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    1. corshy1


      Star Wars Battlefront I and II has some of the best of memes I have ever seen.

      Look at this gem I was sent:


  3. Could be. But I think ultimately TCW simply just turned Grievous into a laughing stock. How did we go from this. To this? Grievous has become so grotesquely underpowered compared to how he used to be portrayed.
  4. Sorry @Mikayahu @multiumbreon @Skyguy501 @Sk8rkid28about the last post im ready and willing to have my meme's judged now you wont be disappointed;) im doing them all in the order of the films

    images (5).jpg









    download (4).jpg

  5. In all honesty, if they (Lucasfilm/Disney) included an opening crawl and screen wipes, then Rogue One would have been 97% perfect!




    best video 

    1. tofu_waffle


      Somehow that dialogue is less cringy and stupid than the original

  7. Yesterday
  8. Just played Star Wars Jedi knight 2 Jedi outcast, and I have to say it has the BEST lightsaber duels, anyone could ask for!!!!!!  

  9. So I made a reddit account recently and I'm really enjoying it. I'm usually in a subreddit that's called 'prequelmemes' and I have actually started creating a few of my own original memes to post on it for fun. Here are a few; 


    If anyone knows any good Star Wars sub reddits let me know!




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    2. Skyguy501
    3. tofu_waffle


      Why do people keep thinking Rebels is what made TCW cancelled?

    4. TheDarkShadow8500


      TCW was cancelled because Cartoon Network didn't wan't TCW to be in Disney's hands, if Disney brings the show back as a TV show, lawsuit battles will happen and the only way for the show to be on television is when Cartoon Network loses the rights to TCW which should then magically fly to Disney. It's like how Fox still owns all 6 of the original star wars films and they will lose the rights to episodes 1,2,3,5 and 6 some time around the 2020's as they keep the rights to Episode 4 as George Lucas said to. 

  10. My review and thoughts for Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, spoilers for the film are at large so if you have not seen the film yet, please read this at your own risk 

