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  3. space battle gameplay!



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  5. That's why he changed his partyFB_IMG_1503164867276.thumb.jpg.eeec4f32f838c1dfaed5137b0d737502.jpgFB_IMG_1503164862343.jpg.326c124a89cbfc0da2b3e6e94de2702f.jpg

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  7. hi everyone, I'm back after a long ass time of not being active

    1. RogueRebel


      Welcome back buddy

      Been a while since I've seen ya my man

  8. From last few day's me and my team were working on a project and in few days we will be starting our new youtube channel_20170813_131210.jpg.b6cde4a6c0ebdce9d95380699f3b14c1.jpgso I need some help and some tips from you guys to how to run it successfully because my last channel was a super flop . So please help me and I will to do my best . @ComposerRyan you are updating is with all the news of battlefront 2 and the last jedi so can I take some idea's from your videos ? Because you update us first about star wars battlefront 2 and episode VIII the last jedi . 

    1. RogueRebel


      Nice, I'll sub

    2. Darth Pranav

      Darth Pranav

      Thank-you bro . If my channel hits 1k subscribers then I will do a giveaway . 

  9. Found this at the thrift store for $2.00 and am so hyped to watch it since I grew up with volume 1 and only ever saw this once when I was really young.


    1. Darthmichael18


      Should've just went on to kisscartoon.com thewatchseries.us 123movies.is solarmovie.to or 9cartoon.com

    2. Ninjamonkeys


      I just wanted the dvd to complete the collection. 

  10. Ooooooh Clone Wars expansion,looking forward to it! Anakin and Maul look like my new favorites so far! 


  11. So I just rewatched the story mode trailer for bf2 ea and I noticed that statue at the bottom left. Strikes a fair resemblance of chancellor palpatine. Maybe this is him? Maybe he's confirmed to be in the game? This could be a prequel map too.  

    Screenshot (79).png

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      I didn't notice that the first time but that planet is Vardos I think, which is home to our new Imperial protagonist Iden Versio.

    2. Darthmichael18


      I know which map it is, I just wonder if we will see it during the prequel and ot era, due to that statue.

    3. multiumbreon


      Well apparently that Vardos was very welcoming of the Empire so it makes sense that they would have a statue of the Emperor as they would likely view him as some sort of hero.

  12. Got a new document reader (is that what one would even call it?) app for my laptop yesterday called OfficeSuite! Found it on my phone and found a way to install a PC version to my laptop! Yay! Now I can work on my fanfic!! Yay!! :D 

    Menace of the Sith.png

    1. Sk8rkid28


      Looking awesome man! Will you be sharing the story, I'd love to read it

    2. Skyguy501


      Eventually, yes! Still lots to write out, still lots of changes/edits that need to be made, but y'all will hopefully get to read it soon! :D There was a website that was recommended to me for posting fanfiction, so if I post it there I'll be sure to post a link here. :) 

  13. I know what I said about battlefront 2, but I am getting a new laptop that will have a gtx 1060 in (the predator 300 helios laptop,) and I want to play all the beautiful games wherever I go. I prefer laptop gaming over the desktop, because of the ability to take the best AAA titles anywhere. Do I have everyone on Origin? Add me @darthmichael. Can't wait to play with all of you! It better have instant action or at least some kind of offline battles/bots mode. 

    Screenshot (78).png

    1. Skyguy501


      Noice!! :):D 

      I don't have an Origin account and it (EA SWB II) is not available on Steam. :( I bought Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens today, though! :D 

      I hope it'll have an offline battle/bots mode, too! I really want to play offline without getting online (if you get my meaning), at least until I can get some better internet set up!

    2. Captain_Krone


      Niceee, I pre-ordered it. Also thinking about streaming the beta at some point.

  14. The quietness is stronnnggg with this site...where is everyone? Who needs school, jobs, or families? WE HAVE STAR WARS! 

    Screenshot (77).png

    1. Skyguy501


      Been working. Getting ready for plumbing school, getting ready to move and been hanging around the Discord server for a while. Got a new wallpaper as well! :D 


      My wallpaper.png

  15. I have a feeling that the last jedi could be a Porg...its more accurate than any of the Snoke theories. Btw YOUR SNOKE THEORY SUCKS. 

    1. multiumbreon


      My theory is he's Yoda's long lost evil twin. XD

    2. Darthmichael18
  16. @ComposerRyan @KnightRobby I go to the fan expo here in toronto every year and I had the privelage of meeting Mark Hamill last year, stan lee, and this year I cannot wait to speak with Dave Filoni, especially since I'll be (hopefully) working with him from a far when I begin my position at Lucasfilm/ILM in the UK next year. It would be incredible for you guys to come one year and maybe some of the fans from StarWarsHQ, as well. A fan meet up is long overdue. 

    1. Skyguy501


      YES!!! Also... :o DUDE!! Give him a hi from me, will ya? Lol, you don't have to...

  17.  I was going to mention this later, but I might as well now. Lucasfilm in the UK accepted my application and were very impressed by how extremely enthusiastic and talented I am and my experience of creating real-time animations, working with mo-cap, programming languages, and vfx ever since I was 9 years old. After I finish high school in January I will be applying for a UK visa and relocating their to work for one of their ILM/Lucasfilm divisions. So I will be working on Marvel films, Transformers, Avatar, and Star Wars films probably after episode 9. I cannot express my excitement and especially my thanks to Pablo Hidalgo who put a word out about me to the employers. You guys have gotten me back into the community with your channel and site and I will for sure mention all of you to them.:empire:empire:vader:ezra:deathstar:storm:boba:o 

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    2. Darthmichael18


      Thanks everyone! Ill feel more motivated to work knowing I have all of you behind me and you guys deserve the best quality fx and products. @Mikayahu Still part of the project. Taylor (lead dev) has been streaming on twitch a lot lately and we've made a ton of progress. Still a while out but we do want to release some kind of beta or alpha later this year or sometime next year. 


      @multiumbreon Enjoy your time! The forums will be MULTI quiet when you are gone....THAT is why I didnt go into comedy. 

    3. Skyguy501


      Congrats, man!!! I wish you the best, as we all do!!!!

    4. Captain_Krone


      Dude that's insane! To get in to Lucas Film is quite the achievement. Gonna be totally honest here,I'm a little jealous.


  19. Porgs are what Lucas tried to do with the Gungans. Cute, loveable, MAYBE feisty? Becoming popular really quickly. 

    1. Darth Pranav

      Darth Pranav

      Yes but no one can beat porgs 

  20. Its been so long since I've been active on here. The greatest social media site available. Anyone just want to play battlefront? I know there are many people here who I've played with before, but I would love to again.

  21. Still not an advanced member?

    How wude!

    :ewok(because there is no jar jar emoji.)

    Screenshot (65).png

    1. Abekrie


      At the time of this post, I'm reading that your content count is at "27"

    2. Darthmichael18
    3. Captain_Krone


      You need 30 to be an advanced member

  22. @ComposerRyan@KnightRobbyI've been experienced an extremely annoying login bug on here. Every time I try to log in it tells me that something went wrong, and I am constantly forced to change my password in order to regain access.

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