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  1. Today
  2. Welcome to the HQ, fellow Star Warrior! You wouldn't happen to know where I can purchase a Discount Kylo Ren lightsaber, would you?



    Jk. Though, don't we all want one of those? :D Hope you enjoy your stay at the best community you can find, your #1 source for everything Star Wars: Star Wars Headquarters!

  3. Yesterday
  4. Y'all remember me telling you guys that a good friend of mine gifted me both KOTOR games on Steam for PC a couple months ago, for Christmas? And do y'all remember that I complained how my laptop's storage was cramped up to the neck? Well not anymore! I was able to finally install KOTOR I and The Force Unleashed II!! Very, very, very different from gaming on a console controller, that's for sure! But I'm really enjoying my playtime on KOTOR! :D If you'd like to know, I'm in the Undercity helping out Mission find and rescue her Wookiee comrade, Zaandarr (I think that's how you spell it, but I'm sure someone will correct me) so that I can find a way into that one gang's base. ( I know, I'm bad at remembering these names, but I'm a noobie to this game... sue me!)

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    2. Skyguy501


      Yep! Further proof of this includes his ol' gramps killing it with his appearances in Rogue One... xD


    3. ZakoBattledroid
    4. Skyguy501


      I actually laughed out loud! xD Still. Can't. Stop!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  5. Hey guys, the time frame for the upcoming new Star Wars game by Visceral Games has been revealed! :D  check out the news below and hope you're all doing good!


  6. Seems the moderator over in the Yooka-Laylee discussion board is more than just a little trigger happy in his pursuit to qualm the chaos he's sown with mass bans and deletions on people just asking for refunds. It's almost as if he's surprised or is unwilling to take responsibility for why the discussion board is as bad as it is now.

    Even I got hit by this guy in trying to calm people down a bit.


    Thank you, Jonno. You sure showed everyone your professionalism in this entire situation.

  7. Here is my review.... @Sith Lord Cookie there are cuss words. 

    Let be known that as off right now, until they do Darth Maul justice, i hate star wars.

    For me, this episode did not do Darth Maul or star wars fans justice. I will explain. First off, the whole episode is a mess. I can't even remember everything that happened in the episode it was so boring. Ezra.... Goddamn i hate that kid so much. He should not be a jedi. He can't even follow orders. He has no idea what he is doing and it almost gets him killed every single time. "oh, Hera, Maul is targeting master obi-wan. i have to do something" "you will stay here and train for the attack on lothal" So he decides to disobey her. What the fuck? Jesus Christ you dumbass kid you are an ignorant immature little fuck who doesnt know what he is doing. You have been manipulated by Maul countless times, playing to your fucking goddamn emotions. He always gets you, cant you fucking understand that? Then after you steal an A-wing making yourself look so fucking bad and stupid. You almost killed a rebel because you are obsessed with him. now you will charge blindly looking for obi-wan while maul is looking for him? Then the tusken raiders... why the fuck are they in there? They serve no purpose. And slug throwers blowing up a-wings.....?????? Jesus Christ it makes no sense. Of course after that they wander in the desert about to die. And then of course fucking obi-wan shows up and saves them. Yup, like he was just there walking and saw this little piece of shit on the ground dying of thirst.... Then of course Ezra wakes up, "oh master obi wan, you're in danger, im not supposed to be here but i had to tell you. Please come with me ill save you." Then obi wan exposes him and Ezra cant say anything because he knows he is a little bitch. And then Maul shows up. Good job Ezra you were trying to save obi-wan and you led maul to him. good fucking job you retarded piece of shit. Of course Ezra must leave after. This is obi-wan's fight after all. Then the fucking interaction between them was so cringy. "Look what you are now, stuck on a desert, maybe i should leave you here to die..." "Look what i have risen above, some dude with robot legs who wants to kill me." "you're protecting someone aren't you?" "yup got Luke back over there. Oh i must fight you, luke's in danger." So then they draw and fight... FOR 2 FUCKING SECONDS. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? 2 FUCKING SECONDS? FOR WEEKS YOU HYPE THIS GREAT DUEL BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM AND THEN YOU MAKE IT SO SHORT? ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING KIDDING ME? For ANYONE who tells me "He used qui gon's stance to trick him" fuck off. Ok? This is Darth Maul. A powerful Sith Lord. You have an old saggy balls man fighting a young guy. They are two great foes. Are you telling me that he thought of that just now? Not even in the Clone Wars.... Hmmm lets me trick maul and use qui gon's stance to trick him. Couldnt you think of that then? What a fucking insult to me and many other fans who are ticked off. And all you guys are defending this bullshit? I cant believe you all are ok with him dying in 2 seconds and going out like a bitch.... When i think of maul now "oh yea, the guy who went out like a bitch in 2 seconds...." I cannot believe they hyped up this fight just to make it so short. you have no idea how mad i was when i first saw this, even though im a little cooled off, this still pisses me off. Then the talk at the end was good though. I liked the interaction. But the fight made me hate this episode. I cannot believe a great character died in 2 seconds. Just wow, the insults they threw at us. Then Ezra returns to the base. "im so sorry Hera, ive only done it so many times before but please forgive me..... please i didnt mean to, it was a trick again..." No fucking shit you dumbass kid. God, there is something wrong with you. Ihope you are the first to die. We dont need you.

