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  2. Boba Fett needs a new rug.


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  4. Hey @Mikayahu so i've been thinking, how about next tuesday me and you have a meme competition



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    2. RogueRebel


      how bout a rematch

      judges are @Peirce @Diamond Creeper @Daniel

    3. Mikayahu
    4. RogueRebel


      come on w can do it for all the marbles til the next star wars announcement, whoever wins holds the title for all of may 40th anniversary and all of june which represents ea play battlefront

  5. Hey @Peirce you interested in the new wonder woman, i know i am

    1. multiumbreon


      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Edited by multiumbreon
      I had to...
    2. RogueRebel


      is that a yes multi

  6. For those of you interested the live premiere of wonder woman is tonight at 9pm est, so i will be staying up late tonight. it is on I heart radios facebook page and here is the link to that page




    1. RogueRebel


      nevermind, me not having facebook isnt playing well with them so their site isnt letting me watch it

  7. Last week
  8. Happy 40th Anniversary Star Wars

    'Star Wars' opened on this day in 1977 

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    2. RogueRebel


      ok just look for this on the player list

      im a hockey fan

      im sure if you see the word puck its me

      and ill look for you

    3. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      Alright! I might not be able to play, I'm not sure yet.

    4. RogueRebel


      ok just let me know if you can around 1 -130 est

  9. Hey @Captain_Krone, i got a loadout challenge in battlefront 2015 for ya.

    personal shield, bacta bomb, medical droid

    finally my favorite gun which is a targeting rifle the T-21B

    I'd love to see you do a series of loadout challenges on youtube and all of us here could pick for ya to use in a video

  10. Also, I was on the Expanded Universe reddit forum(which I'll post the link to below) and was reading a page were user FN- 2814 asked about a official complete timeline for Legends and user Zapik linked a timeline that was unofficial but had everything and actually managed to fuse both clone wars timelines, something I wanted to do. So I've decided that for my EU collecting journey, I will use that timeline to help collection the rest of the Expanded Universe books.

    Here's the timeline I'm talking about: http://robertmullin.blogspot.cz/p/introduction.html 

    Expanded Universe Reddit Forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsEU/ 

    Article about the timelines: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsEU/comments/6b8ko5/has_there_ever_been_a_released_timeline_for_all/?st=j33mvd62&sh=16d9656a 

    On a side note, Matt Wilkins and some others made a website dedicated to the EU that I enjoy reading, here's the link if you want to view it. http://www.theexpandeduniverse.com/

  11. For anyone who seen my post a while ago about creating a faction on would of tanks, I found out (thanks to @TheDarkShadow8500) that it is cross platform through apple, Android, and PC. But to do it on PC you have to download world of tanks blitz on steam. The regular world of tanks is not compatible with mobile devices. 

    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      Yep, In my opinion I like World of Tanks Blitz more so I might reinstall that and see were things go from there. 

    2. Peirce


      i could download the game then

  12. I remember I made a status update a while ago where I asked you guys if there were any Imperial oriented stories that I could read. Recently, I realized that I was overlooking something that was right in my face. Star Wars games like Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Battlefront Elite Squadron, Battlefront Renegade Squadron, TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter vs X Wing, Empire At War, Empire At War Forces of Corruption, First Assault(Cancelled Star Wars Game), Imperial Commando(Cancelled Star Wars Game), Rebellion, Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galaxies all have playable Imperial perspectives. Then I did some research and found out some more info about Timothy Zahn's Star Wars books and it's characters like Mara Jade, The Hand Of Judgement, The Empire Of The Hand and I was in love with his ideas. I still haven't read any of Zahns Star Wars books and I was planning on doing so regardless but now I'm looking forward to reading those books(though it will be a long while since I'm collecting the EU in chronological order). I know the new canon also has Imperial oriented stories like Lost Stars, Rebels, Battlefront 2, Inferno Squad, Scar Squad and etc. but in my opinion the aforementioned stories are more interesting to me. I saw the new star wars movie screenshots and they look cool, I like the way Ben, Phasma and Hux look the most.

  13. Well, since everyone is doing memes now I'll contribute my memeimage.jpeg

  14. CtNrpsuWgAAFz9S.jpg

    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      I can almost see the expression on vaders face!!!!hahaha!!!

    2. DarthBueno
    3. Abekrie


      He's a father? He's a father!

  15. Just so everyone knows, I haven't died...I'm still here. Sorry for the inactivity though....I've been studying my ged and I'm close to finishing!!! After that I should be a bit more active.:clone

    1. RogueRebel


      Hey man good to see that you're back, i missed ya

    2. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      Good to see your not dead @Anonymous Clone! Welcome back!




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    2. RogueRebel


      favorite 3.75 is K2SO or shoretrooper

      12 inch favorite is Rey

      I have an 18 inch R2, yoda, poe, jyn

      31 inch stormtrooper and kylo

      12 inch rey, finn, kylo, stormtrooper, tie pilot, darth

      3.75 k2so, jyn, cassian, stormtrooper, moroff, shoretrooper, imperial ground crew, zuvio and sarco plank

      fisto and jar jar hero mashers

    3. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      That is...way more than I have! I have 6 inch: Kylo and Hoth Luke

      3.75 inch: Captain Rex and Commander Neyo.