    After seeing The Force Awakens for the second time now I have a proper opinion on the film and I believe I have some interesting ideas to share. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, I especially enjoyed the humor, characterization, and action the most. My favorite characters are Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron and Finn. I was able to sympathies with Rey the most because of how she was waiting for someone important to return. Poe is probably the character(with the exception of Luke Skywalker) that gets the least amount of characterization in the film and all we know about him is that he's the best pilot in the Resistance. Granted, in the new canon, we've been getting loads of information on Poe Dameron so in my opinion, this will be excused. While with Kylo Ren and Finn, we get to see what makes the First Order so intimidating. All though on the inside, Kylo Ren is emotionally unstable and arrogant on the outside, he's a cold, heartless, ruthless and intimidating leader, everyone generally fears him(with few exceptions like Han and Poe). With Finn especially, we get to see how he's so fearful of the First Order, considering he was raised with them his whole life, so while yes Finn is very much afraid, he isn't the comedic jock I thought he would be. He does have his comedic moments but he actually contributes to the story a lot, in fact his contributions are just as equal as Rey's I dare say so myself. Finn broke Poe Dameron out of the Finalizer(I think that's what the ship was called), helped Rey shoot down the rapidly approaching TIE Fighters during their escape on Jakku, fought numerous storm troopers during the First Order's invasion on Takodana, gave the Resistance information on how to destroy Starkiller base by targeting the Oscillator,infiltrated Starkiller Base with Han Solo and Chewbacca to disable the shields which they successfully do, Threw Phasma into a trash compactor with Chewie's help and injured Kylo Ren during their lightsaber duel. 
    I say that makes Finn pretty useful, I remember how a while ago on the forums I despised Finn for defecting, I shall retract that statement.  With Rey, many say she's a Mary Sue for being able to do everything with out any one's help. Although yes, she is very smart, capable, and happens know loads of stuff about technology it all makes sense. Think about it, she's a scavenger that takes parts off of other stuff, I'm very sure she would've studied each item to predict their worth to Unkarr Plut and thus would've learned about technology from those items. Also, we don't know her backstory and you could notice how she has a X wing pilots helmet and a doll esc figure with X wing pilot inspired clothing early in the film so she must have know the history of Star  Wars at some point. Also, I do think that Rey gets brief characterization in the film, on Takodona after Finn leaves to join the mercenaries, Anakin's lightsaber calls to Rey and once the Rey visits the lightsaber, a vision appeared and once said vision ended, she didn't wan't anything to do with it anymore. She's in denial and has been in denial for the longest of time, it's as Maz Kanata put it, "Dear child. I see your eyes. You already know the truth. Whomever you're waiting for on Jakku... they're never coming back... But... there's someone who still could. " and that quote by Kanata makes Rey run away still in denial. Once she got captured by Kylo Ren during the First Order's invasion on Takodana, Kylo tries to probe Rey's mind for information on BB-8 and the map to Luke Skywalker what happens instead was that Rey knew Kylo's weaknesses and countered his attempts. I theorize that when Rey countered Kylo's probing attempts, that the force was "Awakening" in her and most likely probed his mind for his knowledge which would explain how she was able to do the Force Pull and Mind trick the storm trooper into releasing her. Kylo even explains it himself in this quote  "She's just beginning to test her powers. The longer it takes to find her, the more dangerous she becomes." The force would properly and later "Awaken" during Rey and Kylo's lightsaber duel and considering that Kylo was shot by Chewbacca, cut in the shoulder by Finn, and was dealing with the emotional turmoil of killing his father, it makes perfect sense that Rey would easily beat kylo at that point. Also notice how in the beginning of their duel, Rey was running away only jabbing at Kylo while Kylo was blocking and being aggressive with his attacks, it was until the force "Awakened" that Rey was able to power through Kylo's offense and break his defense.  
    The First Order were pretty great villains in this film, they were more capable than the Empire compared to A New Hope as the First Order captured Poe Dameron(best pilot in the Resistance), had numerous contacts throughout the film which alerted the First Order each time they spotted BB8(Unkar Plut on Jakku and Bazine Netal on Takodana) destroyed the Hosnian system which consisted of all the Republic senate, invaded and destroyed Maz Kanata's base on Takodona while briefly capturing Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn shortly before the resistance came, and they successfully captured Rey.  All though yes, there was another super weapon that could destroy planets which also gets blown at the end of the film, I thought it was creative how in order to recharge the super laser, they have to drain a sun of all of it's energy, it's why the super weapon is called Starkiller Base after all since you know, the suns a star and the base is killing the sun to recharge it you get the idea. When it comes to how Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and Luke were handled at first, I was disappointed at how they were all reduced to being the underdogs again, but after watching the film I have a good idea for this. When Snoke seduced Kylo Ren to the dark side, it caused a massive rift in the family as now Han and Leia have lost their son to the darkness. Han and Leia at this point are pretty depressed I imagine and what do they do? They go back to doing what they were good at, for Han it's smuggling and for Leia, it's leading others to hope. When people are depressed, they're deprived of control, of emotion as they believe they have nothing to fight for, nothing to pursue, nothing to gain and that all is lost. So the logical thing is that you do what your'e good at, while it changes it nothing, it represents control, a sense of authority. What Snoke did to the Solo's was basically breaking the family apart and then when Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren destroy Luke's jedi order, it breaks Luke because his ultimate goal has been destroyed, so he goes searching for the very first Jedi temple to determine if the Jedi are worth fighting for at all as they always get destroyed in the end. This makes a Snoke a surprisingly good and mysterious villain, what I really wan't to know is how did he turn Kylo to the dark side, what convinced him?  
    I've seen A New Hope numerous times this year so if I spotted a similarity,I would know it right away, There were obvious similarities like how there's a super weapon that can kill planets which gets destroyed in the end(Death Star for ANH and Starkiller Base for TFA), spies inform the imperialistic figure of the protagonists location(Garidan for ANH and Bazine Netal for TFA), the father figure character dies(Ben Kenobi for ANH and Han Solo for TFA), rebellion vs a empire(The Rebel Alliance/The Galactic Empire for ANH and The Resistance/The First Order for TFA),an innocent gets killed while talking to the dark ominous leader(Captain Antilles gets killed by Darth Vader in ANH and Lor San Tekka gets decapitated by Kylo Ren in TFA) , a protagonist gives a droid important information for a vital cause(Leia gives R2 D2 the Death Star Plans for ANH and Poe gives BB-8 a piece of the map to Luke Skywalker for TFA), Han Solo is in debt to a gangster( Han is indebted to Jabba in ANH as Han is indebted the Guavian Death Gang and the Kanjilub in TFA) and the protagonists are on a desert planet( Luke on Tatooine for ANH and Rey on Jakku for TFA).  These parallels don't bother to much the only one that really bothers me is the super weapon. Not that it's there but that it gets blown up again, I was hoping that it wouldn't get blown up so that in The Last Jedi, the resistance has to deal with the ominous threat of Starkiller Base again and that the base would be destroyed at the end of The Last Jedi or Episode 9. At best, these similarities is just pandering to calm down the fanboys and prequel trilogy haters, in fact these similarities are intentional so that they can familiarize the fans with the basic roots as future films will be their own original thing which is perfectly fine to me. My only big problems with the film was the Starkiller Base being destroyed, lack of characterization for Luke and Poe Dameron, and that Phasma was basically useless. 
    Regarding Captain Phasma really quick, my brother has a good explanation as to why she was useless in this film that I think makes sense. My brother claims that Phasma is a ambitious woman who serves the First Order but isn't blind to it either. He claims that Phasma could've easily shouted to the top of her lungs to call reinforcements and would've most likely gotten killed in the process since the storm troopers of The First Order were trained to do what's necessary(Plus Finn was going to kill Phasma if she did call for help) and are 100% willing to die for The First Order's cause. Since she didn't do that and lowered the Shields, she survived and lived to serve another day which makes her smart, tactical and ambitious. I agree with this sentiment completely. To be honest, this doesn't feel like a review and more like me just pouring all of my thoughts of the film into as many paragraphs I can write. I couldn't have done this review without @Skyguy501 as he gave me the digital copy of the fiim for me to watch so again, thank you very much and may the force be with all of us always and have a great day :)