    Well anyway, here's my review. I hate this episode, and i cannot believe the fans are going so blindly around supporting this pile of shit. My rating score is 0/10 Worst episode ever. Fuck this episode. They fucked over the fans, Darth Maul and his legacy.  

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @Peirce Here, maybe this might cheer you up a bit.

      Video isn't mine, but this is exactly what I did to cheer myself up after the episode. Popped in the original Force Unleashed and played the Tatooine DLC with the Darth Maul costume on.

      Been a while. This is the last Star Wars videogame that I bought.

    3. Peirce
    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @Peirce This might help too. If you have Battlefront II, you could always play that during the Clone Wars era with the heroes turned on. The Naboo, Tatooine and Mustafar maps have Obi-Wan and Darth Maul fighting each other.

      Or just Hero Assault and hunt down the Obi-Wans.

  8. I will be releasing my review later today on Twin Suns. For @Sith Lord Cookie i wont put cuss words in the review, but i fear it will lose its impact. K, be back soon.

  9. For those who didn't hear the news, Disney has announced that they have another 15 years of Star Wars movies planned.

    1. multiumbreon


      That's a lot of star wars...

    2. ZakoBattledroid


      Watch those Wrist Rockets!: A Star Wars Story

  10. Last week
  11. Is there anywhere besides KissCartoon and animeflavor where I can get Zero Hour? KissCartoon is down and animefalvor won't work. 

    1. Skyguy501


      This is where I ended up going to. Pretty decent site, can even download episodes...


  12. Congrats for 500k Ryan and Robby. Definitively one of the best channels out on youtube.

    1. ComposerRyan


      Thanks @Peirce! :D 

  13. CONGRATS ON 500k SUBSCRIBERS, @ComposerRyan & @KnightRobby!!!

    Live stream is still going if anybody from the HQ wants to visit fans in the Live Chat!


    1. ComposerRyan


      Thanks @Skyguy501! :D  We're going to be doing another live stream this week and announce our biggest giveaway yet so stay tuned!

    2. Skyguy501
  14. My Season 3 Finale REACTION is up!!! I recorded Part 1 and Part 2 separately and had to stop mid-episode in Part 1, due to some difficulties I had to take care of, but got it done nevertheless! I think y'all know the drill well enough that I don't need to remind you how this is gonna work! ;) 

    And credit for the thumbnail of course belongs to our very own @Captain_Krone!

    And here are the links to Parts 1 1/2 & 2

    Part 11/2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98DNbpaJmek

    Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tPjXxXWxds

  15. Thoughts on if Thrawn will return in season 4 anybody? I for one think its a possibility:o

    maxresdefault (1).jpg

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      I hope he will. It would be rather disjarring if he just up and disappeared from the Rebels series. He has been built up as a recurring antagonist. Makes no sense for Thrawn to suddenly be dropped from the story for Season 4.

    2. DarthBueno
  16. So..... Since KissCartoon was down i decided to use a different website for rebels it work and is like 720 P HD hope you enjoy the link 

    Rebels season 3 full Finale


    1. ZakoBattledroid


      Better than what he actually wished for in the movie.

  17. I know this is kinda unrelated, but my custom deck of cards(which are Star Wars themed) just came in!!! Tell me what you guys think.(also if you want me to do a video going through every card just let me know)image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

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    2. Sk8rkid28


      You gotta tell us where we can get this

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      @Sk8rkid28 currently this is a one-of-a-kind deck of cards, but I believe that I could sell the design to the company that I made them from???

    4. Sk8rkid28


      @Anonymous Clone Well if that happens, you got one buyer right here :D  

  18. Season 3 Episode 22. Now this was an episode. Not like the bullshit one before that....

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    2. Peirce


      i saw it on youtube in clips @Skyguy501

    3. Sk8rkid28


      I'm still curious to hear your thoughts on Twin Suns. There's a forum thread that was created by Zako about the episode and discussion on our thoughts if you wanted to join in @Peirce

    4. Peirce


      @Sk8rkid28 its coming today. And it will be brutal. i can say that. 

  19. @Jedimaster1423 here is my first attempt, if you want me to change something just let me know.:clonenew pic.png

    it might be to big....just let me know if I need to shrink it down or something....

    1. Jedimaster1423


      ya forget the dm this looks great

    2. Skyguy501


      Never thought I'd need to see this image of Yoda, but here we have it! xD Awesome!

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      @Jedimaster1423 Thanks!!! If you want me to change anything just let me know!!

      @Skyguy501 you'll find some strange photos on here sometimes....this is one of those times!!

