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  3. Yay for Half Life 2, Combine devices in real life.


  4. 30 Day Video Game

    Day 28, Bethesda is the best game developer ever.
  5. 30 Day Video Game

    Day 28: I guess Toby Fox (guess what he did... ) and like MGD I do enjoy most indi stuff, oh, and a few runner ups might be Marcus "Notch" persson (guy who made the base of Minecraft all on his own) and Valve (made Portal series, and STEAM [Though I'm sure you knew that])
  6. 30 Day Video Game

    Day 28: Bethesda, CD Project Red, Hello Games, Scott Cawthon, @Mysterious Gamer Dude haha yea its No Man's Sky in the middle Kingdom Hearts 3 on the left and Horizon Zero Dawn to the right I was bored one day and decided to make a profile pic and have my most anticipated games
  7. 30 Day Video Game

    Day 28: Bethesda and most Indie developers. R.I.P. Pandemic.
  8. Wouldn't it be cool if for the upcoming Death Star DLC coming out in fall 2016 if you can manage to steal the Death Star plans as the Rebels and as the Empire you need to defend the plans? I hope EA does this new kind of game mode.

    1. Abekrie


      Many Bothans died to deliver that information.

    2. LordVader20


      That's the Second Death Star my friend

  9. Hmmmm CoOp Transports for Space Battles? Sounds fun but it depends on the mode/gametype. SWBF1&2 had LAAT/i, Lambda and Droid Gunships as Spawn points. In SWBF1, we could fly LAAT/i Transports to drop off troops on Geonosis for Conquest.  The major problems I encountered though, caused me to not like them in that mode and Space Assault due to players flying around not allowing players to spawn at the enemy bases. In SWBF1, only Jet Troopers could successfully spawn in a Transport and "eject" without dying. Normal infantry died when ejecting due to the height while flying. Jet Troopers were able to parachute down without taking damage.

    In SWBF2 Space Assault, players would use the Transports as bombers and nub fighters because they had extra armor and combined with the Slicer Repair perk, they were vry difficult to kill when filled with a squad of pilots. The best and fastest way to kill them was to use a bomber but the bombers were needed for destroying the objectives. Thus is took 2 tools away from objective players.

    Even Ryan and Robby have used Transports as snub fighters and bombers in a couple of their SWBF2 Space Assault videos. No offense neras, but thats a pucking Dbag move.....


    Again, Id like to see coop vehicles but serious thought should be put in on what gametypes they are used in and the gametype itself.


    Sithlordcookie, Yes, I use the word puck, alot :) lol










  10. Well, this exists and I love it:



    It's too bad that he hasn't updated in a while.

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