    1. tofu_waffle


      People, and by people I mean those idiots on the Youtube comments section, keep saying Rey is a Mary Sue. They're just not used to a Star Wars female lead, and it's very sad to see people always bringing her up for her gender. Why can't she be critiqued normally like Luke and Anakin, who are both arguably even more OP than her. Anakin as  CHILD could build and race in god damn pod racers, which is the equivalent of a kid today being able to drive F1 cars and participate in races. Not to mention he blew up an entire freaking CIS SPACE STATION with a single torpedo blast by flying through a hangar full of battle droids and somehow being able to out pace the explosion. If he could do all that, what's wrong with Rey being just a 'skilled mechanic'? Even luke, a jedi who is at best at the padawan stage manages to bring down a Darth Vader who has killed many jedi that are much more powerful and experienced than his son. The only training Luke ever got was some blaster deflection and pep talks from ben kenobi, and hardly learns anything from Yoda, dismissing all his advice. I'm not saying being OP is good story telling, but why is it when it comes to Rey, it needs to become a gender issue when all her counterparts are just as OP, and so many other characters outclass her in both the canon and EU? People who keep saying Rey is feminist propaganda should really just stay out of Star Wars and go back to their conspiracy videos.
      Anyways,great review darkshadow! I'm surprised this is only your second time viewing the movie (i've seen it 3 times in the first week lol)