  20. SO TRIGGERED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Steam Account got hacked into and I think my email too!! Don't know what to do i got a lot of money invested into the account. Does anyone know if there is a way to transfer my money and games to another account??? I dont want to re-buy EVERYTHING I have. I got some emails from steam before saying someone tried to get in to my account, i looked up this number thing and it is from a computer in minnesota?!? I dont even live in or know anyone from there!!! Now it got hacked

    1. Joshua Asbridge

      Joshua Asbridge

      Oh man, bummer! Sorry, I don't know what to do. :(

    2. Skyguy501


      Man, that stinks! Why do people do this? I mean, I understand to a degree, but why? Is there nothing better for that person to do with his/her life?

    3. Mikayahu


      @Skyguy501I dont think it has anything to do with boredom.  More like the idea of being able to get money easily without having to work for it or spend it.

  21. I'm glad SWTOR is going back to the "Empire vs Republic" angle and cannot wait to play "The war for Iokath" obviously I'm siding with the Imperials. I think the video ends abruptly but that's probably to avoid spoilers. I also have a lot of catching up to do, I'm currently on Alderaan and I'm on Chapter 1 out of 3 for the sith warrior's story but I'm taking my time, doing all of the quests and exploring the planet, it's been a really fun ride making the Sith Empire stronger day by day. I seriously need to get the KOTOR games to catch up with the lore of the Old Republic era and to know more about Darth Revan.


  22. 2 days ago, I finished the Star Wars The Clone Wars Legacy arc "The Crystal Crisis on Utapau" and really enjoyed the arc. It was fun, adventurous, action packed and explores a little more about Anakin's thoughts on Ashoka leaving the Jedi order and even gives us some foreshadowing for Revenge of the Sith which I thought was awesome. I decided to look up more information about the now cancelled Clone Wars show and found out that there was going to be 8 seasons in total with about 36 episodes left of the show. I found out about this information from the "Save the Clone Wars" website.  All of these episodes sound very awesome and I hope that they get adapted into a novel/comic or unfinished story reel like the rest of the "Legacy" series of episodes. I've yet to watch the "Bad Batch" arc and plan on doing so soon. For now, what do you guys think of these episodes that could've happened if the show wasn't cancelled? 

    Here's the "Save The Clone Wars"website: http://www.savetheclonewars.com/2016/02/approximatley-35-clone-wars-stories.html 

    If you wan't to watch the "Bad Batch" arc and "The Crystal Crisis on Utapau" arc, here's the link to the official Star Wars website that has aired these episodes: http://www.starwars.com/tv-shows/the-clone-wars-legacy 

    I wen't and found even more information about what the remaining TCW episodes could've been, I'd be totally fine if the rest of the show gets adapted into a comic or novel, as long the story's told. I have mixed feelings about TCW, when you add the show in the Legends time line, it's a continuity wrecking ball due to all the inconsistencies and contradictions within the show( I know that TCW was placed as T-Canon AKA television canon and that it and G-Canon take precedence over the C-Canon but it bothers me since I enjoy both interpretations of the Clone Wars and wan't both to fuse into one continuity). Thankfully, these contradictions have been ret-conned and TCW can now hopefully fit within the Legends timeline.There's also the fact that the Separatists are a joke the battle droids act like idiots and while this works for comedic effect, it makes the C.I.S. less intimidating and what they did to Grievous is just astonishing all though he and the separatists do improve as the series progresses. While at the same time, the show tells amazing stories like the Umbara arc, Darth Maul arc, Ashoka arc, Geonosis arc, Death Watch arcs, Mortis arc, Citadel arc, Order 66 arc, and the season finales for 1 and 2 that I think it balances it out. TCW has a lot of good(Amazing Arcs, characterization and plot) and a lot of bad(Very Inconsistent and some of the show's villains aren't as good as they should be), I saw the show since it's debut(while missing episodes unintentionally and intentionally) and grew with the show and learned a lot from it so it means a lot to me for that. In fact I have a good question(I think it's a good question) what problems did you guys have with TCW? Where they the same problems I had? or do you have different problem. What that being said, May the force be with you and have a good day :)  

    Article #1: http://www.starwarsunderworld.com/2013/01/the-end-of-clone-wars-series-has-been.html 

    Article #2: http://makingstarwars.net/2014/05/brent-friedman-writer-clone-wars-talks-season-7-8/ 


    1. Peirce


      They need to finish the Clone Wars. So many episodes left. Please disney...

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      Yeah, I don't understand why they haven't already; they did it with Dark Disciple and Son of Dathomir so it's not impossible plus A LOT of the community would love to see more TCW which equals a lot of $$$$ so it's a win win to me. 

  23. Got closed beta code for Gwent on XB1 I'm not going to play it figured someone on here could use it. Also bought Mass effect Andromeda two days ago and I'm absolutely loving it.


    1. Mask Lord

      Mask Lord

      I won't be using it but I still like the post:c3po

  24. Who do you say is a greater tactician, Anakin Skywalker, or Grand Admiral Thrawn?

  25. Predictions for Zero Hour?:huh:


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    2. Peirce
    3. Mikayahu


      By a dagger...In the chest...wielded by a Noghri...Oh wait, they arent canon.  Screw you Disney

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      I feel like he will be recalled by Palpatine either mid battle or after the battle. Killing him off now would be way to early.

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