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@DarthBueno For one thing, I'm more good guy oriented, just the way I was raised although I do enjoy stories of bad guys who realize that the cause they would give their life for may not be what they were lead to believe is truly the right path and start to make the wrong in their lives right.

And sorry if what I said came out the wrong way. I don't hate the Nightsisters as people, I hate what they represent and they're demonic practices. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

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Day 7:


My favourite hero in the Clone Wars is Anakin Skywalker. When we only had the movies, all that we really knew of Skywalker that was considered a heroic act was that he defeated Dooku, drawing what was hoped to be a quicker end to the Clone Wars. The only other thing we knew about what he did was all his evil as Darth Vader.

The Clone Wars showed us the immense good that he did as a hero, and overall his character development throughout the time era. I think that gives the movies much more meaning and emotion. 

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