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  2. Follow my Instagram AlienRainforest for pictures of my black series collection. 

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  4. Alright, so let's talk about the new Star Wars Rebels episode, and yes, I'm going to talk about spoilers, if you don't like spoilers, ignore this comment.



    This episode presented a very mixed feeling. At the start, I liked it. While the droids had their usual voices, they displayed tactical competence and intimidation. Too bad that didn't last. The droids also just walked to the enemy to get shot, instead of taking cover or charging to encircle them. But despite the status of the droids, at least they presented the droids as an army that strategizes well. Then it became outright annoying when the droids just greeted the stormtroopers even though they raised their weapons, then panicked when got shot like lunatics. Note that the droid general wanted an assessment, not to greet them.

    I get that they lack maintenance and malfunctioned, because the supply ship's supply lines have been cut, but that only excuses poor targeting sensors, or a faulty shield, not acting all goofy like that, or just slowly walking onto the hostiles to get shot.

    Except for those two (poor targeting sensors, a faulty shield), the rest is plot armour to me.

    I like to note that I enjoyed some of the droids witty comments, it's 'complete idiocy' that I cannot tolerate.

    Another note, is that I liked how the Super Tactical Droid mentioned: 'Tyranny of the Republic.' I wished it was discussed in more detail, but I understand how battle droids wouldn't know the detailed motivations of the organics short of befriending them, and discussing politics with them. Fixing the mistakes of a past government is important so that they may not be repeated in the New Republic.

    The themes were spectacular however. They expressed that there are ways to overcome a overwhelming situation even if you lack the resources, via innovative thinking, which is what the Super Tactical Droid learned. And that while they may not have resolved the political situation in the past, they did resolve the current situation now with clones and droids. It was the best setup for the CIS and the Rebels to team up to surpass a common enemy. Unfortunately, this brings me to my last point.

    What kind of lunatic writer would not take the opportunity to have a Super Tactical Droid join the Rebellion. The themes in the episode were a great setup for this opportunity. I would of loved to see a squad of battle droids act competent through Rebel upgrades, and a repaired and polished Super Tactical Droid playing chess with Thrawn. But no, because "Very few fans and Matt Wood, care for Battle Droids." as Dave Filoni said in an IGN Interview. Only the most bored and uncaring writer wouldn't take an opportunity like this. They sure as hell forced it with the clones, but not droids apparently. It's almost like they don't see droids as worth anything, cause no one buys Separatist toys.

    Also, the droids wouldn't last without a power source, and their numbers are so small, a scavenger group could take them out and reprogram them or use them for spare parts. The protagonists have already proven that odds can be surpassed with innovative thinking. Joining the Rebellion would be a logical choice under the STD's characterisation.

    6.5/10 for me.


    (Fun fact: I remember when the Star Wars Rebels trailer showed up, my YT comment saying:

    "Will the writers actually the present the droids good for once?
    *See droids walking slowly to get shot.*
    Never change writers... never change..."

    Got censored).

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @corshy1 Ah yes, sadness. I have succeeded in my primary programming then. Roger roger. :droid:battledroid:droideka:(

    3. corshy1


      I will admit my sins. When I watched this episode, I did enjoy some parts of it, but that might entirely because of my ignorance.

      It's possible most people related to TCW aren't perceptive because when they enjoy something, they see no reason to question it.

      I don't agree with that philosophy since it degrades the desire for quality. But it would the reasoning of why most fans don't notice flaws. Even I may miss things cause I get caught up in enjoyment.

      However, quality works like OOM-9's Revenge and A Single Decision present far more thrilling interest and investment then shows that are just enjoyable but not good in quality.

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @corshy1 Don't worry about it. If you enjoyed it more power to you. I tend to notice a lot since I'm a writer myself.

      I didn't enjoy it but that's my problem. I do at least like to explain why though, rather than just general complaining without giving reasons.

  5. So for those who watched the latest episode of Rebels, how did you enjoy it?

    Let's not post any spoilers in the comments until next week

    I'm just curious to see who enjoyed it, especially those who are fans of the Republic and CIS. 

