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  2. 59ed93ece5e5d_RepublicHeroes.jpg.ff77f91ca36fa1afbd282e83f1d727eb.jpg

    Here's some Republic heroes for Battlefront.

  3. 59ed7e91e9aad_SeparatistHeroes.jpg.af018c2f57eb416c0e9ad8e061ae6a80.jpg

    Some Separatist heroes for Battlefront since DICE is having a hard time thinking of any.

  4. Last week
  5. Progress update: clone helmet phase I


    ok, so a lot has happened, I've made the main shape for the front of the mask and a rough draft of the back. The front was way harder then I expected as well. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'll finish the build on Star Wars HQ, BUT I'm going to show the painting process on...ugh...discord...the site is officially dying since the little warning thing at the top of the feed.

    1. Abekrie


      You're always free to post it in our #fan-works channel

      As much as it might not seem so, I don't like the closing of this website just as much.

      There was nothing we could do to stop it though. Only thing I could was in creating the server.

  6. RIP StarWarsHQ.com -_-

    Small Little Explanation Why I Left:

    I cant believe its been 8 months since i last posted/liked anything, (not like i was super big in the community or had a big presence like a lot of you guys do but still...) I used to always check the site and even though i didn't make many posts, I regularly came on to see what others where sharing.I always loved the idea and design of this site where people who loved star wars could come and share and express anything star wars related which is what kept me coming back. I think the reason why I stopped coming on though was because of a glitch that would make it take forever to log on. It always said my password was incorrect so I would need to reset it every time i wanted to post/ like and eventually i just got tired of the hassle so i wouldn't log. I'll be on the new discord that you guys have set up by the way, not sure if i'll be super active in chat though, I also doubt any of you guys remember me at all cause like I said before, I wasn't ever a huge poster and didn't have a large presence on the site.

    1. Ninjamonkeys


      "It's over, HQ, I have the high ground"-Discord

    2. Mikayahu


      Well, you would be welcome on the newish Discord server...Most of the community is on the Star Wars HQ 2.0 server Abekrie made, instead of the official one...At least from what ive seen.  *AHEM* we actually have proper moderation on 2.0.  Anyway, if you wanted to join up you would be more than welcome, so heres the link.  For some reason some people really dislike the Discord thing, possibly thats because its change and moving away from tradition or past, despite the Discord being much better than the website ever was.



    3. Skyguy501


      Not to worry @RaccoonPlays, I still remember you! Sorry you had to come back to a dead community website. :(

  7. Progress update: Clone Helmet Phase I


    ok, so this is the top half-ish, I'm probably going to smooth the seams a bit more.

    also yes, I'm going to paint it...

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    2. Darthmichael18


      I can 3D model digitally but not physically. :P I wish I had that talent too. Good job.

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Thanks guys!!! I'm going to hopefully be working on it some more tonight...maybe update photos in the next few days

    4. ComposerRyan


      Very cool, can't wait to see more!

  8. Earlier
  9. Hey guys, So how have all of you guys been? Did you like the trailer and the Beta? Also I have a friend at work who is starting up a YouTube channel. So plz check it out and give some support. He is doing a play through of cup head right now. Also sorry for being so inactive lately just had some stuff going on, but now I got more free time so I'll be on here more often.



    1. Ninjamonkeys


      I think the beta stamped my buy with the up most of thoughts and I think the game may be better than the original battlefront by pandemic. 

    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I'm still 50\50 on SWBF2. The star wars fan in me loves it, while gaming fan in me hates it.

    3. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      @Sith Lord Cookie I've been doing fine...and I'm very excited for the last Jedi now that I've seen the trailer!!! (Even if their trying to use clever camera cuts to make thing seem different) and as for battlefront 2... I think my problem is that I come from playing actual shooters like call of duty and destiny, so my mentality for a this shooter is the same and I know it's not trying to be...other then that I'm pretty satisfied with the beta...

  10. New video in a brand new channel. Guys please watch it and subscribe to my channel and those who have subscribed my old channel do unsubscribe it. 

    New trailer Breakdown

  11. I'll have pics soon, but I'm working on a clone helmet prop right now...hopefully it turns out good!!!

    1. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      It will, it will turn out. :yoda

  12. Prepping for the new trailer with some BF2 and a Tie striker model kit I just finished!

    Tie Striker Canva.png

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    2. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Sweet I've done some Star Wars models to. All I have done so far is a T47 and an Awing. What brand was the model?

