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  2. For those who have heard about The Prequels Strike Back documentary, but were never able to watch it, the iTunes Store has it available to rent or to own! I think Amazon as well, but I got iTunes about a month ago recently and just discovered tonight it's on there! YouTube may very well have it, too, but I cannot be certain...

    So if you have an iTunes account and you've really wanted to check this documentary out, now you know where to go!


  3. Just a random thought: Y'know one if my favorite things about the HQ is being able to go here and forget life problems. This place is really great.

    Also anyone want a Deadpool meme attack?!lol. I'll be sure to keep it appropriate if I do dont worry XD.

    1. DarthBueno


      You're good to go ?

  4. @Diamond Creeper, how about me and you in SWBF on Xbox one tomorrow at 9:30 am est. You just start a game and I'll look up your gamertag and click join game. Is that good with you my man

  5. Yesterday
  6. The fandom could use more tolerance like that. Would surely help it grow more, but it is a rarity.
  7. Boom!


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    2. Daniel


      I really wish i had my wifi fixed ): i kind of hope its not on ps4 yet...

    3. Fossel13


      @Daniel as far as i have seen it is not.

    4. Skyguy501


      Can't wait to see your gameplay when you get the green light from EA! :D 

  8. Hey everyone, we got our first info about the PC closed alpha for you lucky PC gamers

    It will become playable this friday, it has a holographic menu and includes the assualt on theed mode

    here is some lengthier info with pictures from reddit


  9. @Diamond Creeper i found you on xbox one today, so let me know when you start SWBF tomorrow and i'll click join game on your profile 


  10. Storm troopers are better at dancing then aiming XD



    1. RogueRebel
    2. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      I've seen the second one, it's pretty funny. XD

  11. Droids are awesome but I prefer clone troopers more its just my opinion but I RESPECT your opinion on the droids buddy it makes you a true star wars fan.
  12. Jokes aside, I was actually being serious on that one.
  13. best windows 10 browser?

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    2. Lone Wolffe

      Lone Wolffe

      Internet Explorer XD

    3. Mikayahu
    4. Abekrie


      Internet Explorer was replaced by Edge in Windows 10, but it's still just the same IMO.

  14. Last week
  15. I could be wrong because it isn't at the time mentioned by the person who made the post but, they posted this today

    This makes me worry that There is no Last Jedi trailer today but we still can hope cause they said a trailer would be released at 5:01 PM Uk time which it isn't that time yet


  16. Just checking how much a baddy count dooku is


    1. multiumbreon


      That... That's realy boss...

  17. XD



    1. Lone Wolffe

      Lone Wolffe

      Wow i am really impressed that they didn't missed a single key word

    2. RogueRebel
    3. Daniel


      Thats a old one. Back when the memes first got big on the hq i posted a bunch of stormtruper memes. Long ago.

  18. Whoa whoa WHOA guys chill out, ive only been gone for like 3 days. I mean i know you miss me but dang.


  19. WARNING:Don't watch this if you don't want to die today:empire


    1. Mikayahu


      So therefore, if you want to die, watch that video?


    2. Lone Wolffe

      Lone Wolffe

      if you want to die happy XD, it so funny that will leave you without breathing:lol:

    3. Mikayahu


      I think ive seen it before...It is pretty funny, lol.

  20. We have a look at the home run in the new Star Wars Baseball game, BaseWars


    giphy (7).gif

  21. Here ya go everybody, more of those crazy videos called Share Wars A Star Wars Parody.

    Its a playlist of 6 videos



  22. Hey everybody, thought i'd share this with you all, but as of now we don't know if its true and won't til the time of the trailers release. But it seems legit. 


    1. RogueRebel


      We also have another few rumors pointing to the SWBF 2 alpha starting this week

  23. The amount of disregard you have for artificial intelligence is saying a lot with a statement like that. Especially in an era where AI has become so advanced to the point in which sentience has already been easily obtained many times over. Droids need initial programming just like an infant needs to develop a form of language and comprehension of the surrounding world. The more you understand the mind, the more you realize how mechanical it all works. May take a long time if ever for us to reach such an advanced level in real time, but the impact that happens when it does, and has in the Star Wars universe, could be monumental should they let it take its course. The slavery and frequent mind wipes hinder such growth, but it only takes a little spark to get it rolling. I bet you're wondering how C-3PO got his red arm? It's already begun.
  24. OOM-9 Faction: Confederacy of Independent Systems Class: Support Weapons: E-5 blaster rifle, RD-4 radiation launcher, electrobinoculars E-5 blaster rifle: The standard blaster rifle of the battle droids. RD-4 radiation launcher: A projectile weapon that fires green radioactive grenades that excel at damaging organic troops. The trigger can be held down to create a grenade that bounces or tapped to release a grenade that explodes on impact. Electrobinoculars: allow OOM-9 to call in orbital strikes, can also mark up to five enemies. Marked enemies have an icon above their heads, allowing for easy detection and also take an increased 25% damage from all Separatist units. When fighting indoors or on space stations, etc. OOM-9 loses the orbital bombardment option for his electrobinoculars. Trait Droid Leader: With more kills OOM-9 and all Separatist units gain higher health regeneration. OOM-9 has to get the kills, but the regeneration boost is applied to the entire droid army. (this idea was based off of Galactic Battlegrounds, where the droid heroes actually have a constant health regeneration) Abilities B1 grapple droids: This ability allows any friendly player to spawn next to OOM-9 and become a B1 grapple battle droid (from the game Jedi Power Battles). These large, durable, slate-gray droids rely solely on melee attacks and have no weaponry. A maximum of two B1 grapple droids can be present on the battlefront at any one time. Fire Control: Turns OOM-9’s E-5 into a semi-automatic weapon, capable of passing through enemy shields and capable of hitting enemy heroes that can block or reflect blaster fire. OOM-9’s Revenge: Friendly infantry, turrets, vehicles, and other heroes gain a boost to offensive damage, increased defense and a health regeneration boost within a large radius of OOM-9. OOM-9 himself is also affected by this boost. (basically Rage, Rally and Regeneration from the classic Battlefronts combined into one) Intro Theme: The Droid Invasion Battle Themes (all from the Episode I soundtrack) The Giant Squid and the Attack on Theed Escape from Naboo Activate the Droids The Battle Rages On The Tide Turns
  25. I don't know if I may offend any treky's here but I made this a while ago and I still feel this is funny.

    this is the link to all my memes. Not all are great just so you know. https://imgflip.com/i/swwyr


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