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Day 3

I'm cheating with two today;

Darkness on Umbara and The Wrong Jedi arc! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(But seriously, why are you even here if you haven't watched The Clone Wars?! Seriously, if you're reading this forum and have never watched it or haven't gotten through to S5, go watch the show or season if watched the previous, then come back...)

Darkness on Umbara because we get another story told from the Clones' perspective! We also get to see that there are Jedi out there that have become dark extremists due to the war (enter, General Krell) and have a different way of commanding soldiers than the clones are used to. Watching the story progress and seeing the development in Rex, Fives, Kix, Jesse and the rest of the 501st as soldiers and people is great! And it's truly awesome to witness the clones in action without aid from Jedi (for the most part) and seeing them in precarious situations and figuring out how they have to press onward is just great! But also, seeing how they all feel about the current Jedi leadership is also something I enjoyed seeing how they overcame the issue after a certain favorite clone back in Season 1 :::spoilers::: :::SPOILERS, I WARN YOU!!!::: died. Anyone who has watched that episode in the arc knows what I'm talking about.


And The Wrong Jedi arc because... well, AHSOKA FREAKING TANO!!! But in all seriousness, this arc has show and proved just how much she had grown from the moment she stepped down the boarding ramp of that Republic shuttle, a snippy Jedi Youngling up to when she got kidnapped by Trandoshan Sport Hunters (actually, that may have been when she had proven this, now that I think about it) and has been growing throughout the shows runtime, but I believe this arc was when she truly bloomed!

As Qui-Gon once said to a certain boy of Tatooine origin, "Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge. And even if you succeed, it's a hard life." Ahsoka was accused for murder of the bomber of the Jedi Temple (which killed at least six Jedi plus maitanance crews, civilian workers, clones, etc.) Letta Turmond, was framed for the murder of three clone officers, and then later accused of the whole thing; bombing the Jedi Temple, killing Letta and the three officers. Ahsoka would later escape into the Underworld and had a run-in with Ventress, who was after collecting bounty on her by turning her in to the authorities. After realizing they had more in common than they thought, Ventress agreed to showing Ahsoka the origin of the nano-droids (thanks to a heads-up from Barriss Offee) that were used in the bombing of the Temple. After they separated, Ahsoka came into contact and attacked again by who she believed to be Ventress. After being beaten by the mysterious assailant, Republic forces, under the command of Anakin and Plo Koon soon found her and returned her to the Temple. Soon after, she was brought into the Chamber of Judgement where the Council put her on trial, delaying their already predetermined decision; expelling her, at the behest of the Senate and Tarkin, and handing her over to the courts to decide her fate. While she was on trial Anakin refused to believe that his apprentice was capable of the things she was accused of and went looking for answers... and the people who could provide them. As Ahsoka was about to be given, what seemed to be her death sentance, Anakin interrupted the proceedings as he revealed the true saboteur and the one who framed Ahsoka all the crimes she was accused of; Barriss Offee, member of the Jedi Order and traitor to the Republic... and her best friend. After Barriss confessed everything to all who were present, she was escorted to prison. Afterwards, Ahsoka was brought to the Council Chambers where Anakin and Plo apologized about everything that happened to her and that the Council was wrong to accuse her, the rest gave her praise, saying that she had shown great strength in proving her innocence was the true sign of a Jedi Knight. Also stating that it was her great trial, and realizing that the Force works in ways they themselves don't understand, but because of what she went through and had overcome, she had become a greater Jedi than she would otherwise have and even offered her back into the Jedi Order... But chose not to. Not now. Not after her trust in the Jedi had been shattered, not just by the betrayal of her close friend Barriss, but by her teachers, her masters, the Jedi Council. No one, aside from Anakin would believe her. After a seemingly last moment with Anakin, her friend, her brother, he confided with her that he understood wanting to walk away from the Jedi Order, to which she knew, showing us the deep connection and bond between Anakin and Ahsoka. And so, we end the arc that ends Season 5 (and to an extent, the show as a whole), as Ahsoka walked down the steps of the Temple, into the sunset, we are met with silence in the credits as Ahsoka's theme plays one final time in the show... leaving every last one of us curled in a ball-like position as we sob so much that our hearts start to cry!!!!! :blink::blink::blink:  D'X   D'X   D'X