      P.S: I was saying 12 inch in my previous posts, but I meant 6 inch.

    4. RogueRebel


      oh ok, i have a lot and plan to get more force friday or sith saturday XD

      I also have C2-B5, Han funko convention ceremony, yoda funkos

  17. Extra points if you watch the whole thing.  Possible spoilers if you havent seen Rogue One yet...Idk. 


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    2. Skyguy501


      xD My goodness, Chirrut! :lol: 

      "The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! The Force! (100x)" x'D 

      Seriously, though; if TCW and Rebels were added to this collection, it'd be plum full of 'Force'... 'Over 20,000'!

    3. multiumbreon


      The Force The Force The Force The Force The Force The FOrce The Force The Force The Froce The Force The Force The Force Fhe Force The Force The Force The Force The Force Te Force The Force Thre Force The Force The Force The Force The Force The Force The ForcE The FOrce HR FOrce The FOrce The Force THe Force The Force The FOrce The Force THe Force THe Force The ForCe The Force The Force the force The Force THe Force The Force @The Force The Force THe Forec The Force The Force  The Force The Force THe Force The Force THe Force The Force The Force THe Force The Force THe Force  The Force The FOrce Fhe Force The Force Foce The The Force Force The The Force The FOrce Ther force... Ya know... I  probably should have just used copy  paste for this... Eh... what eves.  Why do I feel like I'm no longer able to  properly spell "The Force"? XD

    4. Mikayahu


      Multiumbreon.exe has stopped working

  18. I've been busy playing SWTOR lately and I've been doing a semi walk through of the Sith Warrior's story on my Twitter by taking various screenshots and talking about them. So, I used Picsart(Recommend to me by @Mysterious Gamer Dude) and made this! It's a general summary of Chapter 1 for the Sith Warrior, I'm currently on Chapter 2 "Plan Zero" 

    I call it "The Padawan's Fall" 

    The Padawans Fall.png

  19. Sorry to all for being a little inactive and only making occasional posts but now i can come back full blown and making posts like crazy, i was busy for awhile but not anymore.

    What was your favorite GOTG Vol 2 moment?



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    2. RogueRebel


      You will love it, it is probably one of my favorite movies ever

    3. ZakoBattledroid


      Favorite scene? When Yondu calls out Rocket right after they arrive at Ego.


    4. RogueRebel


      Mine is the whole movie:D

      I love baby GROOTS dance in the beginning



    1. TheDarkShadow8500


      It's a shame we'll never see these episodes animated but hey, at least they have the chance of being adapted into a book, comic and or unfinished story reel like the rest have been. I was looking forward ot the Bad Batch's return on Kashyyyk the most because I recently watched all of the Bad Batch episodes at the Star Wars website and really enjoyed them. 

      If I were to sort out which arcs I was looking forward to the most it would go like this number 1 being on the top. 

      • Bad Batch Kashyyyk Arc 
      • Cad Bane/Boba Fett Arc 
      • Siege Of Mandalore 
      • Rex/R2 D2 Top Gun Arc 
      • Yuuzhan Vong Arc
      • Mon Cala Arc 
      • Return To The Jedi 
      • Ashoka;s Walkabout 
      • Young Ashoka Arc 
  20. Looking back when i first remember playing jedi outcast i was like "wow. I really love that game." re-playing now at nar shadda streets im thinking "wow. I forgot how much i hate this game." lol.

  21. i really hope the overall gameplay for battlefront 2 is a little different.  I mean i like the first one but it got to easy when you get used to the controls. Also when is its official release date? 

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    2. RogueRebel


      not a problem, you did no wrong, believe me if i were you i would have done the same thing

    3. Daniel


      @RogueRebel oh ok i see that now lol. It confused me at first as well @Abekrie. But i just seen the "star wars battlefront 2 is a upcoming etc" at first i was like what does this have to do with anything lol. But i see. Also thanks.

    4. RogueRebel


      not a problem you can ask me a question whenever you want 

  22. Battlefront 2 is coming out, I'm done with high school... My bro also graduated but from collage, A day and a half ago my grandma unexpectedly passed away:'(  (I know she already died, I mean the other one :c3po) Our priest is being rotated to another parish throughout our dioceses, This summer I'll be applying to the USMC and won't be on much at all.  It's been a year of change from my perspective.  and this has been my desktop background during this whole year.  It holds a lot of memories, some good, and some well, unexpected.  This over all just seems like an appropriate time to change my background again.



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    2. Diamond Creeper

      Diamond Creeper

      @Mask Lord my thoughts and prayers go with you!! And may the Force be with you, always...



    3. RogueRebel
    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      Good luck to you @Mask Lord! You have my condolences. 

  23. For everyone I would recommend checking out Star Wars Explained on YouTube he has helped me learn new things about both legends and canon. Je just put out a video about what we would have seen in the next seasons of CloneWars

    1. DarthBueno


      Ya he's pretty good 

    2. Skyguy501


      I love his in-depth lore topics, what ifs, what would have happeneds, etc... Pretty cool dude! Some Old Republic stuff from way back that I can kinda gloss over, if needed, for my Old Republic fanfiction I want to continue writing! :D 

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