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  2. Has anyone else noticed how different episode 3 Darth Vaders suit is from the others?   His suit looks more sleek and durable. It looks neater.  

    One of the things I like most is the helmet how it's thicker and his neck part is under his shoulder armor and I really like how clean it looks compared to the OT. 

    How do you think they'll do it in rogue one? 



    1. Skyguy501


      Wow! I didn't even notice that!

  3. Ok so...i am not a theory person. (Not even sure thats how you spell it lol) but a freind showed me this and i was shocked. You have to watch the hole thing to get it. Snoke Is Mace Windu - Star Wars Theory - YouTube

  4. I see robby and ryan still show little activity lol. But im getting back to regular posts so... Yay me!

  5. What do you guys think about this theory?

    Any thoughts about a possible The Old Republic TV show? If so, Live-action or CGI, should Dave Filoni supervise it? For me, as long as Satele Shan, Kao Cin Darach, Jace Malcom Ven Zallow Darth Malgus and Revan are in it, then HECK YEEEESSSSS!!

  6. Yesterday
  7. I have'nt posted anything in a while so hear!I just looks so cool!!!


    1. DarthBueno


      That guy might just get ran over by that tie entercepter in the corner of the picture:lol:

  8. Who do you think should win? Let me know in the comments below!

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      I'd have to give this to Mace Windu. He is considered second only to Yoda in the Jedi Order, which is impressive since he is 800 years Yoda's junior. He developed the Vaapad fighting style and was the only practitioner of the style not to fall to the dark side. He also uses a Force ability called Saber Shield which is absolutely insane.

      Windu is simple too powerful and Maul is too young.

  9. Today was a success! I got all new black series 6 inch. Also the new helmet storm trooper black series! I'm so happy my first helmet that doesn't look weird like those clone helmets from 2008 with the huge visors lol 

  10. Sick beats bro.




  11. Guys this force Friday was not as good as last year. Toys r us is more into it I got a poster and a shirt. I barely got a new scarab trooper there was 6 of them and everyone was asking me do you want that I'll pay you and I said no lol. So I got 2 rogue one storm troopers. I like how the new helmets looks better more straight and not crooked like the old ones. The blue things are in the helmet instead of decals. 

    I got a scarab 6 inch and then a poster and shirt. I'm going to target tomorrow for more because this year wasn't as much as last year. 

    1. AlienRainforest


      Hover tank trooper sorry not scarab 

  12. Im not spamming only one post per day;)

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Thank god that's why I left for awhile.<_<

    2. Remnant


      Small steps!!

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