This episodic arc truly put Ahsoka to the test, to prove herself worthy as a Jedi and prove that she didn't commit the crimes that she was accused of! And because of the trials and tribulations, she came out better than she ever could have been! And she made the most difficult choice any Jedi could make; she chose to leave behind the only life she had ever known and figure things out on her own. It was my greatest honor to watch as my little Torgruta Jedi grew up over the years into the woman she had become from when she walked down the ramp of that shuttle on Christophsis, to when she walked down those steps... and when she freaking climbed down the ladder of The Ghost and came back in STAR WARS REBELS AND ALMOST MADE ME WAKE UP MY PARENTS FROM MY OVERJOYOUS SCREAMS!!!!! O.O   O.O   O.O     X'D   X'D   X'D

latest-2.jpg.c7b08739bc582546e36e03bad0b1e085.jpg6b3c90_97abb5769e66470a83ced7771f409854.jpgCaptian Rex and Commander Fox.jpgLeap of Faith.jpgTo Catch a Jedi Screenshot.jpg474934c9d3b63f7008b278567a14eefb.jpg

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Sorry for a long reasoning, but I do love this arc!

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Day 4 

My favorite original Clone Wars character, I thought about this for a while and I was stuck between Pre Vizla, a man who wanted his clan's traditions to be the way they were, but was foolish,arrogant, and willing to kill his own in order to get his traditions back and died with dignity after a brutal fight with Darth Maul. Captain Rex, a soldier loyal to the Republic, experienced a lot of hardships in the Clone War, Geonosis, Umbara, the citadel, situation with Fives, Florum, Salucami, Christophis and so on. He questioned his worth to the republic army, to his Jedi generals, and to his comrades, loyal till he resigned and ceded his command to 501st member Commander Appo(he's the clone in revenge of the sith that confronts Bail after operation knight fall, and Rex resigning happens in Legends if your'e wondering). Lastly, Savage Opress, brother of Darth Maul. Savage was a night brother who was respectful, kind, smart, capable of battle and like Maul, a born warrior. I like all of these characters for a similar reason, comradery, Pre Vilza was a mandalorian warrior who valued honor and his ancestor's traditions, even though he would kill his own, at heart he was a warrior. Captain Rex was always respectful, loyal, and trustworthy, a patriot to the republic. Savage was also respectful to his brothers and was a born leader, leading him and feral until the very end where Savage choked him to death. Out of the three, I'm going to have to choose Captain Rex for the reasons stated above. If this question was who are your favorites, then I would include the other 2 but it just says who is your favorite so that would be Rex. 

Captain Rex.jpg

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15 hours ago, DarthBueno said:

Ive got to give this one to obi wan, do i have to explain why? 



@DarthBueno Sorry to be a debby downer but it says "Original" Clone Wars character(as in Rex, Fox, Ashoka, Vilza, Savage, Lux and etc), not film character that appears in TCW, so pick anotha one, :) 

Day 5 

Best scene in TCW? To be honest I guess the best scene in TCW in my opinion would be in the Mortis arc whenever the son visits Anakin. Whether that results in him talking to his mother who gives really good advise to Anakin experiencing the vision of the future and falling to the dark side because of it. It's some of the best character development or defining moment for Anakin in TCW(nothing as Jaw dropping as his fight with Ventress on Yavin 4 or his first vision the caves of Nelvann but the development here was nice). Lastly, this arc has probably some of the most beautiful shots in the entire show. But, I'd be cheating if I just said all of the sons scenes with Anakin so I'll pick the scene where the Son shows Anakin the future. Some debated how this vision is lackluster compared to the one in Nelvann(which I'll show below) and at first I agreed but then I realized that in Nelvann, Anakin wen't there as a trail, it was a test of his skill. Here, in the Mortis it's the son trying to bend Anakin to his will so by spoiling the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Anakin realizes the atrocities he will commit and ultimately falls to the darkness in the fear of becoming Vader. Sort of symbolic when you think about it because he fell to the Darkside in the fear of Pad'me dying of childbirth, so he did what he could which resulted in the death of the Jedi and the birth of an Empire. Also I just noticed that Anakin's position and the fact that he says "NOOOOOOOOOO" is very similar to when he yelled as Darth Vader when first donning the suit. Finally, has anyone here seen a  70's anime called Captain Herlock? I just started watching it and it's really good, I know it's not Star Wars related but I really just wanted to point that out. :)  


Anakin's vision on Nelvann: 



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