lol
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    Guess what I got my hands on?
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    I'm so happy to see the website is finally working again! It's been a while since I was last here, a lot of things have happened to me since then(some good, some bad) and I hope to be more active this time around. I did some research on my Force Unleashed 2 theory(Mainly by watching all of the Subject 1157 videos that some guy kindly decided to record before Lucasarts shutdown) and got a phone(Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge if you wanna know) and it's great! I've been playing Force Arena with my brother and have been practicing lots with Darth Vader. Speaking of Darth Vader, I won't spoil anything but the new Vader sounds awesome! Hope things go back to the way they were and again thank you @KnightRobby and @ComposerRyan for fixing up the website.
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    Great to have the website back, welcome back everyone.
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    So far so good. Notifications are working, my replys aren't being posted twice. But its still very slow and laggy.
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    Hey guys, I did an upgrade to the site today. Please let me know if you are experiencing any issues still or if any new ones have showed up. Thanks again guys for you patience with fixing some of the bugs we've been having!
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    I bet you'll really like today's meme XD
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    Daily meme

    Daily meme
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    Found this at the thrift store for $2.00 and am so hyped to watch it since I grew up with volume 1 and only ever saw this once when I was really young.
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    Ooooooh Clone Wars expansion,looking forward to it! Anakin and Maul look like my new favorites so far!
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    Got a new document reader (is that what one would even call it?) app for my laptop yesterday called OfficeSuite! Found it on my phone and found a way to install a PC version to my laptop! Yay! Now I can work on my fanfic!! Yay!!
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    I know what I said about battlefront 2, but I am getting a new laptop that will have a gtx 1060 in (the predator 300 helios laptop,) and I want to play all the beautiful games wherever I go. I prefer laptop gaming over the desktop, because of the ability to take the best AAA titles anywhere. Do I have everyone on Origin? Add me @darthmichael. Can't wait to play with all of you! It better have instant action or at least some kind of offline battles/bots mode.
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    I have a feeling that the last jedi could be a Porg...its more accurate than any of the Snoke theories. Btw YOUR SNOKE THEORY SUCKS.
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    @ComposerRyan @KnightRobby I go to the fan expo here in toronto every year and I had the privelage of meeting Mark Hamill last year, stan lee, and this year I cannot wait to speak with Dave Filoni, especially since I'll be (hopefully) working with him from a far when I begin my position at Lucasfilm/ILM in the UK next year. It would be incredible for you guys to come one year and maybe some of the fans from StarWarsHQ, as well. A fan meet up is long overdue.
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    Porgs are what Lucas tried to do with the Gungans. Cute, loveable, MAYBE feisty? Becoming popular really quickly.
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    Still not an advanced member? How wude! (because there is no jar jar emoji.)
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    You know its an awesome day when you have a conversation about working at Lucasfilm with Pablo Hidalgo himself, a conversation on Xbox with kanan jarrus himself, fpj, Dash star on twitter and steam, and then to top it all off getting owned by both freddie, and sam witwer. OH YA! Oh, and yes those are the email confirmations of all the jobs I just applied too. Lol. Wish me luck. I applied a lot to lucasfilm last night.
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    Apologies for the building delay. Minecraft just recently had a massive beta update. The producer said their is like 10,000 changes. And their really is. They are making PE, PC, and the console versions one in the same. So far the beta has been really good. Im on PE so you know. It has been kind of laggy tho. But regardless i will be starting today.
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    Hows everybody doing today?
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    Sorry if I've been pushy concerning the Discord and the website issues. Even though the HQ might not be the logical choice people just have their own opinions so if you would rather stay here I will just back off.
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    @KnightKylee@KnightRobbyand @ComposerRyandont you think this kind of customisation will available or should be there in battlefront 2 ?? Actually Phase 2 Clone Troopers as the are cool .
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    Meme of the day: Some of y'all may have already seen it...
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    @ComposerRyan, it still sends me to other users' profiles when I click like on there comment or post. Even does this when I click the notification icon
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    Yeshhh It's will be vary nice to "like" things again
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    Hey guys, sorry for the super late response. I realize the website has had some major issues and that's because our server was moved suddenly. So I am going to do my best to fix the problems and appreciate your patience. Thanks again!
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    Who would you rather be? A senator for the republic or a governor of the Empire?
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    Droids are awesome but I prefer clone troopers more its just my opinion but I RESPECT your opinion on the droids buddy it makes you a true star wars fan.
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    Its been so long since I've been active on here. The greatest social media site available. Anyone just want to play battlefront? I know there are many people here who I've played with before, but I would love to again.
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    Happy belated birthday @RogueRebel
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    @KnightRobby and @ComposerRyan I got some images actually screen shots of Supreme Leader SNOKE's Red Guards .