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  2. IDK why,but I'm really interested in the Anakin & Obi Wan comic,I wish there was more books focusing on the prequel era,I'd like to to see a novel or comic telling Count Dooku's story in the canon from his life in serenno to his death as a Sith Lord. 


  3. Does anyone else wonder what ever happened to Wolffe and Gregor after we see them in Rebels? We know Rex joined the Rebels but did the other two clones stay behind or what?



    1. DarthBueno


      ya but I really wish Gregor didn't go crazy, it kinda kills the character....

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      maybe they just left and went to other places in the galaxy,maybe they'll comeback but I doubt that 

  4. Yesterday
  5. Hows everyone's days so far?



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    2. DarthBueno


      Fun so far;) how about you Multi? Hows school?

    3. multiumbreon


      One word. Finals. <_<

    4. DarthBueno


      ya its kinda crazy....


  6. thought this was true lol:c3po:r2d2:storm:empire:lol:


    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Silly stormtrooper even I found the droid I was looking for:r2d2:c3po

    2. Mikayahu


      Yeah!!!  And you're a clone

    3. Lukefan228


      Gee it's like I never heard that before ?????

  7. Apologies for the inactivity and such.

    I don't know how much I like the bell for every status update of everyone I follow.

    Anyway, I've continued to update my blog TheTieHangar.wordpress.com

    @Darthmichael18 if your interested is such a project let me know.  Anyone else is welcome as well.

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    2. Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Mysterious Gamer Dude

      Ooo this looks kewl.


      I checked it out. It is absicly a Star Wars fan hang-out blog with what looks like regularly updated content.

    3. Mikayahu


      It was in the latest update that you get notifications for when people you follow post

    4. Mikayahu


      It has the words "Tie Hangar" though...Us Rebels dont go there.....

  8. I bet @Anonymous Clone is secretly Sev from Delta Squad and he had to keep it a secret, so he joined Anonymous so he could hide himself from the rest of Delta Squad.

    Just kidding :P


    ***Conspiracy music plays***

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    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Scorch also sent me this.......typical......image.jpeg

    3. DarthBueno


      "Sooooo if were all clones then why am I the only one with a sense of humor?!?!" #Scorch:P


    4. multiumbreon


      That's why he's my fav! ;) Also because EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!! B):P


  9. So I had this interesting talk with @TheDarkShadow8500 ?





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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


       @DarthBueno I think I did so indeed "moonwalks like Micheal Jackson* 

    3. multiumbreon


      *Game show host voice* And now, celebrity impressions with: Star Wars HQ! :P

    4. DarthBueno


      If only we were so famous....

  10. Delta Squad is canon they appear in one episode of the clone wars. 

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    2. multiumbreon


      *overjoyed scream* *dies* :D

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      if that's the case,new Republic Commando game? 

    4. Ninjamonkeys


      DarthBueno Sev could be dead this could take place before the end of the game which I am almost sure of because at the end you launch the kashyyyk invasion. I don't think he is dead because... he's Sev.

  11. Here are the ideas I said I'd post earlier,tell me what you guys think of the ideas :empire:rebels I mainly focused on the OT so's theirs no PT content at all. I'll start typing and post my rebels season 3 speculations at a later time,maybe tomorrow but not today. 

    Battlefront Modes and Map suggestions.rtf 

    Battlefront Customization Ideas.rtf


  12. luke.jpg

    I think its one of the Jedi Knight games,probably Outcast or Academy.
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