    3. CommanderWolffe


      @Sith Lord Cookie Bandai. I've done the A-wing as well as an X-Wing. The Y-wing is next on my list, but the T-47 seems like a good kit too. 

    4. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      Mine where Bandai as well. They are pretty detailed models and inexpensive to. I need to buy some more model wash and models too.

  13. Hey guys!  sorry I haven't been on in a while! 

    anyway what did any of you think of the crate and progression system in SWBF2 BETA?

    I think it is the absolute worst thing about BF2



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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      I had more issues with the Beta than just the loot crate system-though it certainly stands out as being especially damaging to the game. 

      The loot crate system is a terrible pay-to-win system. They should get rid of it entirely. Actually, I think they should dispose of the Star Card progression system altogether as it is inherently unfair in PvP games. It either rewards people with money to buy an endless supply of loot crates or people that play video games all day. I think everyone should be on an even playing field when a match starts regardless of whether they've been playing a game for three months or just started that day.

      Galactic Assault is just as boring as Walker Assault was. At least for me. It's too linear and I find myself doing the same things over and over with little to no variation. Playing this game type really did nothing for me but make me want to go play the old Conquest mode from the Pandemic games. "We've captured a command post." :droid

      It is fun to be able to play as battle droids again. The CIS was my favorite faction to play as but now they have these annoying cartoon TCW voices that irritate me. But that's just personal preference.:battledroid

      I miss the health and ammo droids and vehicles that you can enter/exit because they facilitated enhanced variety of gameplay and enabled the engineer class which has been cut from this game.

      The game looks great and sounds great (minus the squeaky pre-teen battle droids). The weapon cool-down meter right in your face was a huge negative. What's the point of great graphics when there's so many icons and things on the screen? Especially the cool down meter, could they not have placed that off to the side? I can understand that cooling weapons remove the health and ammo droid clutter that would be placed around the map otherwise, but I felt these droids added in gameplay variety. Do you hang around and heal up, risking enemy snipers camping out the medical droid spot? Or do you press on with what little health you have left? Or do you destroy them so the enemy can't use them? If they did you could fix them up with the fusion cutter. All these minor options and decisions are now gone.

      Ultimately the game was okay. Better than the 2015 game for sure but it quickly got repetitive and was not all that fun. Really, all it did was make me want to go play the old Pandemic games from a decade ago, which I did.

    3. Ninjamonkeys


      Keep in mind that this is a beta, it is an early build of a very small portion of the game, there are many things that they can change before the full launch and even after that.

    4. Abekrie


      Initial launch is what a game's most important time of reckoning occurs in.

      While it is always good to note that things are due to change in a beta, trying to withhold judgement and criticism from a game launch because of potential changes later on is a really bad mindset to have.

      Then there's knowing how DICE has done "betas" for their many previous games that have all ended up quite similar. I'm not having hope for any good changes to be done.

  14. To anyone who cares enough to respond,  what did you guys think of the BattleFront 2 EA beta, hiw is it better, how is it worse, what do you want added?

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    2. Ninjamonkeys


      The sniper I think was not a good option for the maps the gave us, on Kashyyyk it is a beach head with more open space. Also I feel like there will be a option for a sniper with very high damage that nearly insta kills but has a low rate of fire. 

    3. Sith Lord Cookie

      Sith Lord Cookie

      I think the specialist class was way to OP. I honesty think it needs to be nerfed. It seemed like when I played the beta everyone was playing as the specialist, (I was to) it seemed the rest of the classes where under utilized.

    4. Darthmichael18


      The guns feel much lighter than the first game where they felt so, so stiff, and heavy as if you were carrying around rocks. The flying is obviously awesome now since you have the ability to freely control and maneuver your ships just like in the original battlefront 2. I will actually be excited for space battles now. Strike is very generic in terms of the look of the forest, the map is way too small, and the resistance is absolutely overpowered. 

  15. See I look at the people who visit the site and most everybody still gets on the site but there is noone posting anything, I curious why you wouldn't post stuff.

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      Nothing much to talk about maybe?

      Or perhaps people would rather avoid debating the merits of the latest Battlefront EA game.