    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      Thank you very much @tofu_waffle for your reply, when it comes to the whole feminist debate, I plan on typing a post similar to this to determine whether or not Star Wars has become feminist/tokenist by looking into the storygroup, the promotional material for the current canon, lucasfilm/Disney representatives like Kathleen Kennedy, the future direction of the franchise as a whole, the meanings and origins of the terms Feminist and Tokenism and etc. I've noticed how the Star Wars community has become much more negative as of late always talking about continuity and how x is better than y and how y is better than the trash x but then you have z which trumps both and then a which destroyed x in continuity and then t when Leeland chee said there's no truth in star wars and then a for that and that and that and so on that it's just easily disenfranchises me as the community cares more for continuity than just telling a good story. I know continuity is important but if a good story is told and you enjoyed it, that's what should really matter. I always look at the best of things while acknowledging the worst of things at the same time so that it doesn't end up running into a wall. I'm looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens again as I really do enjoy the film and this coming from a fan of both canons. 


    3. ZakoBattledroid


      You've only seen TFA twice now? I've seen it fourteen times so far. Yikes. Now I feel kind of weird.

  11. I just finished watching The Force Awakens for the second, I'll be writing the review shortly. I got some interesting to points to say about the film.

  12. Day 24 The saddest moment in TCW is still Five's Death scene, as I said way in the beginning of this challenge, it was the most saddest moment to watch and actually made me feel emotion and hate palpatine briefly.
  13. I hope that my idea for the first Battlefront makes it into the second one. Dead bodies and destroyed vehicles will remain on the battlefield for the whole round. Piles of bodies for a realistic feeling, and destroyed vehicles for cover, would be awesome. AND DONT TALK WITH ME ABOUT FRAMES FOR A SECOND TIME, I WANT THIS IDEA! :D 

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    2. TheDarkShadow8500


      I was going to talk about the frame rate but it would be awesome if the image below could happen. Just imagine this "A fierce battle has occurred on the battlefronts of a unknown planet. Lord Vader's TIE Advanced X1 lands near safe ground as Darth Vader himself exits out of the ship to oversee the battlefront. Raining, thundering with violence, death, and darkness. He picks up a deceased storm troopers helmet and looks at the clouds as the surviving storm troopers compose their selves and stand with the Dark Lord of The Sith." You know what they should do? They should give us to option to take cinematic screenshots of out feats and achievements to recreate images like the one below. 



    3. Heaven


      yeah absolutely

    4. multiumbreon


      Dice should just hire us man...

  14. my new cover photo from battlefront captures

    thanks for the link @Fossel13

  15. Hey @tofu_waffle whats going on

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    2. tofu_waffle


      It's out already right? I don't really remember much from the first film.

    3. RogueRebel


      out May 5th, embargo was lifted today

      looks amazing 

      i've seen the first easily 10 times its amazing

      you need to watch it again

    4. tofu_waffle


      personally, I'm not much of a fan of it, but it's still an enjoyable movie. Chris Pratt does an amazing job

  16. Don't understand why people want Darth Vader doing all those fancy prequels lightsaber dancing. Can't imagine him doing backflips, jumping off walls and spinning like some gymnastics veteran - Vader is a slow, unstoppable tank that can take a hit, and dish it back out with twice the damage. What I like with the sequels is that the lightsaber fights feel realistic, gritty and it feels like they're actually trying to cut each other down, instead of doing a choreographed ballet dance in the prequels which were all about being flashy. But since the fight we saw was between Rey and Kylo, an amateur force user and an apprentice who got shot in the stomach, I expect to see Luke's saber fights ( if there are any) to still look realistic, but with clear style and more grace.