    1. DarthBueno


      Ok but i just have to say that nobody dies in this episode:lol: funny we all thought that;)

    2. ZakoBattledroid


      Okay no spoilers in the comments.

      But to answer your question: as a fan of the CIS, I did not enjoy it.

    3. Sk8rkid28


      @ZakoBattledroid Yeah there were some things that I also did and did not enjoy. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and talking about the episode. I'll probably be posting about it on Monday or Tuesday so that the others can get a chance to watch it without any spoilers. 

      EDIT: Or we can just discuss in Corshy's status. :P 

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  6. What do you think would happen if Darth Vader/Anakin survived Episode 6? Let me know in the comments below!

  7. What do you think would happen if Anakin Let Dooku Live? Let me know in the comments below!

  8. Got BF1 Downloading!

    1. DarthBueno
    2. multiumbreon


      That moment when your not sure if "BF" stand for battlefront or battleFEILD... :/


    3. Captain_Krone


      I wish I could get it!!! It looks so ooooo goooooood!!!!!!!

  9. Last week
  10. Try this out, and spread the word that GameSpy is back! :rebel


  11. So at 2:16-2:17, I found a miniature version of a Tri-droid, tripping a Clone Trooper, in the top-left corner:

    EDIT: There's another one at 0:32, on the left.

    Presuming there's no data on this mini-version. I shall call it. The LIght Octuptarra combat tri-droid (I.e Light Tri-droid). They would be created late in the Clone Wars as a suitable upgrade to the Spider Droid in manoeuvrability, and in addressing enemies from all sides. As expected, they would also be able to climb anywhere, but at a much faster pace. Their only downsides is their inaccuracy at extremely long range, and have lighter armour, which is whats keeping the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droids in production.

    Feel free to use this piece of non-canon lore in anything you all create (animations, fan-fiction, etc).

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    2. ZakoBattledroid


      @corshy1 How did they not do their research? The octuptarra droids in TCW are the larger magna tri-droids. Are they not? The show just never showcased any of the infantry version. Which is weird since the models are basically the same and all they would need to do is scale it down some.

    3. corshy1


      Oh wow. I've been doing my research trying to explain this accurately, and I found out that in this link: 


      If you click on 'canon', it takes you to the big blue Octuptarra Combat Tri-droids. If you click on legends, It transfers you to the Occtuptarra Magna Tri-droid.

      Anywho, according to Wookieepedia. The name: 'Octuptarra Combat Tri-droid' is associated with the large blue droid unit. And the Octuptarra Magna Tri-droid is an upgraded version of that droid.

      Basically, TCW incorrectly associated what the Octuptarra Combat Tri-droid really was, thinking it was like the larger Octuptarra Magna Tri-droid, but with less armor. This is why we don't get to see the smaller variant.

      I'm pretty sure in the TCW's 'The Bad Batch' reels, the Octuptarra Magna Tri-droid appeared, as well as appearing in the 'Galactic Forces' mini-game in Clone Wars Adventures, as an upgrade-able unit from the big blue 'Octuptarra Combat Tri-droid.'

      This is also why I thought that mini tri-droid was an unexplained droid unit.

    4. ZakoBattledroid


      @corshy1 I see what you're talking about now. TCW people don't do any research on the droid forces. This is nothing new.

  12. Well..... It has happend. I now have wifi at my home. Its soooo awesome! !! I cant wait to play with some of you guys! Im playing battlefront now lol

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    2. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      Eradicate the rebels for me:empire:storm:tiepilot:tiefighter:vader:deathstar:maul:boba

    3. multiumbreon


      Vaperize those imps for me, thanks. :D

      :rebels:rebel:rebelpilot:luke:ewok:r2d2:c3po:ahsoka:ezra:hansolo:chewbacca:obi:yoda:zeb:sabine:kanan:chopper (Why do we not have a Rex or X-Wing emot?)

    4. Anonymous Clone

      Anonymous Clone

      :empireDestroy the rebel alliance for me:empire

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