  16. You know, with battlefront 2 beta out, I would've thought the site would start booming with life again...I'm a little dissipointed...and I don't want people to "go to discord" as a reply...I know most have strayed to there, but I'm going down with the site...then I'll probably go to discord...maybe... 

    1. Mikayahu


      Lol, the sites been dying since day 1.  People go to where the other people are, where the community is.  Dont know what your deal with Discord is. 

    2. multiumbreon


      pretty sure the site IS down by now...  and that's coming from me...

  17. Everyone i found the OFFICIAL Star Wars HQ discord server with Ryan and Robby, together we can make it an alive chat again
    join and show ur support

  18. Tonight 10:30pm till 7am i will be streaming BF2 beta! Come hang out if you want to.

  19. Now that clone wars , rebels and rouges one has filled out the periods between ep2 and 3 and ep4 which period would you like to see brought to life in a similar way. And how would you do it . Example of periods available

    • ep 1 to ep 2 (like starfighter,Jedi starfighter and bounty hunter) 
    • ep 4 to ep5 (like force unleashed 2 ) 
    • ep 5 to ep 6 (like the missing force unleashed 3 was supposed to be) 

    and battlefront 2 has done ep 6 to ep 7 of course? 

    1. ZakoBattledroid


      I'd do the Clone Wars era but this time have it completely mature and adult-oriented. Present it as a serious war. None of the overly simplistic black and white stuff. Present some real moral quandaries that both people in the Republic and Confederacy would have to face.

      How do the Separatists reconcile having the Zygerrian Empire as part of their organization when their stated goals are promoting liberty and freedom, yet the Zygerrians practice slavery? Or how the Jedi and Republic justify aligned with the Hutts, notorious gangsters and slavers. What does such an alliance entail besides Republic ships using Hutt space lanes?

      Have a young Jedi who was took the trails too early because the Jedi were short-staffed and need more bodies for the war. But then she has to face the ugly reality that after the armies of droids, she finds herself pitting against normal people who are just fighting for their homes against Republic invaders. Do they not have the right to life and self-determination? Is she a protector of the peace if she comes in threatening death by lightsaber if they do not yield to her?

      No Chosen Ones. We have plenty of content detailing the adventures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Have it focus on obscure and/or new characters. Show how their experiences change them as people, or possibly they don't change regardless of what happens around them.

      How do the clones feel about their status as property of the Republic? How do the droids feel about their status as property of the Confederacy?

      How do either of these groups interact with non-clone, birth-born soldiers. Volunteers or conscripts? The morality of such issues.

      Show how the war tears the galaxy apart and why so many people were originally applauding the order Palpatine promised when he first instituted the Galactic Empire.

      I think that would be pretty interesting, engaging and fun to watch.

    2. ZakoBattledroid


      Either that or the KOTOR era.

  20. Well well well... This place is a sight for sore eyes. 

    1. Daniel


      And my eyes have been pretty sore here lately. 

  21. Nike got a new brand ambassador. Let the Dark side flow through your legs. :P:empireFB_IMG_1505039489906.jpg.b315fc29ce3af8e4b02ae625dfe9bf81.jpg

    1. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      That picture is my new favorite meme!!!

  22. I am so hyped for SWBF2, I was hyped before but now Iccan't even wait the week for the Beta.

  23. I think that the thing that would keep the community together is if someone made a website with a similar layout but with active admins so you can have a nice compromise between the lack of adminsand the uunorganized layout. Just an idea.

    1. Mikayahu


      Thats more work than you would think. I think you would either have to pay for the server or program it all yourself...It would be a pain.  Discord seems to be a pretty happy medium, and we take suggestions for changes and improvements seriously.  Plus live feed, meme section, trivia, etc. 

    2. Ninjamonkeys


      If in my programming class we have to make a website of our choice I would gladly try to get crude outline in place.

  24. Hey @ComposerRyan we need some more of ur nerf gun course vids, they were lit

  25. Guess what y'all
    We are so close to Oct 6-9th which means we are in for a frickin awesome treat, We have the SWBF 2 open beta and a goddamn Last jedi trailer on the 9th, its gonna be lit yall

    1. Ninjamonkeys


      I am hyped, it is looking awsome can't wait for clone wars.

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