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    2. tofu_waffle


      Yeah, but that's mostly things we as fans justify by ourselves, and it does make sense. In a lore perspective, the only people who do all those acrobatics should be those who use Form V Ataru (I think i'm wrong, my EU lore has become very rusty). Yoda's fighting style with all the jumping makes sense, considering his short stature and lightsaber. My problem is that all the acrobatics in the prequels is VERY redundant and unnecessary, such as doing a backflip in the middle of a close duel, which would result in a quick death via enemy lightsaber throw. If we discard everything extended lore related, the reason they are so flashy is only because Lucas wanted it to look cool, nothing more and nothing less, which is a shame since it just becomes a dance with light sticks.

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      I know what you mean, while I personally enjoy these duels I'm not blind to their problems. Also, Ataru is form IV, form V is Shien which is for heavy attacks I believe. 

    4. tofu_waffle


      Yeah. I think the best portrayed lightsaber fight in the prequel style would be the cinematics from The Old Republic

  17. That was another good moment. Sure is a twisted way to think, but yeah!
  18. Day 23 When R2 D2 basically kills the leader of the small people and every one is grateful to R2 for indirectly killing him. When I first saw this I was like "What the hell? that's sort of messed up but very funny!"
  19. Hey everyone, it's bee a little while so I thought I would show you guys my Star Wars minecraft progress.(the interior isn't fully operational just yet)image.png

    its the Jedi temple, if you couldn't tell:clone

  20. Day 23: Many Hondo Ohnaka and Jar Jar scenes out there to choose from! My favorite would have to be Jar Jar distracting the Trade Federation delegates, feasting on Toydaria (Supply Lines - S3, Ep3), as the Republic load up supplies and flies by the windows, en route for the resistance troops on Ryloth. xD
  21. Welcome to Star Wars HQ, fellow Star Warrior! I trust you're going to enjoy to stay/time here! :) As I'm a fan of the Old Republic era, I'm sure there'll be interesting discussions/theories/topics to be ventured into!

    1. Commander Kortus

      Commander Kortus

      As am I, thank you so much!

  22. Last week
  23. Any way we could try getting that meme competition over at the forums? Should help reduce clutter on the feed.

    Also, just came back from watching the last portion of today's live stream that @KnightRobby had going on.

    I get some good memories of the live streams had years ago. I'll probably start up the "StarWarsHQ's Server" again if I get all my work done this week with time to spare.

    1. RogueRebel




  24. Judges get ready........... 


















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    images (4).jpg



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    2. Mikayahu


      20 TOTAL Bueno, between us two.  And you didnt even do 20, you did 23.  Also, you did post this after midnight which is TECHNICALLY Sunday, not Saturday...Just sayin Judges...


    3. Mikayahu


      @RogueRebel...Im just sayin, but we have our judges picked out.

    4. DarthBueno


      Geez never knoew you were so competitive about this, ill do ten and ill show it as an update see what you think^_^ @Skyguy501 @multiumbreon @Sk8rkid28

  25. ;)k well i think there is time for a meme battle shall i start now? NO outside memes only star wars memes. HECK THIS IS A STAR WARS FAN COMMUNITY WEBSITE


    1. Skyguy501


      You may commence...

    2. DarthBueno





  26. @DarthBueno@Skyguy501@Sk8rkid28@multiumbreonsooooooooooooooooooooooo do I win by default?

    1. DarthBueno


      nah just testing your patience young one;)


  27. Anyone want a digital copy of The Force Awakens? Had an extra one for a good while now, I'd hate to leave it to go to waste. If anyone does want it, I'll message ya the code!


    UPDATE: Found it's "forever home", post is from this point forward void!

    1. RogueRebel


      hate to let you down, man, but I've had it since its bluray, DVD, and digital release date

      I actually had 2 codes in my combo pack, sold the one and of course kept the other for my digital library along with DVD and blurey(pun intended)

    2. Skyguy501


      Lol, that's okay. It'd be a big help if the word was spread (granted, everyone most likely already owns TFA - Blu-Rey, DVD, Digital, etc.)!

    3. TheDarkShadow8500


      I'd take a copy considering I still don't have TFA, I could watch it for review purposes. 

  28. MEME WAR, HUH? 



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